• Daniel De Silva 46’
Round 21
Central Coast Stadium
Attendance 4,973


    • KICK OFF
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      Welcome to Central Coast Stadium for the match between the Central Coast Mariners and Wellington Phoenix.
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      The Mariners have been in a form slump, unable to win a game in their last five games. They are equal last, currently sitting on ninth on the ladder and this is really the last role of the dice for them. This is a must win game, if they want make up ground for the top six.
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      The Phoenix have won two of their last five matches and a win tonight will get them off the bottom of the ladder. They have had better form than the Mariners, going into this game.
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      TEAMS - CENTRAL COAST MARINERS (4-2-3-1) STARTING XI - Kennedy (GK); McGing, Baro, Golec, Roux; Brama, Hiariej; Buhagiar, De Silva, Hoole; Skapetis. SUBS - Glover (GK), Powell, Pain, Poscoliero, Melling. 
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      TEAMS - WELLINGTON PHOENIX (4-3-3) STARTING XI - Velaphi (GK); Galloway, Durante, Fox, Doyle; Ljujic, Ridenton, Singh; Krishna, Kaluderovic, Burns. SUBS - Smith (GK), Paracki, McGlinchey, Rossi, Patterson. 
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      FIRST HALF - The Phoenix kick off and we are under way.
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      HALF TIME - The referee sounds the whistle for half time and the Mariners go into the half time break holding a 1-0 lead over the Phoenix, thanks to a De Silva goal in stoppage time in the first half.
    • 1'
      It has been a quickfire opening to the game from both teams.
    • 3'
      Storm Roux is playing his 100th game in a Mariners shirt tonight. He is hoping it will be a winning game.
    • 5'
      Skapetis passes it Buhagiar on the wing and back to Skapetis, but the Phoenix defence intercept the ball.
    • 7'
      Buhagiar had a bit of time to float the ball in to the box, but he was unable to make the most of his chance.
    • 9'
      Hoole attempts to kick the ball around his opponent on the edge of the box, but ends up losing possession in the end.
    • 11'
      Wellington have not been able to do anything with their brief counter attacks up forward.
    • 13'
      It has been all Mariners in the first 14 minutes of the game, but they have nothing to show for it on the scoreboard.
    • 15'
      The Phoenix are yet to have a shot on goal, whilst the Mariners have taken two shots on goal.
    • 17'
      Brama fires in the long shot on goal, but it does not trouble Velaphi, who saw it all the way through to his gloves.
    • 19'
      Baro with a wild shot on goal and once again Velaphi is on the job and makes a strong save.
    • 21'
      The Phoenix are starting to have more possession of the ball around the middle of the ground.
    • 23'
      De Silva crosses it into the box, but Fox cuts it off and concedes a corner kick to the Mariners.
    • 25'
      The Mariners have had 75.8% possession, compared to the Phoenix who have had 24.2%.
    • 27'
      Krishna held onto the ball too long inside the box which allowed Golec to stick his foot in and make the spoil.
    • 29'
      The pendulum is starting swing ever so slightly, the Phoenix's way. The Mariners need to be careful here, as they have had no reward for their dominance.
    • 31'
      Buhagiar skies the ball into the box as Skapetis dives in with a header and it bounces across the face of goal. So close for the Mariners!
    • 32'
      YELLOW CARD PHOENIX - Thomas Doyle is the first man in to the referee's book after a late challenge.
    • 33'
      YC Tom Doyle
    • 34'
      Buhagiar crosses it into the box but Galloway is able to intervene and kick the ball out of play. 
    • 36'
      Kaluderovic sneaks out and finds an unmarked header, but he is unable to influence the goal. He appeals for a penalty saying the ball was touched in the box. The referee does not agree.
    • 38'
      The Phoenix are starting to press the Mariners in attack. Wouldn't the Mariners hate it if they concede one here?
    • 39'
      Hiariej with a strong low ball at goal but Velaphi has it under control.
    • 41'
      The Mariners are desperately trying to find some reward for their effort, but Velaphi continues to be the difference between the two sides.
    • 43'
      Hoole with a strong strike on goal, but it is over the crossbar, going away for a goal kick.
    • 45'
      We have one minute of additional time to play for the first half.
    • 45'
      GOAL MARINERS - Buhagiar taps it into the path of Hoole, who lifts it into the box for De Silva, who slides in and gets a toe to the ball as the ball is able to get past Velaphi and into the bottom right corner of the net. The Mariners lead the Phoenix 1-0.
    • 45'
      SECOND HALF - We are back under way for the second half with no changes made by either side.
    • 46'
      G Daniel De Silva
    • 47'
      YELLOW CARD PHOENIX - Sarpeet Singh hangs onto the shirt of Hiariej on the way through and is awarded a yellow card.
    • 48'
      YC Sarpreet Singh
    • 49'
      Hoole lifts it into the box once again, but Skapetis is unable to make an impact.
    • 51'
      Buhagiar attempts to turn Doyle inside out, but his shot on goal takes a deflection and goes out of play.
    • 53'
      Burns attempts to skip past De Silva but he is brought down inside the box. He appeals for a penalty, but there is nothing there.
    • 55'
      Krishna fires in a shot on goal but it hits the crossbar, So unlucky for the Phoenix.
    • 57'
      The Phoenix haven't exactly seized the momentum of hitting the crossbar, with the Mariners owning possession of the ball.
    • 59'
      It may be time for the Phoenix to look to their bench for some fresh legs.
    • 61'
      Krishna with a burst of speed down the side line, he runs it into the box, he pulls the trigger and he hits the side netting.
    • 62'
      SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - The Phoenix make their first change as Sarpeet Singh makes way for Michael McGlinchey.
    • 63'
      SI Michael McGlinchey SO Sarpreet Singh
    • 64'
      Ridenton with a shot on goal from the distance, but Kennedy reads it well and makes the save.
    • 66'
      The Mariners need to find a way to seal the game, as the Phoenix can level the scores.
    • 68'
      SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - A straight swap for the Mariners, as Petros Skapetis makes way for Blake Powell.
    • 68'
      Hoole whips it in to the danger area, but it hits the post and it is cleared off the line by the Phoenix defence.
    • 68'
      Krishna with a kick into the box for Kaluderovic but he hits the side netting.
    • 69'
      SI Blake Powell SO Petros Skapetis
    • 70'
      Hiariej has gone down in the middle of the ground with a lower leg injury. 
    • 72'
      SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - Tom Hiariej's night is done as he succumbs to injury and is replaced by Jacob Melling.
    • 72'
      SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - The Phoenix make their second change of the night with Nathan Burns off and Monty Mark Patterson on.
    • 73'
      SI Jacob Melling SO Tom Hiariej
    • 73'
      SI Monty Patterson SO Nathan Burns
    • 74'
      The Phoenix have been making inroads into attack, but without any reward.
    • 76'
      McGing has been winded and he is attended to by the trainers. He walks off to the sideline.
    • 78'
      Galloway with a great ball into the area, but it is McGing with a sweeping header, with the ball being cleared away to safety.
    • 80'
      There is still plenty of time left on the clock for the Phoenix to save this game and pick up a point.
    • 82'
      The Mariners must put this game to bed, before the Phoenix get any ideas.
    • 84'
      Kennedy makes the easiest of saves after the ball ricocheted off a Mariners defender.
    • 85'
      Krishna with the volley on gall, but it is just wide by McGlinchey.
    • 86'
      SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - The Mariners make another change with Trent Buhagiar looking spent and Connor Pain on to replace him.
    • 87'
      SI Connor Pain SO Trent Buhagiar
    • 87'
      SI Goran Paracki SO Andrew Durante
    • 87'
      SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - Third and final change for the Phoenix, with Andrew Durante off for an early rest and he is replaced by Goran Paracki.
    • 87'
      YELLOW CARD PHOENIX - Matija Ljujić with a late challenge and he is awarded a yellow card.
    • 88'
      YC Matija Ljujic
    • 89'
      YELLOW CARD MARINERS - Andrew Hoole is awarded a yellow card for a rough challenge.
    • 90'
      YC Andrew Hoole
    • 90'
      We have six minutes of stoppage time to play in the second half.
    • 91'
      The Phoenix are finally showing a sense of urgency, but have they left it all too late?
    • 93'
      Powell is able to win his time a corner kick and with that an opportunity to run down the clock for the Mariners.
    • 94'
      De Silva with a lethal strike on goal from the edge of the box, but he is unable to bend it around enough.
    • 95'
      Ljujic takes it into the box, he fires in a shot on goal and it is taken by Kennedy.
    • 95'
      FULL TIME - The Mariners have broken through and are back on the winners list, after 11 matches without a win. The difference between the two was a stoppage time goal in the first half by De Silva. The Mariners have run out 1-0 winners over the Mariners.

    Line Up

    Daniel De Silva
    new zealand
    Matthew Ridenton



    Alen Stajcic
    Ufuk Talay



    Possession 60% 40%
    Effective Chances 7 10
    Shots on Target 4 2
    Turnovers 20 13


    Passes 429 283
    Passing Accuracy 71% 62%
    Passing Accuracy in opponent’s half 64% 57%
    Crosses 19 16
    Crossing accuracy 21% 13%


    Shots 21 13
    Shots outside the box 4 4
    Shots inside the box 6 8
    Shooting accuracy 40% 17%


    Tackles 25 22
    Effective Tackles 68% 41%
    Blocked Shots 2 3
    Clearances 21 30
    Saves 3 2


    Fouls Conceded 18 16
    Yellow Cards 1 3
    Red Cards 0 0
    Offsides 1 3

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