• Sarpreet Singh 3’
  • Shane Lowry (OG) 90’
  • 36’ Diego Castro
Round 20
Westpac Stadium
Attendance 4,806


    • KICK OFF
    • 0'
      FULL TIME - An own goal by Shane Lowry has gifted Wellington just their fourth win of the season with a 2-1 win. That's also their second win over Perth this season. That win lifts them off the bottom of the ladder and gives them hope that things may not be over yet this season. For Perth it was one
    • 0'
      HALF TIME - The referee blows the whistle for half-time and we have an arm wrestle here in Wellington with a 1-1 scoreline at the break. We look forward to a thrilling second half. 
    • 0'
      We are off and underway here in windy Wellington. 
    • 0'
      Perth (4-5-1): Reddy (GK); Mills, Lowry, Grant, Neville; Nichols, Torres, Castro, Kilkenny, Italiano; Keogh. Subs: Feely (GK), Brimmer, Chianese, Djulbic, Mayoral. 
    • 0'
      Wellington (4-3-3): Velaphi (GK); Doyle, Fox, Durante, Galloway; Ljujic, Ridenton, Singh; Patterson, Kaluderovic, Burns. Subs: Smith (GK), Cacace, McGlinchey, Krishna, Rufer. 
    • 0'
      Time to run our eye over the team sheets. 
    • 0'
      Both teams are struggling and desperate for points. Wellington are on the bottom with 14 points whilst Perth are two places ahead of them on 19 points. A win for Wellington takes them off the bottom of the ladder whilst a win for Perth takes them to within four points of the top six. 
    • 0'
      Good evening and welcome to Westpac Stadium for tonight's clash between Wellington and Perth. 
    • 1'
      Italiano with a cross looking for Keogh but it is deal with by Durante. 
    • 3'
      G Sarpreet Singh
    • 3'
      GOAL PHOENIX - My oh my what a stunning start by Wellington! Sarpeet Singh you little beauty! On his starting debut he breaks into the box after receiving the pass from Ljujic and sends a rocket inside the top right corner! Reddy had absolutely no chance. Wellington lead 1-0. 
    • 6'
      Torres shoots but Durante blocks it and clears for Wellington. He may well need to go down and take a breather after the ball struck him where he would not want to be struck. 
    • 7'
      Wellington win the first corner of the match. Ridenton sends it in and Kaluderovic goes down in the box, but nothing comes of it.
    • 10'
      In a nice touch by the crowd they have broken into applause for the tenth minute in honour of the late Liam Miller who sadly passed away last week. 
    • 12'
      Perth move into attack but the offside flag is up against Diego Castro. 
    • 14'
      Castro has a fist full of Galloway's shirt and gives away the free kick in a very dangerous position. One would say he is lucky not to have been shown the yellow card.
    • 15'
      Ridenton sends the free kick straight into the wall and Perth are able to deal with all the additional issues. 
    • 16'
      Galloway returns the favour to Castro and gives him a free kick to the left of the penalty box. 
    • 17'
      Castro sends the free kick in but Wellington are able to head it out of danger. 
    • 20'
      Some end to end action here with both teams looking to add to their goal tally for the season. 
    • 23'
      Great to see Krishna back on the bench for Wellington after he signed another contract this week to end his dispute with the club. 
    • 25'
      Perth move the ball well but Italiano is caught offside. 
    • 26'
      YC Shane Lowry
    • 26'
      YELLOW CARD - Lowry concedes a free kick after leading with his forearm. He has been shown a yellow card for his troubles. 
    • 29'
      YC Matthew Ridenton
    • 29'
      YELLOW CARD - Ridenton has been booked just outside the box and Perth have a free kick in a dangerous position.
    • 30'
      Castro sends the free kick over and out for a goal kick. 
    • 32'
      The corner sees a scramble deep inside the penalty box but it somehow bounces safely into Reddy's arms. 
    • 32'
      Kaluderovic shoots from inside the box but it's charged down and deflected out for a corner. 
    • 34'
      Castro is brought down by Fox and Perth have another free kick in a dangerous position. 
    • 36'
      G Diego Castro
    • 36'
      GOAL GLORY - Nichols runs over the ball as a decoy to allow Castro to hit it with pace and power sneaks it inside the right post. Velaphi had no chance and it's 1-1 here in Wellington. 
    • 39'
      YC Andrew Durante
    • 39'
      This time Castro sends the free kick straight into the wall and the Phoenix defence is able to clear. 
    • 39'
      YELLOW CARD - Italiano cops an elbow to the throat from Durante who is shown the yellow card. Perth have the free kick in a very dangerous position. 
    • 40'
      Kaluderovic lays it off to Ljujic who strikes it fiercely and it's a great save by Reddy who palms it out for a corner. 
    • 41'
      The corner is dealt with by the Glory defence. 
    • 43'
      Nichols isn't happy after he is called to have fouled Durante. 
    • 44'
      Doyle in towards Kaluderovic but Lowry is there to send it out for a corner. 
    • 45'
      SI Roy Krishna SO Monty Patterson
    • 45'
      The second half is underway. 
    • 45'
      There are two minutes of stoppage time to be played. 
    • 46'
      SUBSTITUTION WELLINGTON -  Monty Patterson is off for Roy Krishna as Wellington make a half-time change. 
    • 49'
      Castro with a step over before going down in the box but there is no penalty forthcoming. 
    • 50'
      Neville with a teasing cross to the far post and Fox doesn't take any chances and heads it out for Perth's first corner of the night. 
    • 51'
      Velaphi is fouled in the box and another Perth attack is over. 
    • 52'
      Krishna comes into the box down the right but he shoots well over. 
    • 55'
      This is an evenly poised match with both teams keen for full points. It will certainly open up the longer the game goes. 
    • 57'
      SI Joel Chianese SO Jacob Italiano
    • 57'
      SUBSTITUTION GLORY - Perth make their first change with Jacob Italiano coming off for Joel Chianese.
    • 60'
      Perth have had 63% possession in this second half. 
    • 61'
      Perth continue to attack but the Wellington defence scrambles the ball away. 
    • 62'
      Chianese gets into the box and Velaphi comes at him to make the save. He throws the ball out of play to receive some treatment after copping a knock. 
    • 65'
      McGlinchey is warming up and when he comes on it will be his 200th appearance. 
    • 67'
      Burns tries one from distance but his attempt is well off target. 
    • 69'
      SI Michael McGlinchey SO Sarpreet Singh
    • 69'
      Krishna puts it on a platter for Kaluderovic who sidefoots it wide from a range he really should have scored from. 
    • 69'
      SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - Goal scorer Sarpeet Singh comes off and is replaced by Michael McGlinchey.
    • 70'
      The resulting corner sees Wellington lucky to survive with a clearance off the line. 
    • 70'
      Chianese gets past Doyle but his shot is agonisingly close and palmed away by Velaphi 
    • 74'
      This game has just over 15 minutes left and it could be either side's game to win. Anything could happen here. 
    • 76'
      Galloway shoots but it's an easy save for Reddy in the end. 
    • 77'
      The ball comes back into the box and Mills heads it out for a corner. 
    • 77'
      Krishna gets it just inside the byline but his cut back is cleared. 
    • 78'
      The corner is a good one and Keogh heads it on for a throw in. 
    • 79'
      The corner is sent into the box but it's deflected wide and out for a goal kick.
    • 79'
      Krishna with a chance inside the box but Nichols is in close attendance and it's a corner to Wellington. 
    • 80'
      PENALTY! Castro is brought down by Galloway in the box and the referee points to the spot. The VAR has checked it and given it the all clear. 
    • 83'
      PENALTY MISS - Castro tried to be a little to clever and chips it straight to Velaphi who did not dive like keepers normally do. Velaphi must have done his homework! He will become an instant cult hero here. 
    • 86'
      The corner is sent deep but it's cleared by the Perth defence. 
    • 86'
      Kaluderovic wins a corner for Wellington much to the surprise of Lowry who disagrees with the call. 
    • 87'
      The free kick is sent into the box but it's easily dealt with by the Perth defence. 
    • 87'
      Krishna is fouled by Chianese and Wellington have a late chance. 
    • 89'
      YC Alex Grant
    • 89'
      YELLOW CARD - Grant flies in on Krishna and he is shown the yellow card. 
    • 90'
      OG Shane Lowry
    • 90'
      OWN GOAL GLORY - Ridenton lays it off to Krishna who looks for the far post but Lowry diverts it past Reddy and into the back of his own net. Wellington lead 2-1 and the tops are coming off! 
    • 92'
      SI Alex Rufer SO Nathan Burns
    • 92'
      SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - Nathan Burns comes off in a defensive change and he is replaced by Alex Rufer.
    • 93'
      Fox fouls Lowry and Perth will bang it into the box. 
    • 93'
      We still have one minute of stoppage time and added time for the goal and celebration. It will be a nervous couple of minutes for Wellington. 
    • 94'
      Kilkenny sends it into the box and there are legs everywhere but Perth can't get a shot in. 

    Line Up

    new zealand
    Alex Rufer
    Tando Velaphi
    Liam Reddy
    Alex Grant
    Diego Castro
    Neil Kilkenny
    Joel Chianese


    new zealand
    Liberato Cacace
    Dino Djulbic
    Jake Brimmer


    Ufuk Talay
    Tony Popovic



    Possession 0% 0%
    Effective Chances 0 0
    Shots on Target 0 0
    Turnovers 0 0


    Passes 0 0
    Passing Accuracy 0% 0%
    Passing Accuracy in opponent’s half 0% 0%
    Crosses 0 0
    Crossing accuracy 0% 0%


    Shots 0 0
    Shots outside the box 0 0
    Shots inside the box 0 0
    Shooting accuracy 0% 0%


    Tackles 0 0
    Effective Tackles 0% 0%
    Blocked Shots 0 0
    Clearances 0 0
    Saves 0 0


    Fouls Conceded 17 17
    Yellow Cards 2 2
    Red Cards 0 0
    Offsides 0 0

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