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Serie A

  • 60’ M. Mandžukić
  • 74’ G. Higuaín
0 Half Time 0
Serie A
Ezio Scida


    • KICK OFF
    • 90'
      Juventus content to maintain possession and close out this game at 2-0. It looks like job well done in the end, and another clean sheet for Buffon to boot. Seconds remaining as the referee checks his watch.
    • 0'
      And that will wrap it up as Juventus overcome a dogged defensive display from Crotone to secure a 2-0 win. There was simply too much in attack for the home side to deal with, as Mandzukic and Higuain struck in the second period to send the Bianconeri seven points clear. Crotone stay 19th, deep in re
    • 0'
      And that will do it for now as Crotone manage to shut the door on Juventus for the first 45 minutes. The best chance of the opening period came right at the end, as Dybala's effort was cleared off the line. Still a long way for the home side to go to pull off the upset though. I'll be back in a bit.
    • 0'
      Juan Cuadrado's sensational winner against Inter is not enough to get him into the starting XI, with Marko Pjaka starting his first Serie A game. Dani Alves is also back in the side, with Mario Mandzukic, Paulo Dybala and Gonzalo Higuain all in attack.
    • 0'
      Marcello Trotta is benched in favour of Alexsandr Tonev, who leads the line alongside Diego Falcinelli. Marcus Rohden is still injured, meaning that Leonardo Capezzi and Andrea Barberis partner up.
    • 0'
      Juventus subs: Benatia, Pjanic, Cuadrado, Alex Sandro, Mattiello, Barzagli, Neto, Lichtsteiner, Sturaro, Aduero.
    • 0'
      Juventus (4-3-2-1): Buffon; Alves, Rugani, Bonucci, Asamoah; Khedira, Rincon; Pjaca, Dybala, Mandzukic; Higuain.
    • 0'
      Crotone subs: Claiton, Festa, Nalini, Kontik, Dussenne, Acosty, Trorra, Viscovo, Suljic, Martella, Nwankwo, Cuomo.
    • 0'
      Crotone (4-4-2): Cordaz; Rosi, Ceccherini, Ferrari, Mesbah; Sampirisi, Barberis, Capezzi, Stoian; Tonev, Falcinelli.
    • 0'
      Since losing at Fiorentina in January, Juventus have picked up four straight wins, including a 1-0 triumph against Inter and defeating Milan in the Coppa Italia quarter-finals. Another victory will see them extend their lead in the table to seven points.
    • 0'
      Crotone have found things tough in their maiden campaign in the top flight. Davide Nicola's side lost a crucial match against fellow strugglers Palermo last time out, which has left them in 19th place, a full nine points from safety.
    • 0'
      Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Serie A meeting between Crotone and Juventus. Both sides are virtually on opposite ends of the table in what looks like an uphill battle for the hosts.
    • 1'
      Off we go.
    • 3'
      Tomas Rincon combines with Mandzukic down the right, but Crotone shut the door. Moments later, the ball is worked back into the area via Alves, but Alex Cordaz races off his line to hoof it clear.
    • 5'
      Pjaca slips through a perfect ball that fools the defence and finds Alves in a very deep position on the byline. However, the Brazilian can't pick out a teammate with what ended up being a dreadful cross.
    • 7'
      Crotone are struggling to get the ball out of their own half and now, there's a problem for Adrian Stoian, who is down on the deck after getting tangled with Mandzukic. He seems to be alright though.
    • 9'
      Kwadwo Asamoah races down the left and cuts the ball back to Dybala at the top of the box, but the Argentine's first-time effort is poorly struck and grabbed by the keeper. There's a heated discussion between Pjaca and Alves on the opposite flank.
    • 12'
      Juventus will be satisfied with their start to the match. They haven't created a genuine chance as yet, but the signs are there that they can overload the opposition in attacking areas to fashion space.
    • 14'
      Sami Khedira plays a beautiful first-time pass into the area that looks to be mincemeat for Pjaca, but the Croatian didn't react in time and the chance goes begging, with Crotone getting a goal-kick.
    • 16'
      The final ball is just lacking from Juventus at the moment. Higuain tries to exchange passes with his compatriot Dybala, but the return feed is intercepted by the defence and Crotone survive.
    • 18'
      Dybala drops deep to pick up possession, and he then lifts an early ball into the area for Khedira to attack. The German takes a blind shot on the turn that ends up being routine for Cordaz.
    • 20'
      I have no doubt that Max Allegri knows his players infinitely better than I do, but you also have to wonder just how much use Mandzukic is out on the right flank. He can't beat his man, and his link-up play with Alves has been shoddy so far.
    • 23'
      Crotone haven't managed to keep the ball in the opposition half for more than a few passes. Their fans aren't daunted by the task at hand though, making a terrific noise to liven this game up.
    • 25'
      Gianmarco Ferrari gets up well to nod away a deep cross from Asamoah. The man most suited to challenge the likes of Ferrari and get on the end of those balls, Mandzukic, is camped out wide.
    • 27'
      SAVE FOR CORDAZ! First chance of the game for Juventus. Higuain shows tremendous vision and technique to slide an early ball towards Dybala, who takes a spinning shot first time that the keeper does well to hold onto.
    • 29'
      Once again, Pjaca's execution in the final third lets him down as he finds a pocket of space just inside the area, but his pass to the far post is intercepted. However, Rincon does excellently to win the ball back - then crosses straight into a defender.
    • 31'
      Mandzukic is pressured by Aleandro Rosi and wins a free-kick. Juventus opt against swinging the ball into the area to keep possession short. Moments later, Asamoah wins another set-piece when he splits two defenders and is tripped.
    • 34'
      Just over 10 minutes to go until half-time, and this match continues to be one-way traffic in the purest form. Juventus know that they just need to keep the attacking pressure up and they'll find cracks in Crotone.
    • 36'
      Interesting battle shaping up between Barberis and Rincon in the centre of the park. The tenacious Venezuelan is often the first to try to win back possession, and he's tussled with his Crotone counterpart more than once.
    • 38'
      GOOD MOVE! Alves links up with Dybala, exchanging passes to take two defenders out of the equation. The Brazilian sends in a low cross for Higuain, who takes it first time again, but Cordaz swallows it.
    • 41'
      It looks like Mandzukic has shifted to the centre to allow Juventus to have two targets in the box. It's more of a conventional 4-4-2 from the visitors, with Pjaca taking his compatriot's place on the left.
    • 43'
      It looks like we'll be going into half-time goalless, which will please Crotonte to no end. They haven't been able to do much in the final third, but they've limited the involvement of Cordaz.
    • 45'
      GREAT OPENING! Mandzukic's header is parried by Cordaz, and Dybala latches onto the rebound, scuffing it to badly that it ends up inadvertently lobbing the keeper, but Mesbah hacks it off the line!
    • 46'
      Here we go again.
    • 48'
      Pedestrian start to the second period with Juventus dominating the ball as expected, but failing to break the ranks of the opposition.
    • 50'
      Pjaca gets on the end of a ball from Alves down the line, and the young Croatian gets swarmed by two defenders. He loses possession, goes down, and appeals for a penalty, but to no avail.
    • 52'
      Crotone launch what must be their first attack of the game as Tonev tries to send an early ball into the area on the end of a counter-attack, but it goes out for a goal-kick, Sums up the hosts so far.
    • 55'
      MANDZUKIC SHOULD HAVE DONE BETTER! Pjaca gets the ball on the edge of the area and drives right, before switching a great cross to his compatriot, who fails to keep himself onside.
    • 57'
      The Crotone fans continue to make a lot of noise as their team keep the door more or less shut at the back. They have no interest in keeping possession, but are frustrating Juventus to no end.
    • 60'
      G M. Mandžukić Assist S. Khedira
    • 60'
      JUVENTUS HAVE TAKEN THE LEAD! Alves sends a brilliant ball in that Asamoah and Pjaca both go for. The Ghanaian wins it with a header that draws a save from Cordaz, but with the keeper down, Mandzukic sweeps home the rebound!
    • 62'
      Well-deserved opener for Juventus, but they have to be careful because down at the other end, Crotone get their first shot on target as Falcinelli's header from a free-kick is saved down low by Gianluigi Buffon.
    • 65'
      Crotone defend a corner well, and Falcinelli picks up the ball with his back to Bonucci. He tries to turn and spark his side on the break, but the defender tugs him down, getting a yellow card.
    • 67'
      Do Crotone even have the ability to seriously trouble Juventus down at the other end? They've been parking the bus for over an hour, and it's going to be hard to change those habits in the time that remains.
    • 70'
      SI M. Pjanić SO S. Khedira
    • 70'
      SI B. Acosty SO S. Khedira
    • 70'
      Allegri follows suit with a change of his own, as Miralem Pjanic takes the place of Khedira in midfield.
    • 70'
      First substitution of the game as Maxwell Acosty enters the fray for the home side, with Sampirisi making way.
    • 72'
      As it stands, it seems only a matter of time before Juventus get a second, with Crotone offering no promise of an equaliser. The visitors will go seven points clear if they see out this game to win.
    • 74'
      G G. Higuaín Assist S. Khedira
    • 74'
      Rincon registers his first assist for Juventus.
    • 74'
      THERE IT IS! Asamoah gets the ball centrally for Pjanic to tee up Rincon, who produces a fine threaded pass for Higuain to chase. The Argentine needs two bites of the cherry to finish, but he does just that!
    • 76'
      Down at the other end, Crotone and their fans are appealing furiously for a penalty as Falcinelli went down under pressure from Rugani. The defender did grab some of his shirt, but there wasn't enough in that to convince the referee.
    • 78'
      SI A. Barzagli SO S. Khedira
    • 78'
      SI M. Trotta SO S. Khedira
    • 78'
      Another change for the visitors with Andrea Barzagli coming on for Alves. This presumably means that Allegri wants his side to revert to a back three.
    • 78'
      Trotta is thrust into the game with just over 12 minutes remaining, as he replaces the disappointing Tonev.
    • 80'
      Cordaz makes a poor clearance that Dybala pounces on about 25 yards from goal. He drives at the defence and loses the ball, but Pjaca nearly picks up the pieces. The ball was a foot too far ahead of him though.
    • 83'
      Capezzi latches onto a loose ball outside of the area and cracks another long-range effort that fails to seriously trouble Buffon. It's been a pathetic offering from the home side in the final third.
    • 84'
      SI C. Suljic SO S. Khedira
    • 84'
      Falcinelli has run himself into the ground, and Cazim Suljic will replace him.
    • 85'
      OFF THE UNDERSIDE OF THE CROSSBAR! Pjanic opens up his body perfectly to strike the ball from a position on the right side of the box, but wth the keeper surely beaten, the woodwork comes to Crotone's rescue!
    • 87'
      Higuain fails to keep his composure from a good position, sending the ball over the bar. Crotone could do with the final whistle now as 2-0 is a respectable scoreline for them, all things considered.
    • 89'
      SI S. Sturaro SO S. Khedira
    • 89'
      Pjaca has had an eventful game, but he will make way for Stefano Sturaro.
    • 90'
      It's all a bit scrappy as we play out the final moments of this game. Crotone are trying to give their fans something to shout about, but the quality isn't there as they lose the ball to Barzagli and then Bonucci.

    Line Up



    Alex Sandro


    Massimiliano Allegri



    Possession 0% 0%
    Effective Chances 0 0
    Shots on Target 0 0
    Turnovers 0 0


    Passes 0 0
    Passing Accuracy 0% 0%
    Passing Accuracy in opponent’s half 0% 0%
    Crosses 0 0
    Crossing accuracy 0% 0%


    Shots 0 0
    Shots outside the box 0 0
    Shots inside the box 0 0
    Shooting accuracy 0% 0%


    Tackles 0 0
    Effective Tackles 0% 0%
    Blocked Shots 0 0
    Clearances 0 0
    Saves 0 0


    Fouls Conceded 13 11
    Yellow Cards 0 1
    Red Cards 0 0
    Offsides 0 0

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