Troisi is no ‘mongrel’ - Family fires back at Adelaide as ex-Socceroo joins Wanderers

James Troisi will kit up for Western Sydney Wanderers this season after making the move from Adelaide Source: Getty Images

Adelaide United have been accused of erroneously depicting Western Sydney Wanderers recruit and former Socceroo James Troisi as a “mongrel who’s deserted the club”.

Alby Troisi, the attacking midfielder’s father and representative, has revealed the existence of a September email from the Reds informing the 32-year-old he was “free to talk to other clubs”.

The message - which has been seen by The World Game - also stated the club wouldn’t require a transfer fee should Troisi find a willing suitor.

On Monday, though, Adelaide said in a statement: “It’s very disappointing to have James come to us and request a termination of his contract so close to the commencement of the season.

“It is vitally important that we have players at Adelaide United who want to be a part of the club.”

Those conflicting messages have provoked an indignant response from Troisi senior, who told The World Game: “What the club has said is not fair and honest.

“It makes it sound to fans that James is a mongrel who’s deserted the club two weeks before the start of the season.

“The truth is the club came out and gave him permission to talk and negotiate with other clubs in September.

“They were also happy to let him go for free - this was all an initiative on the part of the club.

“Perhaps they’ve changed their mind now or whatever.

“But from a player’s point of view what was said in September made it obvious he was no longer required, and I want the fans to know the truth.

“We know James will cop crap over this and it’s unfair.

“It’s a club’s prerogative whether they want a player or not but what’s upsetting is Adelaide making it seem like James wanted to leave.”

Troisi today agreed terms to join Carl Robinson’s Wanderers for the new season, whilst Adelaide’s football director Bruce Djite insisted the Reds’ stance over his future changed subsequent to telling him the door was open to go.

“We sent him an email in September, prior to selling a host of players and having any certainty on club distribution for the following season,” he said.

“After the sales and shoring up of the club’s finances, our position changed.”

Troisi was settled in his hometown and was not seeking to extricate himself from the second year of his deal, according to father Alby.

“He has his whole family here in Adelaide, he had his contract and there was no reason why he’d want to leave,” he added.

“They opened the door and said ‘there you go’.

“I know if I ran a club I wouldn’t be telling players I wanted to keep that they can talk to someone else.

“I’d say we’d like you to stay and not talk to anybody.”

Source SBS The World Game