• Petros Skapetis 76’
  • 14’ Jaushua Sotirio
  • 30’ Ben Kennedy (OG)
Round 19
Central Coast Stadium
Attendance 7,046


    • KICK OFF
    • 0'
      FULL TIME - The Wanderers are able to bank a very valuable three points after beating the Mariners 2-1. The Wanderers set it up in the first half, going into the break with a 2-0 lead. The Mariners came out breathing fire, but it took until the 76th minute mark for Skapetis to head it into goal, as
    • 0'
      HALF TIME - The whistle sounds for half time and the Wanderers go into the half time break holding a 2-0 lead over the Mariners. Sotirio broke the deadlock at the 14th minute mark with a bullet at goal. Kennedy conceded an own goal at the 30th minute mark, with some assistance from Riera to make it
    • 0'
      FIRST HALF - The Mariners kick off and we are under way.
    • 0'
      TEAMS - WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS (4-3-3) STARTING XI - Janjetovic (GK); Risdon, Hamill, Thwaite, Llorente; Lustica, Carrusa, Bonevacia; Sotitio, Riera, Bridge. SUBS - Suman (GK), Clisby, Santalab, Kearyn Baccus, Ikonomidis. 
    • 0'
      TEAMS - CENTRAL COAST MARINERS (4-2-3-1) STARTING XI - Kennedy (GK); McGing, Rose, Golec, Roux; Hiariej, Melling; Hoole, De Silva, Wales; Powell. SUBS - Glover (GK), Buhagiar, Berry, Poscoliero, Skapetis. 
    • 0'
      It is an equally important game for the Wanderers, who desperately need a win to stay in touch of the top six. They have also failed to register a win in their last five outings and are currently in seventh position on the ladder, with one more win than the Mariners.
    • 0'
      This is a very important game for the Mariners, as a win today will elevate them to sixth position on the ladder. They are currently in ninth position, without a win in their last five games.
    • 0'
      Welcome to Central Coast Stadium for the match between the Central Coast Mariners and the Western Sydney Wanderers.
    • 1'
      It has been a slow start to the game from both teams, as they look to find a way into the game.
    • 3'
      Wales takes the ball to the edge of the box, but he leaves it behind and the Wanderers defence are able to clear it away to safety.
    • 5'
      These two teams are the most drawn teams of the league, both having seven drawn games.
    • 6'
      Riera is looking very threatening as he is ahead of Rose, but Riera loses his footing, allowing Rose a bit of a reprieve.
    • 8'
      A great cross by Llorente, but it is tipped away by Kennedy and the Mariners are able to clear the ball away.
    • 9'
      De Silva to Wales, back to De Silva as he gives it off to Hoole. He keeps it low, having a shot on goal, but Janjetovic dives to make the save.
    • 10'
      Bridge is one on one with Kennedy, he pulls the trigger on goal and Kennedy slides to block the shot on goal.
    • 12'
      The Mariners have had their chances on goal, as have the Wanderers. This is a very important game for both teams.
    • 13'
      GOAL WANDERERS - Carrusca brings it in from the corner and Sotirio with a bullet at goal from the edge of the 18 yard box, as it takes a deflection off Rose. Kennedy gets a hand on it, but it goes behind him and into the top of the net. The Wanderers lead the Mariners 1-0.
    • 14'
      G Jaushua Sotirio
    • 15'
      It will be interesting to see how the Mariners reply from being a goal down.
    • 17'
      The Wanderers are threatening the goal again, as they have a succession of passes from the middle of the ground. They are starting to look dangerous.
    • 19'
      The Mariners need to change something and change it quickly, as they could soon find themselves two goals down.
    • 20'
      Wales shows the initiative taking the ball into attack and once again he leaves the ball behind.
    • 22'
      Powell takes it into attack and he has nobody in support, as he ends up turning the ball over.
    • 24'
      De Silva with a great ball in to Risdon, who crosses it into the box for Thwaite, but he is unable to gather possession of the ball.
    • 26'
      Wales threads it beautifully for Melling, but Llorent is able to effect the spoil, before Melling was able to take a shot on goal.
    • 27'
      YELLOW CARD MARINERS - Anthony Golec is the first man to go into the ref's book after a sloppy tackle.
    • 28'
      YC Antony Golec
    • 30'
      OG Ben Kennedy
    • 30'
      Assist Raúl Llorente Raposo
    • 30'
      Goal Oriol Riera Magem
    • 31'
      Just after scoring a goal, Riera has gone down with what looks like a calf injury. He is being attended to by the trainers.
    • 33'
      The Mariners will need to go back to the drawing board after what was a promising start to their day.
    • 35'
      A bit of a lull in the game at the moment as the Wanderers have taken their foot off the gas for now, sensing they are a little comfortable in the match.
    • 37'
      It is all the Western Sydney Wanderers at the moment, as they are starting to look for their third goal of the day.
    • 39'
      Bridge is in a very good position inside the box, he heads it for goal and it comes off the hands of Kennedy, conceding a corner.
    • 41'
      The Mariners are having no luck at all in goal. Every time the take it into the box, they manage to find a way to lose the ball.
    • 43'
      Bridge runs into trouble inside the box, he feeds it over to Carrusca, who tries to guide it home, but he blasts it over the crossbar.
    • 45'
      SI Christopher Ikonomidis SO Jaushua Sotirio
    • 45'
      SECOND HALF - We are back under way for the second half as the Wanderers kick off to get us under way.
    • 45'
      We have two minutes of stoppage time to play in the first half.
    • 46'
      SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - The Wanderers make their first change of the match, as Jaushua Sotirio makes way for Chris Ikonomidis.
    • 47'
      The Mariners have started the second half off very well, but they need to see some results on the scoreboard.
    • 49'
      The Mariners once again streak into attack, but nothing comes of it, as the Wanderers clear it away.
    • 51'
      Melling with a long ball towards Wales, but he is unable to get to it and it goes out for a throw in.
    • 53'
      The Mariners need something to sting them into action. They seem willing but not able at the moment.
    • 55'
      You just can't see the Wanderers backing down here, as they seem so strong around the ground.
    • 57'
      Melling is on the break, as he crosses it over to De Silva, who puts it away to the right of goal.
    • 59'
      Perhaps the Mariners need to look to their bench for a spark. They have Skapetis and Buhagiar who could change the course of destiny for this match.
    • 61'
      SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - The Mariners make their first change of the match, as Lachlan Wales makes way for Trent Buhagiar.
    • 61'
      The Mariners with a ball into the area, but it only goes as far as Hiariej before the Wanderers defence are able to clear it away.
    • 62'
      SI Trent Buhagiar SO Lachlan Wales
    • 63'
      Llorente to Riera, who seems to get something on the ball, but not enough to make it threatening for Kennedy.
    • 64'
      Lustica is wide open on goal, he casually pulls the trigger on goal, but Rose is able to nod it away to safety.
    • 66'
      Powell loses the ball in the sun, in another disappointing entry into attack for the Mariners.
    • 67'
      Roux from outside the box, he uses his left boot and he is wide of the mark. Perhaps he should have held onto the ball and ran closer to the box.
    • 68'
      De Silva runs it into the box, he pulls the trigger on goal, but Janjetovic is forced to dive away to make the save.
    • 69'
      Hoole floats one into the area but Janjetovic with a heavy touch on the ball, conceding a corner kick to the Mariners.
    • 71'
      Golec takes it into the box, but nobody is home for the Mariners, as the Wanderers clear it away to safety once again.
    • 72'
      McGing with another cross into the box for Buhagiar, but it is Janjetovic who makes the strong save.
    • 74'
      Melling with a cannon on goal from 40m outside of the goal, forcing Janjetovic to dive away to his right and make another save. That was so close for the Mariners!
    • 75'
      GOAL MARINERS - Melling with a lovely ball into the box, as Skapetis heads it across Janjetovic's goal and into the back of the net! Finally the Mariners are able to find the back of the net. The Mariners trail the Wanderers 1-2.
    • 75'
      SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - The Mariners make their second change of the match, with Blake Powell heading off for an early shower and being replaced by Petros Skapetis.
    • 76'
      SI Petros Skapetis SO Blake Powell
    • 76'
      G Petros Skapetis
    • 76'
      SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - The Wanderers make their second change of the match as Oriol Riera Magem is off and he is replaced by Brendon Santalab.
    • 77'
      SI Brendon Santalab SO Oriol Riera
    • 78'
      There is some life into this game, as the Wanderers would be feeling a little unsettled with the Mariners having the momentum.
    • 80'
      Santalab has the ball and he gives it off to Ikonomidis on the byline, but it is just wide of goal.
    • 82'
      SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - The Wanderers are forced to clear their bench, after Roly Bonevacia has succumbed to injury, with Kearyn Baccus replacing him.
    • 83'
      SI Kearyn Baccus SO Roly Bonevacia
    • 83'
      De Silva plays in a miraculous ball to Hoole, but it is intercepted and the Wanderers defence clear it away.
    • 84'
      SI Adam Berry SO Jacob Melling
    • 84'
      SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - Third and final change for the Mariners as Jacob Melling is done for the day and Adam Berry is to see out the game.
    • 86'
      Rose has gone down and the ref spots out a free kick just past the middle of the ground. The referee did not deem it serious enough to give away one of his famed yellow cards.
    • 87'
      YELLOW CARD MARINERS - Trent Buhagiar attracts the ire of the referee, after he brings down Ikonomidis.
    • 88'
      YC Trent Buhagiar
    • 89'
      The Wanderers are just playing out time at the moment. They have had a disappointing second half, after a first half where they could take on the world.
    • 90'
      We have four minutes of stoppage time remaining in the match.
    • 91'
      McGing looks for Berry, but it looks to have copped a deflection from Llorente, as the referee awards the Mariners a corner.
    • 93'
      Ikonomidis with a lovely ball over to Santalab, who waits as he intends to give it back to Ikonomidis, but Golec intervenes for the Mariners.
    • 94'
      Buhagiar attempts a shot on the right hand side, but it appears to have hit the side netting of the goal, going out for a goal kick.

    Line Up

    Daniel De Silva
    Vedran Janjetovic


    Jack Clisby


    Alen Stajcic
    Carl Robinson



    Possession 0% 0%
    Effective Chances 0 0
    Shots on Target 0 0
    Turnovers 0 0


    Passes 0 0
    Passing Accuracy 0% 0%
    Passing Accuracy in opponent’s half 0% 0%
    Crosses 0 0
    Crossing accuracy 0% 0%


    Shots 0 0
    Shots outside the box 0 0
    Shots inside the box 0 0
    Shooting accuracy 0% 0%


    Tackles 0 0
    Effective Tackles 0% 0%
    Blocked Shots 0 0
    Clearances 0 0
    Saves 0 0


    Fouls Conceded 13 12
    Yellow Cards 2 0
    Red Cards 0 0
    Offsides 0 0

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