Suarez bite scandal goes viral


Social media users have been quick to turn the Luis Suarez biting storm into online memes.

Uruguay striker Luis Suarez has sparked a Twitter storm with his World Cup bite scandal, from pictures of him with a muzzle to a reaction from boxing legend and bite victim Evander Holyfield.

Uruguay's 1-0 victory over Italy, which qualified it for the knockout stage, was overshadowed by allegations Suarez got away with biting defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder.

Holyfield should know after part of his ear was chomped off by Mike Tyson in a 1997 heavyweight fight.

Other social media users published photo montages of the Liverpool forward, who had been sanctioned twice before for biting players in the Netherlands and England.

One picture shows him with the mask of Hannibal Lecter, the fictional, cannibalistic serial killer portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in the film The Silence of the Lambs.

In another movie meme, Suarez replaced the shark in an old poster of the movie Jaws.

Others have him sporting a dog collar.

Many more with vampire fangs, or as part of the cast of the zombie television show Walking Dead.

The incident made the front page of the New York Times web site, while the Huffington Post's British version used the headline 'Chewy Luis and the Blues'.

Suarez, meanwhile, shrugged the accusations that he bit Chiellini, telling Uruguayan television: "There are things that happen on the pitch, and you should not make such a big deal out of them."

The Italian player was adamant Suarez had bitten him, showing his wound to the referee during the game and telling Italian television that he still had a mark after the game.

Pictures showing Chiellini crying out in apparent pain and pulling down the top of his shirt to show apparent bite marks while Suarez rubbed his teeth went viral within minutes of the final whistle.

The controversy may have inspired puns and posters, but Suarez could face the bite of disciplinary action once more.

Highlighting the bite's global impact, the 27-year-old star's chomp was a top Twitter trending topic with the hashtag #BanSuarez.

One Twitter user in the United States claimed a Norwegian had won a bet on whether Suarez would bite another opponent and cashed in at odds of 175-1.

A stake of 32 kronor ($5.40) earned him a return of 5600 kroner ($995.40).

Source AAP