Southgate's heartwarming message to England staffer


The pervading theme around England's run to the World Cup semi-finals was how much Gareth Southgate had united the players, coaches and fans in Russia and at home in support of the team.

Marcus Rashford tweeted to say the boss had brought "belief and the love of football back" to a national set-up that had been mired in difficulty for too long.

It seems Southgate's efforts were extended beyond just his players in the camp. Jim Lucas, England's social media manager, revealed a wonderful personal, hand-written message the coach had given him prior to the tournament even starting.

Southgate’s heartfelt letter read: “The more I see, the more important it is that when ‘attacking this tournament’ we tell our own story.

“You’re capturing that brilliantly.

“Keep doing it and I hope this World Cup brings you unforgettable personal memories. Best wishes, Gareth.”

Lucas reaveled th letter was a daily motivation for him saying: "When we arrived in Repino a month ago, this was on my bed. I’ve looked at it every day since – and it was the first thing I looked at when we got back this morning. I am so proud to work for this team and this manager."

Football might not be coming home, but Southgate and his side might just get the warmest welcome England has given a football team in half a century.

Source SBS The World Game