Reid, Carrozzi, Nikou, Nogarotto elected to FFA board


Heather Reid, Joseph Carrozzi, Chris Nikou and Remo Nogarotto have been voted onto the Football Federation Australia board at the organisation's AGM in Sydney on Monday afternoon.

The successful candidates were elected on Monday afternoon after three rounds of voting, with the fourth and final place taken by Nogarotto after Stephen Conroy withdrew mid-way through the final poll.

It remains to be seen who will chair the board, with a subsequent vote among the new directors to follow.

With more than 90 per cent of ballots cast in her favour, Reid was the best-supported candidate.

The long-time Capital Football chief said she was "overwhelmed with the level of support" after leading the initial vote and had her "sleeves rolled up and ready for hard work ahead".

Her election represents something of a vindication for Professional Footballers Australia, given its other nominee Craig Foster had walked away from his candidacy.

Foster withdrew on Friday after reading the tea leaves, sensing he didn't have the necessary support to prevail despite a popular campaign with football fans.

A poll conducted by the Association of Australian Football Clubs had Foster the clear public choice to be elected, gathering 90 per cent support to join the board and attracting 82 per cent favouritism to lead it.

Instead, Carrozzi or Nikou will find themselves in the hot seat.

The unsuccessful candidates in Monday's votes were Morry Bailes, Daniel Moulis, Linda Norquay and Mark Shield.

Earlier on Monday, Mark Rendell withdrew from the race for both chair and director.

The four elected directors join Kelly Bayer Rosmarin and Crispin Murray on the FFA board, the first without a Lowy family member at the helm.

Sir Frank Lowy led the organisation from its creation 15 years ago, before handing over in 2015 to his son Steven.

Source AAP