Tyro Toure in no rush to jump at European offers


Adelaide United will get to ride the Mohamed Toure train for at least another 13 months, with the tantalising A-League talent committed to staying in the competition until he turns 18.

Father and advisor Amara is reluctant to uproot the family - as required by FIFA eligibility rules - should Mohamed, 16, sign for a European club before his 18th birthday.

Offers from Germany, Belgium, Holland and France have all been dangled in front of both Mohamed and older brother Al Hassan - currently on his way back from injury - over the past 12 months.

But with five sons to think about - including Musa,14, who is also on the Reds’ books - Amara told The World Game that Mohamed will continue enhancing his value and providing value to the Reds until 2022 at the bare minimum.

Dubbed by coach Carl Veart as a “player who can go all the way to the top” after conjuring the game’s only goal in an exhilarating solo show against Melbourne Victory yesterday, Toure is polishing his already glittering prospects.

He’s currently on a scholarship contract until the end of this season, and Adelaide will be looking at ways to tie him to professional terms to ensure they ultimately cash in on his potential.

Liberian-born Amara - a former pro in his own right in Guinea - is playing the long-game, and has so far resisted signing either Mohamed or Olyroos attacker Al Hassan to a player agency, or committing to any overseas clubs.

“There have always been offers coming (from both),” he said.

“Mohamed is still young and if he joined a club in Europe the rules would require us to go there and I can’t do that.

“There are lots of teams that want him but I can’t risk leaving Musa here, I need to look after him.

“We need to be patient and smart - Mohamed still has a lot to learn.

“The more he plays the more value he brings to himself and the more valuable he is to the team.

“Given time, he’ll end up with a better deal when he does go.”

Amara is also keeping agents at bay - for now.

“We’re still in the process (of signing with an agent),” he explained.

“We’re not going to do anything until Al Hassan is fully over his injury (an ankle problem) and playing well.

“Maybe then we’ll sign the boys with agents.”

Mohamed scored off the bench in last week’s loss to Perth Glory, and his blurring speed is dizzying for defenders.

“He’s working hard and I think he can go far also with his career because when you’re so fast there’s no real strategy for stopping you,” said Amara.

“You might need two players to cover the space and when you do that you leave yourself exposed in other areas.
“He’s also strong and is cool-headed.

“I’d like to see him go to a league where he’ll be able to develop and play, rather than a place where he might not get game time and lose confidence.

“We’re not in a hurry with either Al Hassan or Mohamed. We just want them to learn their craft, so when they go they can make an impact.”