Violence in Dortmund ahead of Real match

The violence between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke fans is worrying German officials ahead of the German champion's UEFA Champions League match against Real Madrid.

Schalke claimed a 2-1 win at neighbour and defending Bundesliga champion Borussia, but the victory was over-shadowed by running battles between fans and police who used tear gas and water cannons to quell the unrest.

A restaurant was destroyed and paving stones ripped up before being used as makeshift weapons as fans went on the rampage.

Amongst the injured were eight police officers, while 180 fans - 163 from Schalke and 17 from Dortmund - were arrested.

Charges ranged from assault and aggravated assault to resisting arrest, violations of laws regarding explosives and insulting officers.

Police also reported fireworks, pepper spray, metal-reinforced gloves and other weapons were all seized.

The organised violence is of obvious concern ahead of Wednesday's (Thursday AEDT) Champions League group game between Real Madrid and the German champion in Dortmund.

"The level of violence was much more severe than in previous years," Manfred Radecke from the Dortmund police said.

Source AFP