Tunisian six-a-side team accused of Perth theft after bizarre mix-up

The Tunisian six-a-side team from the mini football world cup has been accused of stealing shows from a Perth sports store Source: Seven Perth

A Tunisian soccer team accused of stealing running shoes from a Perth sports store were not charged after police determined there had been a misunderstanding, with the players believing their manager would pay.

Security footage from the Jim Kidd store at Watertown on Tuesday shows some of the players stuffing the shoes into backpacks before they left the store.

Others walked off wearing them, acting manager Alex Zdravkovic told Seven News.

"I definitely want to see them charged," he said.

But police said that wouldn't happen.

"All males from the team were identified and spoken to, with all items returned to the store," a spokeswoman said.

"No charges were laid due to a believed misunderstanding between the team members and their management."

The team are in Perth competing in the six-a-side Mini Football World Cup at Langley Park involving 32 nations.

Source AAP