Violence mars Velez-River match

Violence overshadowed the football in Argentina when a match between Velez Sarsfield and River Plate had to be delayed after hooded hooligans who appeared to be from River Plate attempted to climb a chain link fence and reach the field.

The incident took place 30 minutes into the second half and forced referee Patricio Loustau to stop the match for about 10 minutes. Security officials turned high-powered water hoses on the intruders.

There were no reports of arrests.

Velez eventually won 2-0 after the match was restarted.

The threat of fan violence accompanies almost every match in Argentina. The independent Argentine group 'Let's Save Football' says that 11 people have died so far this year in football-related violence.

The Argentine Football Association has been blamed for not quelling the violence. The AFA maintains the violence is a social problem reflected in growing street violence in the country.

Source AP