Premier League

  • Marcus Rashford 70’
  • Marouane Fellaini 82’
Round 3
Old Trafford
Attendance 75,021


    • KICK OFF
    • 0'
      Both teams have a fortnight off, of course, as we head into the international break - and it is United who will go into that period atop the table, returning the summit after briefly being displaced by Huddersfielld. As for Leicester, they slip to fifteenth - and have to tangle with Chelsea upon the
    • 0'
      It took well over three-quarters of the game - and a little bit of switching off at the back - but Manchester United secured three points once more thanks to goals from Marcus Rasford and Marouane Fellaini. It was a full-throttle, if scattershot performance from the hosts - foiled often by a spirite
    • 0'
      They may have tucked away eight goals already this season in the league, but United are yet to convert one of the myriad of chances afforded them so far. Leicester are more than holding their own too - with Shinji Okazaki and Harry Maguire running themselves all over the place in a good harrying gam
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      Five minutes away at Old Trafford now...
    • 0'
      Subs: Hamer, Chilwell, Gray, Iheanacho, King, Amartey, Slimani
    • 0'
      LEICESTER CITY (4-4-1-1): Schmeichel, Morgan, Simpson, Maguire, Fuchs, James, Ndidi, Albrighton, Mahrez, Okazaki, Vardy
    • 0'
      Subs: Darmian, Smalling, Lingard, Rashford, Romero, Herrera, Fellaini
    • 0'
      MANCHESTER UNITED (4-2-3-1): De Gea, Jones, Valencia, Bailly, Blind, Matic, Pogba, Martial, Mata, Mkhitaryan, Lukaku
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      Team news is in too...
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      Leicester meanwhile have scored five goals for three points so far this year, after that barmy opening game with the Gunners. Craig Shakespeare has oversaw a comfortable victory for his men in the EFL Cup too in midweek, running out 4-1 winners against Sheffield United at Bramall Lane. It’s been a g
    • 0'
      The biggest news coming out of Old Trafford this week of course is the announcement that United have re-signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic on a one-year deal after his release in June. The Swedish striker made 46 appearances and netted 28 times for the club after his arrival last summer – but his future had
    • 0'
      Good evening, and welcome to live coverage of the final game today of the Premier League, as an unbeaten Manchester United side take on former champions Leicester City on a sunny Northern evening. The Red Devils were comprehensively leading the competition coming into this weekend, after opening 4-0
    • 1'
      Lukaku gets us underway with a tap back and United immediately find their way into the Leicester box, only for Mkhitaryan to be unable to twist it in from the right. Straight out of the gates from the home side.
    • 2'
      Lukaku challenges Schmeichel for the ball but brings the keeper down and City get a free-kick in their own box.
    • 4'
      Leicester get a throw on their left, and force it deep into United territory - but James miscues his shot and sends it sprawling wide to the right.
    • 6'
      Bailly puts another Leicester effort out for a throw on the left again, but Jones clears up any potential danger and sweeps it downfield.
    • 8'
      Leicester settling into the game now and matching United's pace stride for stride. They push it down the right and a Mahrez long ball into the box just overstretches Vardy.
    • 10'
      Mahrez earns a free-kick after hitting the turf from a Bailly challenge. Morgan meets the cross on the right side of the United box - but is called offside.
    • 12'
      Vardy gets very close to a long Okazaki ball into the area and De Gea only just gets fingertips to it. Down the other end, Mkhitaryan cuts loose with a shot from twenty yards out but it deflects into the hands Schmeichel.
    • 15'
      United flick it around their midfield pyramid, with Pogba and Mata content to play it around. They eventually put it up to Valencia, whose cross only finds the keeper.
    • 17'
      Vardy canters downfield again on a great little run, and Jones is forced to clean up sharply. Foxes prowling with intent.
    • 18'
      Blind puts a cross in, to no avail, but Pogba is more successful with his attempt. Lukaku leathers a shot which rebounds off Schmeichel - and Mata's follow up finds the net, only to be called offside.
    • 19'
      Now Pogba goes close! A Martial cross finds the Frenchman, but he slices his shot across the face of goal from seven yards out to the right.
    • 20'
      And now Mata is denied again! He tries a nice little chip shot that Schmeichel has to dive to save. Corner to United.
    • 21'
      Blind takes, but Leicester's defenders - led by Simpson and Fuchs - clear the ball downfield rapidly, if not expertly. Frantic stuff.
    • 23'
      Okazaki shoots! De Gea gets hands to the ball, after Vardy made a neat little back-heel to his team-mate, who let loose with a strike along the ground from twenty yards out.
    • 24'
      Pogba now! He cuts loose with a beauty of a strike, aiming for the top left corner about forty yards away - and it skims a few inches too far to the side.
    • 26'
      City push it down their left flank before coming back on themselves and playing across the bacj four. United have found a new gear in the last five minutes or so.
    • 28'
      Martial breaks down the right and ultimately plays it back across to Pogba - but he makes a waste of the ball, putting his shot half a mile above and to the right.
    • 29'
      Another Martial pass back to Pogba, another shot goes wide. There is a sense of regularity coming into play all of a sudden.
    • 30'
      Okazaki pulled for offside down the right win as he chases an Albrighton lob. Down the other end, Martial opts to go for goal himself - and forces Schmeichel into a low save.
    • 32'
      Jones hurtles down the right flank, trying to feed Lukaku - but he collides with Simpson and concedes a free-kick.
    • 34'
      Mkhitaryan bundles a shot out but a corner is given. Blind curls it in from the left but it falls away from the box after Maguire intercepts.
    • 35'
      Pogba has another shot, and this one does run closer, only inches to the left of the post.
    • 36'
      Maguire concedes a free-kick after a clumsy clash with Lukaku, right on the edge of the Leicester box. Great chance for United. Pogba to take.
    • 37'
      The Frenchman's shot hits the wall and flies high - Schmeichel collects as it comes back to earth.
    • 38'
      Valencia and Fuchs leaps for a high ball and clash, with the latter coming off worse. He tumbles to the ground and holds his head in stilted agony.
    • 40'
      Fuchs is thankfully OK and Leicester now push up. Maguire chances his luck far out on the right wing with a lovely cross but De Gea is wise to it.
    • 41'
      Blind puts another strong ball into the box for Lukaku but the former Everton man can't quite get his head to it the way he wants to.
    • 43'
      Mata and Albrighton come together in midfield, and both slip - with advantage played for United. Blind tries to get one off but can't quite turn it in from the left.
    • 45'
      Pogba brings Okazaki down in front of the United box - and Leicester get the free kick. A single extra minute coming.
    • 46'
      Back underway in the second half as Vardy plays it straight down the right edge. Jones floats across to intercept though and Leicester's early move fizzles out.
    • 46'
      De Gea is forced to leap out of his box and chest a ball away, after Vardy got too close on a run. It's the last serious play and the referee blows for half time!
    • 47'
      Martial tries a left-footer from the edge of the box but it rebounds to Schmeichel who puts it out for a United throw. The danger remains present until Blind scuffs it out as he attempts to evade Maguire.
    • 49'
      United push it around the Leicester penalty area but are unable to attempt a shot and are pressed back. Stern defending by the visitors, who have often been a touch leaky near the middle back at points.
    • 50'
      Appeals for a penalty by Lukaku as he goes down softly at the edge of the box but none are forthcoming.
    • 52'
      PENALTY TO UNITED! A Simpson handball off a Martial shot, and the referee points to the spot. Lukaku to take...
    • 53'
      Penalty Save Kasper Schmeichel
    • 53'
      Penalty Miss Romelu Lukaku Menama
    • 53'
      SCHMEICHEL SAVES! Lukaku goes for the the left corner and the Foxes keeper reads it perfectly, pushing it to the side and out for a corner.
    • 54'
      YC Henrikh Mkhitaryan
    • 54'
      Yellow card Henrikh Mkhitaryan
    • 55'
      United can't make anything of it from the corner either and then Mkhitaryan is booked for a reckless challenge.
    • 57'
      Vardy breaks down the middle and puts it out left to James, who returns to the England man. He then plays it out wide to Mahrez - but his cross only finds Valencia.
    • 59'
      Mkhitaryan is wasteful of a lovely back-heel from Mata in the box, and rues the missed chance.
    • 60'
      SI Demarai Gray SO Marc Albrighton
    • 60'
      SI Andy King SO Shinji Okazaki
    • 60'
      Substitution Marc Albrighton Demarai Gray
    • 60'
      Substitution Shinji Okazaki Andy King
    • 60'
      Down the other end, Jones manages to force out a Mahrez attempt. Double changes for Leicester now as Okazaki and Albrighton make way for King and Gray.
    • 62'
      United are once againg creating the lion's share of chances - but it's City who look the more potent in short bursts here, thanks in part to Schmeichel playing a great second-half so far.
    • 64'
      Marcus Rashford is perched on the touchline as United play the ball around in midfield. Is he about to join the fray? Maguire pushes the ball forward down the right but is unable to control it enough and Valencia clears up.
    • 66'
      This time, Maguire pishes onto Mahrez, who cuts back inside on the right edge of the box and only just flicks it wide.
    • 67'
      SI Marcus Rashford SO Juan Mata
    • 67'
      Substitution Juan Manuel Mata García Marcus Rashford
    • 67'
      Rashford indeed joins the game, in lieu of Mata.
    • 68'
      It must be said, a lot of the chances United have had have not come from terrible fragility from Leicester. It's mainly been the big guns fancying a chance from long range or set pieces.
    • 70'
      G Marcus Rashford
    • 70'
      Assist Henrikh Mkhitaryan
    • 70'
      Goal Marcus Rashford
    • 70'
      RASHFORD! It's taken seventy minutes, but it's the teenager, on off the bench, who catches a Pogba header from a Blind corner and tucks it past Schmeichel with his right foot. 1-0 to United.
    • 72'
      The deadlock is broken then. Lukaku fancies a follow-up but his shot - from just inside the left - is poor and Schmeichel deals easily.
    • 74'
      SI Marouane Fellaini SO Henrikh Mkhitaryan
    • 74'
      Substitution Henrikh Mkhitaryan Marouane Fellaini-Bakkioui
    • 74'
      A second change for United now as Mkhitaryan is replaced by Fellaini.
    • 75'
      Another chance begging for Lukaku who weaves through three defenders, only to reach the edge of the Leicester box and simply sky it.
    • 76'
      SI Jesse Lingard SO Anthony Martial
    • 76'
      SI Islam Slimani SO Jamie Vardy
    • 76'
      Substitution Jamie Vardy Islam Slimani
    • 76'
      Substitution Anthony Martial Jesse Lingard
    • 76'
      And now a final change for United as Martial makes way for Lingard.
    • 77'
      And a sub for Leicester too as Vardy comes off and is replaced by Slimani, who immediately hassles Jones with a shot.
    • 78'
      Morgan intercedes a breakaway United move down the left edge, and forces it out for a throw.
    • 79'
      Gray chances it from a distance, centre field, but hammers it wide. On the touchline, Shakespeare is gesticulating wildly, holding his hands up to signify ten minutes remain.
    • 81'
      It's been a great performance from Leicester in the setting of this match - very much going toe-to-toe with a United side who have blown away their opposition so far in the Premier League. It will be a shame if they can't salvage a point at least.
    • 82'
      G Marouane Fellaini
    • 82'
      FELLAINI! Mourinho's second sub of the evening nets the second goal, from what could have been a borderline offside position, tapping in Lingard's effort. Long way back for Leicester now.
    • 84'
      The Red Devils appear to be on their way to the top of the table once more, having been briefly displaced by Huddersfield earlier today.
    • 86'
      Rashford earns a throw in Leicester's right corner and immediately plays it in himself to earn a corner. Could United make it three?
    • 87'
      Not this time round, as Ndidi clears. United reclaim the ball in Leicester's half, but then Simpson picks their pockets to relieve the danger.
    • 89'
      YC Matty James
    • 89'
      James catches Rashford as he breaks down the right with a clumsy effort and is shown yellow for it.
    • 90'
      Four added minutes at Old Trafford, with 75,021 present to see today's game.
    • 93'
      King gets the best chance of a rather tired few minutes, meeting a flat pass directly in front of goal, only to steer it wide. 
    • 94'
      Lukaku has one last shot on goal, but it takes an edge off Morgan's leg and sails over as the referee blows for full time!
    • 95'
      YC Kasper Schmeichel

    Line Up

    David de Gea
    côte d'ivoire
    Eric Bailly
    Phil Jones
    Paul Pogba
    Jesse Lingard
    Nemanja Matic
    Marcus Rashford
    Kasper Schmeichel
    Wes Morgan
    Christian Fuchs
    Demarai Gray
    Wilfred Ndidi
    Islam Slimani


    Sergio Romero
    Juan Mata
    Anthony Martial
    Daniel Amartey
    Marc Albrighton
    Jamie Vardy
    Kelechi Iheanacho


    Ole Gunnar Solskjær
    northern ireland
    Brendan Rodgers



    Possession 0% 0%
    Effective Chances 0 0
    Shots on Target 0 0
    Turnovers 0 0


    Passes 0 0
    Passing Accuracy 0% 0%
    Passing Accuracy in opponent’s half 0% 0%
    Crosses 0 0
    Crossing accuracy 0% 0%


    Shots 0 0
    Shots outside the box 0 0
    Shots inside the box 0 0
    Shooting accuracy 0% 0%


    Tackles 0 0
    Effective Tackles 0% 0%
    Blocked Shots 0 0
    Clearances 0 0
    Saves 0 0


    Fouls Conceded 8 7
    Yellow Cards 1 2
    Red Cards 0 0
    Offsides 0 0

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