• Andrija Kaluderovic 1’
  • Roy Krishna 18’
  • Andrija Kaluderovic 20’
  • 45’ Massimo Maccarone
  • 66’ Avraam Papadopoulos
  • 82’ Massimo Maccarone
Round 4
Westpac Stadium
Attendance 7,018


    • KICK OFF
    • 0'
      FULL TIME - It's all over here in Wellington with the home side giving up a three goal lead to settle for a share of spoils after Brisbane's comeback. Brisbane were outstanding in the second half and can count themselves unlucky not to have won the match. Final score is 3-3 with neither side happy w
    • 0'
      HALF TIME - Wellington had put three past Brisbane in the first 20 minutes. Brisbane Roar pulled one back late to set up the half-time scoreline of Wellington leading 3-1.
    • 0'
      We are off and underway in Wellington.
    • 0'
      Brisbane Roar (4-2-3-1): Theo (GK); Hingert, Papadopoulos, De Vere, North; Oxborrow, McKay; Ben Khalfallah, Holman, Bautheac; Maccarone. Subs: Young (GK), Caletti, Skapetis, Ingham, D'Agostino.
    • 0'
      Wellington (4-2-3-1): Smith (GK); Galloway, Mullen, Doyle, Abbas; Ridenton, Paracki; Krishna, Vidosic, McGlinchey; Kaluderovic. Subs: Italiano (GK), Watson, Fox, Parkhouse, Finkler.
    • 0'
      Lets check out the line ups.
    • 0'
      Both teams have had a slow start to the season with Wellington having just one draw and two losses and Brisbane losing all their three matches to date.
    • 0'
      Good afternoon and welcome to Westpac Stadium for Wellington Phoenix vs Brisbane Roar.
    • 1'
      G Andrija Kaluderovic
    • 1'
      GOAL PHOENIX - Vidosic sends the cross into the box and Kaluderovic gets onto the end of it and heads powerfully past Theo for a shock early 1-0 lead to Wellington.
    • 3'
      Kaluderovic has come back to haunt his former side of two seasons back to score the opening goal.
    • 6'
      The Brisbane Roar are up against it already having to overcome the early deficit.
    • 8'
      Brisbane win their first corner of the match with Ben Khalfallah rushing to take it.
    • 9'
      The ball is swung into the box and Papadopoulos wins the throw in.
    • 12'
      McGlinchey sends it into the box but Doyle heads wide.
    • 12'
      Wellington move into attack and Galloway wins the corner against two defenders.
    • 15'
      McGlinchey is fouled in midfield and Wellington have the free kick.
    • 18'
      G Roy Krishna
    • 18'
      GOAL PHOENIX - Wellington counter with precise movement. They are paid a free kick inside their own half which sees the long ball passed by McGlinchey to Krishna who blasts a superb shot from a long way out. Theo had absolutely no chance and Wellington lead 2-0!
    • 19'
      That shot from Krishna had more venom than a bite from an Eastern Brown Snake!
    • 20'
      G Andrija Kaluderovic
    • 20'
      GOAL PHOENIX - Krishna with a run down the right. His ball to the far post finds Andrija Kaluđerović who scores his second goal for the match. Wellington lead 3-0 inside 20 minutes. Unbelievable!
    • 23'
      YC Goran Paracki
    • 23'
      YELLOW CARD - Goran Paracki is booked for his challenge on Ben Khalfallah.
    • 25'
      SI Dylan Fox SO Scott Galloway
    • 25'
      Ben Khalfallah shoots from distance and Smith spills it. It almost slips under his body but Smith is able to just recover in time.
    • 25'
      SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - Scott Galloway is replaced by Dylan Fox as a result of injury.
    • 28'
      Brisbane are continuing to have a horror start to the season and a result like this could see the future of coach John Aloisi under question.
    • 30'
      The home fans are absolutely loving this!
    • 32'
      YELLOW CARD - Hingert is booked for his challenge from behind on Vidosic.
    • 33'
      YC Jack Hingert
    • 35'
      McGlinchey has had a goal disallowed for offside.
    • 39'
      SI Dane Ingham SO Luke De Vere
    • 39'
      SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Luke DeVere is injured in his 100th A-League match and he is replaced by Dane Ingham.
    • 41'
      Brisbane are enjoying a good spell of possession here as they seek to get back into the game.
    • 42'
      Hingert wins a free kick in a dangerous position just outside the box on the right side.
    • 43'
      Krishna shoots from a long way out but this time he is way off target.
    • 43'
      Ali Abbas wins the corner for Wellington.
    • 43'
      Bautheac ends up shooting and he shoots just over the cross bar.
    • 45'
      G Massimo Maccarone
    • 45'
      The second half is underway.
    • 45'
      GOAL ROAR - Holland's initial header was parried by Smith with Maccarone on the spot for the easiest of tap ins. Maccarone scores his second A-League goal and Brisbane are back in the game at 3-1.
    • 47'
      The task is ahead of the Roar. They have two goals to score just to level up and three to win. Without conceding any more goals of course.
    • 47'
      We are half way through four minutes of added time.
    • 50'
      Vidosic shoots from outside the box but on this occasion his attempt is off target and it dribbles out of play for a goal kick.
    • 52'
      Tensions have began to simmer here with the referee having to break a few arguments up.
    • 53'
      YC Éric Bautheac
    • 53'
      YELLOW CARD - Bautheac is booked for going in heavily on Ridenton.
    • 55'
      Both coaches seem to be unhappy with how things are going.
    • 57'
      It has been a scrappy start to the second half with both sides struggling to string a few passes together.
    • 59'
      Abbas takes off and tries to shoot from distance but his shot is charged down.
    • 60'
      Krishna goes down in the box and puts his arms up looking for a penalty but the referee ignores the appeal.
    • 63'
      All of the Roar bench are warming up including the keeper. Could changes be on the horizon?
    • 66'
      G Avraam Papadopoulos
    • 66'
      GOAL ROAR - Ben Khalfallah sends the free kick towards the near post and Smith parries it again. This time it's onto the path of Papadopoulos who reacts the quickest and it's game on! Wellington's lead is down to 3-2.
    • 69'
      SI Guilherme Finkler SO Dario Vidosic
    • 69'
      SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - Dario Vidošić makes way for Guilherme Finkler.
    • 70'
      Ben Khalfallah sends the free kick from well outside the box and Smith makes a regulation save.
    • 70'
      YELLOW CARD - Ali Abbas is the latest player to be booked for a careless challenge.
    • 71'
      YC Ali Abbas
    • 72'
      McGlinchey goes to Kaluderovic but he can't direct his header on target.
    • 75'
      The presure is on Wellington to defend their lead and they are enjoying a solid period of possession. Attack is the best form of defence.
    • 77'
      McGlinchey delivers the free kick into the box but Ingham is able to clear.
    • 80'
      The shirts are off here as the clock ticks over the 80 minute mark with Wellington in front.
    • 81'
      Brisbane have been paid the penalty with Papadopoulos brought down in the box by Ridenton.
    • 82'
      G Massimo Maccarone
    • 82'
      PENALTY GOAL ROAR - Ridenton is blowing Maccarone a kiss as he tries to put him off but it makes no difference as he slams it into the back of the net. Maccarone lets him know what he thinks of Smith's behaviour as he retrieves the ball. It's all square here at 3-3.
    • 84'
      SI Petros Skapetis SO Brett Holman
    • 84'
      YC Fahid Ben Khalfallah
    • 84'
      YC Keegan Smith
    • 84'
      Yellow card Keegan Smith
    • 84'
      SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Brett Holman is replaced by Petros Skapetis.
    • 84'
      YELLOW CARD - Fahid Ben Khalfallah is shown the yellow card for the carry on that happened after Brisbane's third goal.
    • 87'
      YC Mitchell Oxborrow
    • 87'
      YELLOW CARD - Mitchell Oxborrow is booked for bringing down Krishna.
    • 88'
      SI Joe Caletti SO Mitchell Oxborrow
    • 88'
      McKay is full of running with his ball into the box being sent out for a corner.
    • 88'
      SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - Michael McGlinchey is replaced by Adam Parkhouse.
    • 88'
      SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Mitchell Oxborrow is replaced by Joe Caletti.
    • 89'
      SI Adam Parkhouse SO Michael McGlinchey
    • 89'
      The referee spots a free kick from the corner and Wellington can clear.
    • 90'
      Fahid Ben Khalfallah was through in the box and he almost wins it but his effort hits the post!
    • 90'
      There will be five minutes of time to be added on. More than enough time for a late dramatic winner.
    • 91'
      The corner is well cleared by the Brisbane defence.
    • 91'
      Krishna sends the ball into the box but it's out for a corner.
    • 94'
      Finkler shoots from outside the box but it's high and wide.

    Line Up

    Jack Hingert


    Jamie Young


    Ufuk Talay
    Robbie Fowler



    Possession 0% 0%
    Effective Chances 0 0
    Shots on Target 0 0
    Turnovers 0 0


    Passes 0 0
    Passing Accuracy 0% 0%
    Passing Accuracy in opponent’s half 0% 0%
    Crosses 0 0
    Crossing accuracy 0% 0%


    Shots 0 0
    Shots outside the box 0 0
    Shots inside the box 0 0
    Shooting accuracy 0% 0%


    Tackles 0 0
    Effective Tackles 0% 0%
    Blocked Shots 0 0
    Clearances 0 0
    Saves 0 0


    Fouls Conceded 21 19
    Yellow Cards 3 4
    Red Cards 0 0
    Offsides 0 0

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