The FFA board election bizarre tiebreaker


Four new members of the FFA board were voted in on Monday, but the result could've been very different with a four-way draw out of a hat almost needed to decide the winner.

Chris NIkou, Joseph Carozzi and Heather Reid won their spot on the board without complication after the first round of voting.

However, it was not so straight forward in the second round.

Six candidates were pitted against each other for the final spot on the board but only two, Remo Nogarotto and Stephen Conroy, received votes which was not enough to warrant automatic election.

As a result, another round of voting was required but under the FFA constitution one of the six candidates still in the running had to be eliminated before the election could move on.

With four names receiving no votes, candidates were set to draw names out of a hat to decide which one would be eliminated from contention.

“There is no way of ascertaining the lowest number of votes, other than by toss of a coin,” it was stated according to the FFA constitution.

“In the absence of a four-sided coin, we have got a hat with the four names in it and of course subject to any of those candidates perhaps indicating whether they wish to remain in the ballot.”

However, the bizarre tiebreaker was avoided with candidates withdrawing their nomination one-by-one leaving Nogarotto to take up the final place on the board.