McFlynn happy to give up armband

No problem ... captain Terry McFlynn (Getty)

Sydney FC captain Terry McFlynn said he will stand down from the role if coach Ian Crook decides to hand the armband to superstar marquee recruit Alessandro Del Piero.

Amid the frenzy of interest around Del Piero's pending arrival, Crook has publicly backed McFlynn as his choice for captain, but the Irish midfielder revealed he would have no reservations about stepping aside if there is change of heart.

"If he decides he wants Del Piero to lead the team, then I will support the club , the manager, Del Piero 100 per cent, as i always have done," McFlynn said.

Sydney marquee player Brett Emerton expects the imminent arrival of Italian superstar Alessandro Del Piero will relieve him of some pressure and at least one significant duty.

Del Piero, who is expected in Sydney in around a week, will become the club's second marquee player. He will fill the gap left by Australia midfielder Nicky Carle, who is on loan to United Arab Emirates club Baniyas Sports Club for one year.

Great anticipation surrounds Del Piero's arrival as it did Emerton's last year, with the latter believing it will take some pressure off him.

"Yeah, I think it does, but I think in my eyes I put pressure on myself to perform to my best week in week out so that's all I'm concerned about," Emerton told reporters on Friday.

"But to have someone like Alessandro here, obviously all eyes are definitely going to be on him, so it will take a little bit of pressure off myself."

Emerton, who will play his first pre-season game on Sunday after ankle surgery, scored a penalty last season, but doesn't expect to hold on to the job once Del Piero hits town.

He hoped Del Piero wouldn't need time to adjust to the A-League and would hit the ground running but warned of the consequences of any import underestimating the Australian competition.

"It's a lot better than people give it credit for," Emerton said.

"If you come here and if you are not committed 100 per cent and go out there each and every game and give your best, then you are going to get found out.

"Obviously the weather conditions can be testing as well. It's hot, the pitches are quite hard.

"Training on hard pitches day in day out can take a toll on your body, when it's not used to it, so there's a lot of things to adjust to. "But he's a seasoned professional and I'm sure he'll be OK."

Source SBS