Serie A

  • I. Perišić 84’
  • M. Icardi 90’
Serie A
Giuseppe Meazza


    • KICK OFF
    • 90'
      G M. Icardi Assist A. Ranocchia
    • 0'
      And that will do it! Inter left it late, but in the end, run off with a scoreline that probably flatters them. They scored three times in the final 10 minutes, but for the majority of the match before that, it was a plodding, uninspiring display. Nevertheless, a much-needed win to lift the doom and
    • 0'
      Both teams head down the tunnel accompanied by whistles and jeers from the frustrated home fans, who have witnessed an unappetising half of football. Neither side look like they came out to play, and it's hard to see where the opener will come from. We'll be back for the restart in a bit. 
    • 0'
      The visitors have three ex-Inter academy players in their ranks, with Alex Cordaz and Diego Falcinelli in the starting lineup, while Lorenzo Crisetig, once considered one of the Nerazzurri's brightest prospects, is on the bench
    • 0'
      Joao Mario returns to the XI after he was ineligible for Europa League action midweek, but Inter are missing the injured Rodrigo Palacio and Cristian Ansaldi, while Gary Medel is suspended. 
    • 0'
      Crotone subs: Claiton, Festa, Crisetig, Nalini, Salzano, Dussenne, Tonev, Sampirisi, Fazzi, Martella, Cojocaru, Nwankwo. 
    • 0'
      Crotone (4-3-3): Cordaz; Rosi, Ceccherini, Ferrari, Mesbah; Rohden, Capezzi, Barberis; Falcinelli, Trotta, Palladino. 
    • 0'
      Inter subs: Andreolli, Melo, Kondogbia, Jovetic, Biabiany, Martins, Murillo, Gnoukouri, Carrizo, Nagotomo, Gabriel Barbosa. 
    • 0'
      Inter (4-2-3-1): Handanovic; D'Ambrosio, Miranda, Ranocchia, Santon; Brozovic, Joao Mario; Candreva, Banega, Perisic; Icardi. 
    • 0'
      Newly-promoted Crotone started the season in woeful form, but four points from their last two games has seen them accumulate a grand total of...five points. It's still not enough to move them from bottom of the pile though. 
    • 0'
      Stefano Vecchi, interim manager at Inter after Frank de Boer's sacking, will lead the side out in Serie A for the first time. He suffered a defeat in his first game as boss, losing 2-1 at Southampton in the Europa League midweek. 
    • 0'
      Hello and welcome to our live commentary of the Serie A matchup between Inter and Crotone at San Siro. The Nerazzurri are in flux at the moment after changing managers, and will welcome a chance to right the ship against the league's worst side. 
    • 1'
      We're off!
    • 3'
      Dangerous attack for Inter as Candreva finds space down the right-hand side and slips in a teasing cross that heads to the back post, but Rosi sweeps up ahead of the waiting Perisic. 
    • 5'
      The ball has barely left the Crotone half, with Inter doing all of the attacking in the opening minutes. They have no plan when they win the ball and end up hoofing it right back to the opposition. 
    • 7'
      GREAT RUN! A Crotone turnover gives Banega the chance to stride through the middle, and he takes his initial opponent out of the equation before lashing a low shot that was saved by Cordaz. 
    • 9'
      Handanovic anticipates a run from Falcinelli, and gets down low to claim the ball. Crotone have begun to advance out of their own half, but are still looking well short of ideas in attack. 
    • 11'
      Falcinelli is looking like the visitors' best hope in attack at this point, but when on the ball, he's brought down by a bit of rough play by Ranocchia, who is booked. 
    • 13'
      Banega, attacking down the left-hand side this time, is confronted by Rosi again and the defender, not for the first time, gets to the ball before an Inter player can arrive in support. 
    • 14'
      Mesba takes a piece out of D'Ambrosio, who landed awkwardly after that challenge. The Crotone player is booked. 
    • 16'
      Crotone are starting to look a little more competent, and the ball finds its way to Mesbah out wide. He delivers a great cross to Trotta, who can't beat the keeper with his effort. Decent opening, that. 
    • 18'
      Inter's tempo has slowed down in the last few minutes, and there's more negative news for them as Ranocchia has pulled up here off the ball, and that might be the end of his match already. 
    • 20'
      SI J. Murillo SO A. Ranocchia
    • 20'
      It is Murillo who is chosen to replace the stricken Ranocchia. 
    • 21'
      A high boot by Banega ends an Inter attack, and the hosts are really deflating as the match wears on. Replays show that Ranocchia might have injured himself when clearing the ball away from Trotta. 
    • 23'
      Candreva clears the ball into Mesbah's face. He's all smiles, but it landed with a loud smack onto his face, and that surely was painful! A few meaty challenges are then allowed to stand by the referee. 
    • 25'
      Interim manager Vecchi has had very little time to work with this squad, and there's strong rumours that Stefano Pioli, the former Lazio boss, is the front runner to take the reins at Inter. 
    • 27'
      Santon goes in late on Rohden, and is perhaps lucky to avoid a booking, instead getting a stern lecture from the referee. From the free-kick, Crotone can't capitalise as Barberis slams it into the wall. 
    • 29'
      GOAL RULED OUT! Candreva lashes a volley from the edge of the area that's parried by the goalkeeper, with D'Ambrosio converting the rebound. The flag is up for an offside on the full-back - it was such a tight call! 
    • 31'
      Inter threaten to score again as from a corner, Miranda gets his head to the ball, only to see Cordaz make the save to keep the scores level. Half-hour gone and we're still without an opener.
    • 33'
      Brozovic stumbles on the ball and touches it with his arm, so the referee stops the game to call a handball against the midfielder. It's mistakes like that one that are creeping into Inter's game. 
    • 35'
      Inter, in 13th place, can jump as high as eighth with a victory here, provided that other results go their way. For Crotone, even if they pull off an upset, they won't be able to move out of the relegation zone. 
    • 37'
      Candreva has probably been Inter's best attacking threat in this game, as Mesbah is having a bit of trouble keeping him under wraps. He curls in a cross that is just missed by Banega. 
    • 40'
      Brozovic takes aim from distance, and his effort flies just wide of the post. Not a bad opening, that. That came moments after Cordaz's poor clearance nearly put his side in all kinds of trouble. 
    • 42'
      Murillo has looked a little short of confidence after coming on for Ranocchia, and he nearly invites pressure on his side with a poor attempt at a clearance. He throws his gloves off to probably symbolise his attempt to tighten up at the back. 
    • 44'
      The right flank for the home side, where Candreva and D'Ambrosio have combined to good effect on a few attacks, has been one of the rare positives for Inter in an otherwise abject first half. 
    • 46'
      Here we go again! 
    • 46'
      Not a whole lot happening in stoppage time, as Inter play it safe and don't look in any hurry to get the ball around the final third. I think the referee has seen enough. 
    • 48'
      Candreva makes inroads out wide once more, and clips in a good cross that Icardi manages to get his head onto at considerable height. However, the keeper is all over it. First we've seen of the striker for a long while. 
    • 50'
      Positive start to the second half from the home side, who look to have been given instruction at the break to throw more men forward. Crotone are doing a solid job defending, however. 
    • 52'
      Inter continue to pepper the Crotone penalty area with a series of crosses. They've opted for the wide game, rather than trying to play through the middle, perhaps sensing a soft centre in Crotone. 
    • 55'
      Crotone have not been able to get on the ball much since the restart. D'Ambrosio cooks up a good cross to the back post, but Icardi did not spot it in time, and tucked centrally when he should have stayed wide. 
    • 57'
      Crotone's midfield really haven't been doing their jobs in the second period. Capezzi commits an inexcusable turnover that nearly presents the visitors with a three-on-two counter-attack. 
    • 59'
      The ball continues to be launched into the Crotone box from all angles, be it cross or set-piece. So far, Inter haven't connected with their high deliveries as much as they would have liked. 
    • 61'
      GOOD SAVE FROM CORDAZ! The Crotone keeper dives to his right at full stretch to push a testing free-kick from Banega out of harm's way. That's probably the closest that Inter have come. 
    • 64'
      SI E. Martins SO A. Ranocchia
    • 64'
      NOT A BAD EFFORT! From a corner, Murillo latches onto the ball with an overhead kick and isn't too far away, sending the ball into the roof of the net. Not what you'd expect from a centre-back. 
    • 64'
      Banega will be replaced by Eder. 
    • 67'
      Crotone seem to have abandoned all of their attacking intent (not that they showed any in the second half, mind). They appear to be settling for a point already, which would be a good result for them, all things considered. 
    • 70'
      Cordaz shows good awareness to claim the ball under pressure. Inter continue to earn themselves a lot of corners, but the deliveries and general movement in the area have both been well below par. 
    • 70'
      Capezzi is the latest player to be booked for fouling Perisic. 
    • 72'
      SI L. Crisetig SO A. Ranocchia
    • 72'
      Crisetig enters the fray against his former club, with Trotta making way. 
    • 73'
      Candreva releases a cross-cum-shot that is repelled by Cordaz. From the resulting corner, Miranda gets his head to the ball but fails to trouble the keeper. A lot of huff and puff from the Nerazzurri. 
    • 75'
      NOT TOO FAR OFF! D'Ambrosio hooks in a cross from the right-hand side that is met by a spectacular overhead kick from Icardi, but the striker can't keep his effort down! That's a few overheads that Inter have attempted in this game. 
    • 77'
      A few signs that Inter may be getting closer to the opening goal. Actually at this point, any goal will most likely be the winner. Crotone have done most of the hard work but this is going to be a long final 13 minutes. 
    • 79'
      The tempo of the game has stagnated in the last minute or two, which will suit Crotone just fine. I really don't think that Inter have done enough in the match to deserve all three points.
    • 81'
      There's an air of anticipation around the stands as we enter the final 10 minutes. Or it could be frustration, I really can't tell. Both valid feelings at this point in time given what we've witnessed. 
    • 83'
      SI S. Jovetić SO A. Ranocchia
    • 83'
      Candreva will trot off to be replaced by Jovetic. 
    • 84'
      G I. Perišić Assist A. Ranocchia
    • 84'
      Good awareness from the striker to pick out Perisic in space. 
    • 84'
      INTER HAVE FOUND WHAT SURELY IS THE WINNER! Icardi spreads the ball wide for Perisic in acres of space and the ex-Dortmund man eats up the turf, driving into the box to bury a low finish! 
    • 86'
      SI M. Sampirisi SO A. Ranocchia
    • 86'
      SI A. Tonev SO A. Ranocchia
    • 86'
      Great play from the home side to free Eder out wide, and he cuts the ball back into the area just before it crosses the byline. It's a little too high for Icardi, but Joao Mario picks up the pieces, lashing it off the mark. 
    • 86'
      Barberis will also be withdrawn, with Tonev coming on. 
    • 86'
      Sampirisi will get a late run out here in place of Rohden. 
    • 87'
      PENALTY TO INTER! Icardi is pinned to Ferrari, and attempts to spin away from the defender when a pass comes his way inside the area. He's dragged to the turf, and the referee has little choice. 
    • 88'
      ICARDI BURIES IT! What a penalty from the skipper, almost unsaveable. He pummels it into the bottom-left corner, with Cordaz left with absolutely no chance! The points are staying at San Siro tonight. 
    • 90'
      The home fans have found their voice again. It's all smiles at San Siro as the storm clouds part for a moment. Poor Crotone were so close to earning a point, but they put too much stock in their ability to shut out the opposition instead of creating chances of their own. 
    • 92'
      Joao Mario turns the ball over in his own half, and that gives Falcinelli the chance to sprint forward on the break. However, he fails to pick out a team-mate, instead going for it all on is own. He overruns it, and the attack ends. 
    • 93'
      NO MISTAKE THIS TIME! Eder produces an excellent, driving run down the right-hand side, and clips the ball towards Icardi, who is left in space by Ceccherini, and volleys it home with some conviction.
    • 93'
      OFFSIDE! Icardi converts a cross on the run, but the flag is up on the far side as he had strayed beyond the last defender when the ball was played. 
    • 93'
      Wonderful assist, he's been very effective off the bench.

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    Antonio Conte
    Serse Cosmi



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    Fouls Conceded 7 9
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