Young girl suffering with cancer set to meet hero Mooy

A seven-year-old cancer patient is set to meet her hero, Socceroos midfielder Aaron Mooy, after she was invited to travel to the United Kingdom from the United States as VIP guests of Huddersfield Town.

Bella will travel from Dallas, Texas, and watch Mooy and co take on Leicester City on April 7 (AEST). 

The young girl has been receiving treatment for Medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer in children, that caused her to lose her hair. 

On top of losing her hair, the treatment left her fatigued and unable to go outside an play, so she would often watch football on the coach. 

Bella's mother, Lauren, explained that it was during this treatment that she became aware of Mooy while he was playing with Australia at the World Cup. 

“During her radiation treatment, Bella watched the FIFA World Cup with Daddy and saw Aaron Mooy playing. She had recently lost her hair due to treatment and was excited to see a player who looked like her,” Lauren said.


“Daddy also played the FIFA World Cup Mobile game on his iPad, so he went and added Mooy as a player on his team there so she could watch him play frequently, even if he wasn’t playing in real life.


“We decided to order her a Mooy uniform a few months ago, thinking she might wear it at Halloween, or even just for fun; something she could wear and hopefully not worry about the fact that she had lost her hair … she loved it.”

After staff at Huddersfield saw a picture of Bella in her Mooy kit on social media, they got in contact with her family.  

“Everyone at the club is looking forward to welcoming Bella over for her special trip in early April. Her story, and bravery, are extraordinary and she thoroughly deserves what should hopefully be a very special experience,” said Huddersfield’s Commercial Director Sean Jarvis.

“The fact that she relates to Aaron’s shaved head is really beautiful and as soon as Aaron heard, he shared our desire to do something special for Bella and her family.”

Source SBS The World Game