SBS' World Cup schedule

For the fifth time, SBS will provide Australian audiences with coverage of the World Cup. Check out SBS' full telecast schedule here:

For the fifth time, Australia's soccer network SBS will provide Australian audiences with coverage of the world's greatest single sporting event - the 2002 FIFA WORLD CUP in Japan and Korea.

SBS Television will broadcast 48 LIVE matches and dedicate its schedule to World Cup and soccer related programming throughout the duration of the tournament.

"This outcome is a great victory for Australian soccer fans. They will again be able to watch the entire World Cup, live and on free to air, as they have since 1990.

"I guess, given the outrageous demands for World Cup television rights these days, the score is: Australian soccer fans 1, FIFA 0," stated SBS Head of Sport Les Murray.

SBS' Head of Television Peter Cavanagh commented on the deal, saying: "There are 32 countries competing in the 2002 World Cup. 22 of those countries would not have been seen on free-to-air television in Australia if SBS had not stepped into the breach.

"SBS is proud to be putting the 'World' back into the World Cup."

SBS will kick off the Australian television coverage of the event on May 31st with the LIVE broadcast of the Opening Ceremony followed by the match between World Cup champions FRANCE and Africa's SENEGAL.

SBS World Cup schedule:

- The matches for which the Nine Network currently hold the rights are in italics.
- All matches are in AEST.
- LIVE matches are 30mins earlier in SA and Darwin and 2 hours earlier in Perth.

Friday May 31
Opening Ceremony @7.00pm
France v Senegal @9.30pm

Saturday June 1
Ireland v Cameroon @4.00pm
Uruguay v Denmark @6.50pm
Germany v Saudi Arabia TBA

Sunday June 2
England v Sweden @7.30pm
Paraguay v South Africa @5.30pm
Argentina v Nigeria @3.00pm
Spain v Slovenia @9.30pm

Monday June 3
Croatia v Mexico @4.00pm
Brazil v Turkey @6.50pm
Italy v Ecuador TBA

Monday June 4
China v Costa Rica @4.00pm
Japan v Belgium @6.50pm
Korea Republic v Poland @9.20pm

Wednesday June 5
Russia v Tunisia @4.00pm
U.S.A. v Portugal @6.50pm
Germany v Ireland @9.20pm

Thursday June 6
France v Uruguay @9.20pm
Cameroon v Saudi Arabia @6.50pm
Denmark v Senegal @4.00pm

Friday June 7
Sweden v Nigeria @4.00pm
Spain v Paraguay @6.50pm
Argentina v England TBA

Saturday June 8
South Africa v Slovenia @4.00pm
Italy v Croatia TBA
Brazil v China TBA

Sunday June 9
Mexico v Ecuador @4.00pm
Costa Rica v Turkey @6.50pm
Japan v Russia @9.00pm

Monday June 10
Korea Republic v U.S.A. @4.00pm
Tunisia v Belgium @6.50pm
Portugal v Poland @9.20pm

Tuesday June 11
Denmark v France @4.00pm
Senegal v Uruguay @6.50pm - delayed
Cameroon v Germany TBA
Saudi Arabia v Ireland @9.20pm

Wednesday June 12
Sweden v Argentina @6.50pm - delayed
Nigeria v England @4.00pm
South Africa v Spain @9.20pm
Slovenia v Paraguay @11.30pm - delayed

Thursday June 13
Costa Rica v Brazil @4.00pm
Turkey v China @6.50pm - delayed
Mexico v Italy @9.20pm
Ecuador v Croatia @11.30pm - delayed

Friday June 14
Tunisia v Japan @4.00pm
Belgium v Russia @6.50pm - delayed
Portugal v Korea Rep. @9.20pm
Poland v U.S.A. @11.30pm - delayed


Saturday June 15
Match #49 - 1st Group E v 2nd Group B @4.00pm
Match #50 - 1st Group A v 2nd Group F TBA

Sunday June 16
Match #51 - 1st Group F v 2nd Group A @4.00pm
Match #52 - 1st Group B v 2nd Group E TBA

Monday June 17
Match #53 - 1st Group G v 2nd Group D @4.00pm
Match #54 - 1st Group C v 2nd Group H TBA

Tuesday June 18
Match #55 - 1st Group H v 2nd Group C @4.00pm
Match #56 - 1st Group D v 2nd Group G TBA


* All quarter-finalists are winners of corresponding second round matches.

Friday June 21
Match #57 - Match 50 v Match 54 TBA
Match #58 - Match 49 v Match 53 @9.00pm

Saturday June 22
Match #59 - Match 52 v Match 56 @4.00pm
Match #60 - Match 51 v Match 55 TBA


* All semi-finalists are winners of corresponding quarter-final matches.

Tuesday June 25
Match #61 - Match 58 v Match 59 TBA

Wednesday June 26
Match #62 - Match 57 v Match 60 TBA


Saturday June 29
Loser Match 61 v Loser Match 62 TBA


Sunday June 30
Winner Match 61 v Winner Match 62 TBA

The SBS World Cup schedule includes the World Cup Show – an hour of highlights, analysis, news and views on today at the World Cup. Hosted by Les Murray.

NOTE: Channel Nine schedule subject to late changes. SBS may pick up these games.

Check local guides for further details.
Source: Sportal