Over 30 La Liga players accused of match-fixing

Iborra (L), Herrera (C), Gabi Source: Getty Images

Spanish prosecutors are asking for a two-year prison sentence and a six-year football ban for a group of players accused of match-fixing in Spain's La Liga seven years ago.

Former Mexico coach Javier Aguirre is facing the same sentence if found guilty in the case involving clubs Levante and Real Zaragoza at the end of the 2010-11 season.

Among the more than 30 players accused are Ander Herrera, now with Manchester United, Vicente Iborra of Leicester City, Atletico Madrid captain Gabi Fernandez and River Plate captain Leonardo Ponzio.

The six-year ban from football would be valid outside of Spain as well.

It is unlikely those being accused would face actual prison time if found guilty because sentences of two years or less are often suspended in Spain.

Prosecutors said there is evidence Zaragoza paid 965,000 euros ($1.5 million) to Levante's players to lose a match to Zaragoza.

Zaragoza's 2-1 victory in the final round of the season allowed the team to avoid relegation.

A lower court had shelved the case but it was reopened last month after an appeal by prosecutors in Valencia, where the match was played.

Source: AAP