AFC Champions League

  • 81’ Ji Xiang
Group H | Round 6
Coopers Stadium
Attendance 6,797


    • KICK OFF
    • 0'
      FULL TIME: ADELAIDE 0-1 JIANGSU - How did the away side win that one? Adelaide had all the chances but Ji's long range goal has earned the victory and the Reds are eliminated from the Champions League.
    • 0'
      HALF TIME: ADELAIDE 0-0 JIANGSU - The Reds have dominated the match and had golden chances through McGree and Diawara but the game remains goalless.
    • 0'
      Jiangsu have put out an inexperienced team because they have already qualified and want to focus on the Chinese Super League. Adelaide need to take advantage of this.
    • 0'
      The ball has been kicked off and we are away.
    • 0'
      We are only moments away from kickoff...
    • 0'
      Jiangsu are already through to the knockout stage as leader of Group H while Adelaide need three points and Jeju United to draw or lose against Gamba Osaka to qualify through to the next round.
    • 0'
      Welcome to Hindmarsh Stadium for tonight's ACL match between Australia's Adelaide United and China's Jiangsu Suning.
    • 2'
      Xie has pop from just outside the area and Galekovic gets a fingertip on it and it's a corner. The Reds manage to clear the corner.
    • 2'
      Gao threatens in the left side of the penalty area but his cross is poor and Adelaide clear.
    • 3'
      It's been a strong start from the Chinese side.
    • 4'
      Adelaide have their first foray forward but McGree plays it too long for Mileusnic down the right flank.
    • 6'
      Gao plays a nice cross into the six-yard box but Regan manages to cut it out.
    • 8'
      The Reds earn a corner as Cirio probes down the left.
    • 8'
      Galekovic finds himself shut down by Ji and his clearance bounces off the Chinese attacker for a goal kick.
    • 9'
      Cirio's delivery is good into the six-yard box. Regan is poised to make contact but Jiangsu get in front to clear.
    • 11'
      Kim tries to play a one-two with Diawara but the return pass is blocked by the Jiangsu defence.
    • 11'
      Isaias nearly slips in Mileusnic but Jiang comes out to claim at the Adelaide winger's feet.
    • 13'
      The Reds win a free kick deep in the right channel. Isaias swings in the ball, McGowan gets on the end of it but doesn't make good contact and it rolls out harmlessly for a goal kick.
    • 14'
      Adelaide are on top now after a fast start from Jiangsu.
    • 15'
      News comes through that Gamba has had a goal disallowed in their match against Jeju. Disappointing result for Adelaide.
    • 17'
      Regan picks out Ochieng's run into the box with a long ball but Jiangsu scramble and clear.
    • 18'
      CHANCE - Marrone whips in a great cross to the back post, the ball is cleared away from Cirio, the ball falls to McGree, he is one-on-one with the keeper in the six-yard box but he fires straight at Jiang. What an opportunity.
    • 20'
      Adelaide should be 1-0 up. They definitely have the ascendancy at the moment.
    • 21'
      YC T. Regan
    • 21'
      YELLOW CARD ADELAIDE - Taylor Regan goes straight through the back of Ji and rightly goes into the referee's book.
    • 22'
      Adelaide still having all the possession. The Chinese are sitting back waiting for opportunities on the counter.
    • 24'
      Jiangsu with to banks of four set up in front of the Adelaide box. The Reds currently having trouble breaking them down.
    • 25'
      It's been a good start by the Reds, especially considering they haven't played a match since April 25.
    • 27'
      McGree brings down the ball well at the top of the left corner of the area, he swivels and volleys but he is off-balance and it balloons over the bar.
    • 27'
      Adelaide win a corner. It's swung in, Regan again in good position but Jiang manages to get enough on the ball to clear the danger zone.
    • 29'
      Bad news for Adelaide. Jeju have taken the lead against Gamba Osaka.
    • 29'
      Ji shows some good trickery through midfield but he is hounded by the Reds enforcers and he can't squeeze the ball into the box for a teammate.
    • 31'
      Cirio beats two players on the left, he puts in a lovely ball toward Diawara at the near post but again Jiangsu get first head on the ball. They have been solid with the high ball into the box.
    • 32'
      CHANCE - Marrone puts in a brilliant swinging cross from the right, Mileusnic flicks the ball on with his head toward the high corner but it drifts just wide of the post. That was close.
    • 33'
      Adelaide really on top here and should be in front.
    • 33'
      CHANCE - Marrone swings in another great cross to the back post, Cirio meets it flush on the volley but skews it wide. That was a tough but you back a player of his quality to score.
    • 34'
      CHANCE - They miss another one! Mileusnic pulls the ball back from the byline to Diawara, but the striker blasts the ball over under pressure from just outside the six-yard box.
    • 35'
      It's been five shots to one in favour of Adelaide so far.
    • 37'
      Jiangsu are really under pressure. They are trying to slow the game down now.
    • 38'
      Cirio wins another corner for Adelaide...
    • 39'
      Mileusnic lays it off to Kim and from 25 yards, the Korean fizzes a shot well wide of the right post.
    • 40'
      Isaias has a pop from 25 yards on his left foot and it goes about 15 metres wide of the left post. Harmless.
    • 40'
      Marrone wins a corner for the Reds after his cross was cleared behind. It's their fifth corner.
    • 41'
      Cirio goes on another mazy run down the right, he cuts inside, tries to clip it in for Diawara but the ball goes straight into Jiang's arms
    • 44'
      Isaias puts in a nice ball into the area but Jiangsu again clear.
    • 44'
      Free kick for Adelaide in a dangerous position down the right channel...
    • 45'
      The second half is underway. Can Adelaide make their dominance count?
    • 45'
      Jiangsu win a late corner. Last play of the half...
    • 45'
      One minute of added on time.
    • 46'
      McGree smashes a ball through the six-yard box but no Adelaide player can get a touch on the ball.
    • 47'
      Good start by the home side. They want to resume the pattern on the first half.
    • 49'
      Diawara receives the long ball in the area, brings it down, shapes to shoot but it flagged for offside. Tight call.
    • 49'
      The Reds win another free kick down the right. They go short instead of swinging the ball in.
    • 50'
      Jiangsu have a shot! Their first since the opening minutes. Ji's header balloon's harmlessly into the air and over the bar after a cross from the left.
    • 52'
      McGowan puts in a deep, looping cross but Jiang claims strongly. He has been good tonight.
    • 53'
      Kim puts in a great cross from the byline toward Diawara, the striker gets there at the front post but he is pressured and can only sidefoot for a goal kick. Another half chance for the Reds.
    • 54'
      CHANCE - Yang is played in down the right, Ochieng is unsure whether to make the tackle. Yang fires it across Galekovic, who gets a touch and McGowan gets to the back post to clear. Their best chance of the match.
    • 55'
      Possession is 71%-29% in favour of Adelaide. That illustrates their dominance.
    • 56'
      Marrone puts in a disappointing corner and a cross from the subsequent clearance. Got to be better than that. Need to beat the first man.
    • 59'
      Jiangsu spring a counter down the right flank but the low ball into the box is poor and easily cleared by Adelaide.
    • 60'
      Adelaide are peppering the box with crosses but the delivery is poor and Jiangsu are strong aerially.
    • 61'
      Cirio puts in a better delivery, Diawara gets a glancing header on the ball but it bounces into Jiang's arms. At least the cross met a target.
    • 63'
      Adelaide have Jiangsu pinned right back now...
    • 64'
      CHANCE - Yang puts in a brilliant cross, Ji rises to get a strong head on the ball but he puts it wide of the right post. It came after a quick counter. Adelaide need to be wary.
    • 65'
      Isaias has a crack from 30 yards toward the right top corner but Jiang moves quickly to claim comfortably.
    • 66'
      Some really bad news has come through for Adelaide. Jeju are now 2-0 up on Gamba Osaka. It's looking very hard for them to qualify now.
    • 67'
      McGree puts in a great ball, Mileusnic appears to be shoved by the defender and eventually results in a corner. Adelaide fans want a penalty but it would have been a soft call.
    • 69'
      Isaias swings the corner in, Mileusnic does well to direct an awkward overhead on goal but it goes well over the bar.
    • 70'
      Adelaide win a corner on the other side but it again is cleared. Surely they find a breakthrough soon?
    • 70'
      Marrone wins another corner with good feet down the right. McGree to take...
    • 71'
      SI Gu Wenxiang SO Chen Ji
    • 72'
      Eli Babalj warming up for the Reds...
    • 73'
      CHANCE - Gu springs the offside trap, he has acres of space but his touch is poor and it gives time to Galekovic to claim.
    • 75'
      SI E. Babalj SO Nikola Mileusnic
    • 75'
      SUBSTITUTION ADELAIDE - Nikola Mileusnic is replaced by Eli Babalj.
    • 76'
      McGree lashes a shot over the bar from the top of area and after a great touch to make space. It just doesn't look like it's going to happen for Adelaide tonight.
    • 78'
      SI Li Ang SO Yang Jiawei
    • 78'
      It looks like only team can win this match. Jiangsu have set up shop and Adelaide are trying to bash the door in.
    • 78'
      SUBSTITUTION JIANGSU - Jiawei Yang is replaced by Ang Li.
    • 80'
      GOAL JIANGSU - Wow and out of nothing Ji gives the away team the lead with a low long-range strike from outside the box. It beat Galekovic by his left post. And the Chinese team prove me wrong.
    • 81'
      G Ji Xiang
    • 82'
      The Reds will be devastated. Whilst they can't qualify for the knockout stage, they really should be comfortably in front in this match.
    • 83'
      Isaias swings in a cross to the near post, Cirio flicks the header toward the back post and it only goes inches wide.
    • 84'
      POST - Diawara gets a flashing header from Marrone's cross and Jiang palms into the woodwork. It just isn't going to happen for Adelaide tonight.
    • 86'
      SI Ben Warland SO Mark Ochieng
    • 86'
      Diawara has another opportunity in the six-yard box after a scramble but Jiang gets his hands around the ball.
    • 86'
      SUBSTITUTION ADELAIDE - Mark Ochieng is replaced by Benjamin Warland.
    • 87'
      McGree fires another excellent ball through the six-yard box but it misses all the Reds bodies and the chance is gone.
    • 89'
      There will be four minutes of added on time.
    • 90'
      Yang tries to chip Galekovic on the counter but the Adelaide keeper had got back into position.
    • 91'
      Adelaide still peppering their penalty area to no avail. They have heaps of numbers forward.
    • 92'
      SI Ge Wei SO Ji Xiang
    • 92'
      Diawara nearly wriggled free a few times but couldn't quite find space at the top of the area.
    • 92'
      SUBSTITUTION ADELAIDE - Xiang Ji is replaced by Wei Ge.
    • 93'
      SI Lachlan Brook SO Riley McGree
    • 93'
      CROSSBAR - Warland puts in a looping ball into the area, the keeper thinks it's going over the bar but it hits the crossbar. Nearly a calamity there.
    • 93'
      SUBSTITUTION ADELAIDE - Riley McGree is replaced by Lachlan Brook.
    • 95'
      YC Jiang Hao
    • 95'
      YELLOW CARD JIANGSU - Hao Jiang goes into the referee's book.

    Line Up

    Michael Marrone
    Lachlan Brook
    china pr
    Jiang Hao
    china pr
    Li Ang
    china pr
    Zhou Yun
    china pr
    Yang Boyu
    china pr
    Yang Xiaotian
    china pr
    Xie Pengfei
    china pr
    Zhang Xiaobin
    china pr
    Gao Tianyi


    Daniel Margush
    Ryan Kitto
    Nikola Mileusnic
    china pr
    Li Haitao
    china pr
    Ji Xiang
    china pr
    Yang Jiawei
    china pr
    Wang Song


    Marco Kurz
    Cosmin Olaroiu



    Possession 0% 0%
    Effective Chances 0 0
    Shots on Target 0 0
    Turnovers 0 0


    Passes 0 0
    Passing Accuracy 0% 0%
    Passing Accuracy in opponent’s half 0% 0%
    Crosses 0 0
    Crossing accuracy 0% 0%


    Shots 0 0
    Shots outside the box 0 0
    Shots inside the box 0 0
    Shooting accuracy 0% 0%


    Tackles 0 0
    Effective Tackles 0% 0%
    Blocked Shots 0 0
    Clearances 0 0
    Saves 0 0


    Fouls Conceded 6 7
    Yellow Cards 1 1
    Red Cards 0 0
    Offsides 0 0

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