• Connor Pain 58’
  • 65’ Leroy George
Round 4
Central Coast Stadium
Attendance 5,519


    • KICK OFF
    • 0'
      FULL TIME - The final whistle sounds and we have a 1-1 draw between these two teams, as both teams continue their winless starts to the season. The player of the match tonight was Rhys Williams.
    • 0'
      HALF TIME - The whistle sounds for half time as we go into the sheds with the scores all tied up at 0-0.
    • 0'
      Troisi puts it into the path of George, as it forces Glover to make the sliding save.
    • 0'
      FIRST HALF - Melbourne Victory kick off and we are under way.
    • 0'
      TEAMS - MELBOURNE VICTORY (4-2-3-1) STARTING XI - Thomas (GK); Geria, Deng, Williams, Broxham; Valeri (c), Milligan; Barbarouses, Troisi, Austin; George. SUBSTITUTIONS - Acton (GK), Sanchez, Nigro, Ingham, Theoharous. 
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      TEAMS - CENTRAL COAST MARINERS (3-4-2-1) STARTING XI - Glover (GK); Baro (c), Golec, Joshua Rose; Roux, Brama, Hiariej, Pain; Hoole, De Silva; Asdrubal. SUBSTITUTIONS - Pearce (GK), McGing, Appiah-Kubi, Liam Rose, Bingham. 
    • 0'
      Melbourne Victory have not won a game in their first three encounters and are breathing fire at the moment. They will need to pick up a win here, to put them back on track for this season.
    • 0'
      The Mariners have had a disappointing start to the season, one in which promised an improvement on last year's effort. They come up against an angry Melbourne Victory, without their goal scorer Besart Berisha.
    • 0'
      Welcome to Central Coast Stadium for the match between the Central Coast Mariners and Melbourne Victory.
    • 2'
      Melbourne Victory appear to be eager to get off on a good start to the match, as they need a shot of confidence at the moment.
    • 4'
      George is playing in his third position, in his fourth match, playing as a central striker tonight.
    • 6'
      The Mariners are getting into the game, as they have a bit of run in the middle of the ground.
    • 7'
      Clever play by Hoole, through the legs of Milligan, but he can't seem to get past Austin.
    • 8'
      The Mariners have had five balls into the area, compared to one from Melbourne Victory. It has been a bit of a sleepy start to the game by Melbourne Victory.
    • 10'
      Baro and Milligan are renewing acquaintances, as the former team mates line up on each other for the first time as opponents.
    • 11'
      Austin sends it into the box as George has a shot on goal and Glover makes the diving save.
    • 13'
      Hiariej takes a shot on goal 10m from the box, but it is wide of goal and away for a goal kick it goes.
    • 15'
      Melbourne Victory have not lost to the Mariners since the preliminary final of 2012, which is 12 meetings all up.
    • 17'
      Austin puts it into the back of the net, but the flag was up for offside, which was against Austin.
    • 19'
      It appears that Melbourne Victory seem to have all the momentum, but they need to make the most of their opportunities.
    • 21'
      The first goal will be very important in terms of momentum. The Mariners seem to open the floodgate when one goal is conceded, quiet often conceding multiple goals.
    • 23'
      Hoole crosses it into the box and it is cleared on the last line of defence by the Victory defence.
    • 25'
      Roux concedes a foul on the edge of the box on Austin, giving the Victory a set shot.
    • 27'
      Milligan takes the free kick and it just flies over the crossbar. So close, yet so far away for the Melbourne Victory.
    • 29'
      The ball is going from one end of the ground to the other at the moment. 
    • 30'
      YELLOW CARD MARINERS - After a crude challenge, Félix Asdrúbal Padrón Hernández finds himself being the first player to receive a yellow card.
    • 31'
      YC Asdrúbal
    • 32'
      The Mariners are having some quality time in attack at the moment, with some near misses. The Victory need to turn this around.
    • 33'
      Hoole feeds it through to the Asdrubal direction, but the ball comes off Broxham and the Victory concede a corner kick.
    • 35'
      Milligan with the quick release, but Josh Rose with the interception, conceding a corner kick to the Victory.
    • 36'
      A really good ball in for the Victory, with a thumping header by Deng, hitting the woodwork, coming ever so close to scoring his first A-League goal.
    • 38'
      Play is held up momentarily as Roux is being checked on by the trainers, after landing awkwardly. He looks like he will be okay to continue.
    • 40'
      Another one down for the Mariners, as Roux has his leg collected and is being looked at by the trainers. Some magic spray and he is back on the park.
    • 42'
      Broxham has a wild shot on goal but he never really had control of it, as it goes wide of the goal.
    • 44'
      SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - Storm Roux succumbs to injury as Jake McGing comes on to replace him.
    • 45'
      SI Jake McGing SO Storm Roux
    • 45'
      SECOND HALF - The Mariners kick off to get us back under way for the second half.
    • 45'
      We have two minutes of additional time to play for the first half.
    • 47'
      YELLOW CARD VICTORY - Thomas Deng goes into the ref's book after a late challenge.
    • 48'
      YC Thomas Deng
    • 49'
      The Mariners are the team that seem to have started off as the better team in the second half.
    • 51'
      The time may be right for the Victory to make a change, as they are really struggling at the moment.
    • 53'
      The Mariners continue their good work in attack. It only seems like it is a matter of time before they score.
    • 55'
      Melbourne Victory need something to spark them in the middle. They are making some basic errors.
    • 57'
      GOAL MARINERS - Hoole sends it into the Connor Pain direction, as he strikes it hard as it hits the inside top of the netting for the first goal of the match. The Mariners lead Melbourne Victory 1-0.
    • 58'
      G Connor Pain
    • 59'
      All the pressure is on the shoulders of the Melbourne Victory at the moment. They have already had their worst ever start to an A-League season. They lose this one and they are in free fall.
    • 61'
      The Mariners continue to press as they want to bank the three points.
    • 63'
      Melbourne Victory have a pulse, as they take it into their attacking half, but the Mariners push it away to safety.
    • 64'
      GOAL VICTORY - Golec concedes the foul in a dangerous position for the Mariners. George takes the free kick, as he picks out the space and he clips the post, going into the top left corner of the net. Scores are level at 1-1.
    • 65'
      G Leroy George
    • 66'
      This one has been set up for a grandstand finish now. We are back to level scores and the next goal of the match is ever so important.
    • 68'
      Melbourne Victory are set to make their first change and it looks like it may be an attacking change.
    • 69'
      YELLOW CARD VICTORY - Broxham is given a yellow card after a late tackle.
    • 69'
      SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - The Melbourne Victory make their first change with Mitch Austin making way for Jai Ingham.
    • 70'
      SI Jai Ingham SO Mitchell Austin
    • 70'
      YC Leigh Broxham
    • 71'
      Pain with one touch, on the half volley, as he hits the woodwork. Pain was so close to scoring his first A-League double.
    • 73'
      YELLOW CARD VICTORY - Carl Valeri is awarded a card after Valeri tugged onto DeSilva's top as he was about to run past him.
    • 74'
      YC Carl Valeri
    • 74'
      SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - Connor Pain's night is done as Kwabena Appiah-Kubi is the man to replace him.
    • 75'
      SI Kwabena Appiah-Kubi SO Connor Pain
    • 76'
      George is off the ground on the sideline, getting treated for what appears to be a tight hamstring. He looks to be okay to continue.
    • 78'
      Melbourne Victory need to find something, as they are starting to look as though they are going to go four games with no wins.
    • 79'
      SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Leroy George succumbs to the hamstring injury as Christian Theoharous is on to replace him.
    • 80'
      SI Christian Theoharous SO Leroy George
    • 81'
      The Mariners are ever so close, as Asdrubal heads it for goal and Josh Rose is in the way. A very close shave for Melbourne Victory.
    • 83'
      SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Melbourne Victory make their third and final change with Carl Valeri heading off and being replaced by Matías Ariel Sánchez.
    • 84'
      SI Matías Sánchez SO Carl Valeri
    • 85'
      Melbourne Victory are just hanging on at the moment, as the Mariner are threatening to score another goal.
    • 87'
      Hoole is looking to attack Geria as he runs it into the box, he is tackled by Geria, but he still managed to get a shot at goal, going over the crossbar.
    • 89'
      Milligan feeding Barbarouses, but he is stripped of the ball by Baro, inside the box.
    • 90'
      SI Josh Bingham SO Asdrúbal
    • 90'
      SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - The Mariners clear their bench, with Félix Asdrúbal Padrón Hernández heading to the bench and being replaced by Josh Bingham.
    • 90'
      We have four minutes of stoppage time remaining in the match.
    • 91'
      YELLOW CARD MARINERS - Andrew Hoole is shown a yellow card after a sliding tackle on Theoharous.
    • 92'
      YC Andrew Hoole
    • 93'
      Appiah-Kubi fires in a header at goal, but it is straight through to Thomas. A chance gone begging for the Mariners.

    Line Up

    Daniel De Silva
    Lawrence Thomas
    Leigh Broxham


    Adam Pearce
    Matthew Acton
    new zealand
    Storm Roux


    Alen Stajcic
    Carlos Perez Salvachua



    Possession 0% 0%
    Effective Chances 0 0
    Shots on Target 0 0
    Turnovers 0 0


    Passes 0 0
    Passing Accuracy 0% 0%
    Passing Accuracy in opponent’s half 0% 0%
    Crosses 0 0
    Crossing accuracy 0% 0%


    Shots 0 0
    Shots outside the box 0 0
    Shots inside the box 0 0
    Shooting accuracy 0% 0%


    Tackles 0 0
    Effective Tackles 0% 0%
    Blocked Shots 0 0
    Clearances 0 0
    Saves 0 0


    Fouls Conceded 13 16
    Yellow Cards 2 3
    Red Cards 0 0
    Offsides 0 0

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