Serie A

  • 74’ M. Icardi
0 Extra Time 0
0 Full Time 1
0 Half Time 0
Serie A


    • KICK OFF
    • 90'
      Frosinone are awarded a freekick just inside Inter's half which Leali takes, but it is well dealt with and the referee blows for full time.
    • 90'
      Longo fires a wayward shot into the crowd as his side desperately seeks a goal.
    • 0'
      Inter move above Fiorentina to fourth place and sit on 58 points. Frosinone remain threatened with relegation as they are rooted to 19th.
    • 0'
      Frosinone will be disappointed with how the game panned out after a competent first-half display, Inter's attacking prowess proved just too much for them in the end and Blanchard's red card with ten minutes remaining made things all the more difficult for the hosts.
    • 0'
      Icardi's 100th appearance also marks his 50th goal, and Mancini will be happy with his side's performance as their Champions League hopes are kept alive.
    • 0'
      The game at the Stadio Matusa ends 1-0 to Inter Milan. After a quiet first-half for both sides, Inter dominated the second and their efforts were rewarded when Icardi scored the only goal of the game with an impresisve header.
    • 0'
      The sides are back out for the second-half.
    • 0'
      Roberto Mancini is likely to be frustrated after the visitors failed to be cinical in their few chances.
    • 0'
      Roberto Stellone will perhaps be the happier of the two managers as his side have coped with Inter's attacking powers well.
    • 0'
      0-0 here and it's been a quiet 45 minutes at the Stadio Matusa, with not an awful lot separating the two sides.
    • 0'
      The teams are out, kick-off is imminent.
    • 0'
      The visitors have been inconsistent since the turn of the year, and have managed just five wins from fourteen games, accumulating just six points more than their opponents in 2016. Encouragingly for Inter, three of those five wins have come in the last six games. The hosts have just one win in their
    • 0'
      The sides are at opposite ends of the table, the Nerazzurri sit comfortably in 5th place, in contention for a Europa League place whereas Frosinone are threatened with relegation to Serie B.
    • 0'
      The Canarini lost 4-0 at Genoa last week, and whilst they face a difficult task, the suspension of Miranda and Nagatomo will almost certainly weaken Inter’s defence.
    • 0'
      Frosinone will look to reach safety against a lacklustre Inter, though that may prove difficult as Federico Dionisi will be absent through suspension. Dionisi is the club’s top scorer with eight goals and four assists and will be a huge miss for his side.
    • 0'
      Mauro Icardi marks his centenary game for Inter Milan today and will be seeking his 50th goal for the club. His side will be without the suspended Miranda and Yuto Nagatomo following their red cards in last week’s 2-1 defeat to Torino. Torino’s two man advantage got the better of Roberto Mancini’s m
    • 0'
      Inter Milan (4-4-2): Handanovic; D'Ambrosio, Murillo, Juan Jesus, Telles; Biabiany, Melo, Brozovic, Perisic; Jovetic, Icardi. Subs: Carrizo, Berni, Kondogbia, Palacio, Medel, Santon, Ljajic, Eder, Gnoukouri, Miangue, Gyamgi, Manaj.
    • 0'
      Frosinone (4-3-3): Leali; Rosi, Blanchard, Ajeti, Pavlovic, Frara, Gori, Gucher; Kragl, D. Ciofani, Paganini. Subs: Zappino, Bardi, Crivello, Russo, Soddimo, Longo, Ciofani, Chibash, Carlini, Pryyma
    • 0'
      Welcome to our live coverage of Frosione vs Inter Milan.
    • 1'
      Alessandro Frara makes a run forward for Frosinone but fluffs his lines and Inter make a counter attack.
    • 2'
      Half chance for Inter but Nicola Leali deals with the cross well.
    • 3'
      Jonathon Biabany floats the cross in for Inter but the hosts clear their lines.
    • 4'
      Free-kick for Frosinone after Inter are waved offside.
    • 6'
      The hosts fail to make anything from the free-kick and are then flagged offside themselves.
    • 8'
      Inter struggle to make anything of the resulting corner.
    • 8'
      Close from Inter! Icardi almost nets his 50th goal for the club but thankfully for Frosinone Leali was their to tip it round the post.
    • 9'
      Stevan Jovetic, in rare start for Inter, makes a run forward and creates a half-chance but Frosionone are alert.
    • 10'
      Free-kick for Frosione after a foul by Biabiany.
    • 11'
      It's been a quiet opening ten minutes here at the Stadio Matusa with neither sides creating much.
    • 12'
      Offide: Jovetic plays in Biabiany who looked like scoring but the winger is flagged offside.
    • 14'
      Freekick to Inter after a foul on Jovetic by Frara.
    • 14'
      Kragl attempts a run forward but is outmuscled by Melo.
    • 15'
      The freekick is whipped in from 25-yards by Telles but is straight back out by the hosts.
    • 17'
      Roberto Mancini is shouting instructions from the touchline as his side have a freekick in their own half.
    • 18'
      A frustrated looking Jovetic is flagged offside again for Inter as he looks to create an opening.
    • 19'
      The corner fails to clear the first man and Biabiany attempts to take the ball forward but is brought down by Kragl and Inter are not happy as their players surround the referee.
    • 19'
      Blanchard attempts to play Frara in down the lefthand side but the ball is out for a corner.
    • 21'
      The corner falls to Biabiany who puts the ball out for a goal kick.
    • 21'
      A half-hearted attempt from Melo goes out for a corner as it takes a deflection.
    • 22'
      So close! Biabiany takes the ball forward again and lays it to Perisic who plays in Jovetic, Leali makes a save but almost spills it. Jovetic just couldn't adjust in time to punish Leali and the goalkeeper is able to recover.
    • 23'
      Gucher is booked for a foul on Jovetic.
    • 26'
      Melo is lucky to escape without a booking after a foul on Ciofani. Freekick to Frosinone on the edge of the centre circle.
    • 27'
      Gucher takes the freekick and Kragl rolls the resulting ball narrowly wide.
    • 29'
      Alessandro Frara receives a booking for bringing down Brozovic.
    • 31'
      Danilo D'Ambrosio is reprimanded by the referee for bringing down Kragl.
    • 31'
      Not an awful lot to report from the opening half an hour. Inter just have the edge but there's not an awful lot in this game at the moment. The opening goal is there for the taking.
    • 32'
      Gucher is set to the take freekick about 30 yards from goal...
    • 33'
      The freekick hits the wall and Inter attempt to burst foward.
    • 34'
      Oliver Kragl recieves a booking for his foul on D'Ambrosio.
    • 34'
      Neat defensive work by Paganni as he wins a goalkick for his side whilst tracking Melo.
    • 35'
      Telles fails to make the most of the freekick and it sails well over.
    • 37'
      Gucher is back on his feet and Frosione have a freekick deep in their own half.
    • 37'
      Gucher looks in some pain as he goes to ground following a challenge from Brozovic.
    • 39'
      Perisic is played in by Biabiany but just can't get it in the net as he slips.
    • 39'
      That's the cloest chance we've so far!
    • 41'
      It's now Frosione's best chance of the game as Kragl skips past several Inter players and fires a shot straight at Handanovic.
    • 43'
      An animated Roberto Mancini is ordering his side about the touchline.
    • 45'
      And that marks the end of the first half as the referee blows for half-time.
    • 45'
      Good defending from Frara as he heads what looks to be a dangerous ball out of his box.
    • 46'
      Inter are awarded a freekick after Jovetic is brought down. Brozovic whips it into the right but the ball is headed over by Murillo. Murillio ends up on the ground and looks in some pain but is back on his feet after treatment by the physios.
    • 46'
      Inter get us underway.
    • 48'
      Some neat pasing from Inter almost creates an opening but Melo just can't bring the ball in time and the hosts are able to clear.
    • 49'
      It's a freekick to Frosione after Kragl is brought to ground. The hosts struggle to make anything and Inter start a counter attack.
    • 50'
      Arlind Ajeti is punished for a foul on Jovetic.
    • 53'
      Inter are passing the ball around nicely and they search for an opening. And they almost get it! Perisic hits the ball into the box but Frosione are able to clear the impending danger.
    • 55'
      Telles protests as he is pulled up for a foul and the hosts are awarded a freekick. The freekick is well taken by Frosione and almost looks to be headed in as the ball escapes Handanovic but Inter are able to breathe a sigh of relief as the ball bobbles narrowly wide.
    • 58'
      Yellow card Daniel Pavlovic
    • 58'
      Pavlovic receives a talking to by the referee after appealing for a penalty following minimal contact from inside the box by Biabiany.
    • 59'
      It's neat work from Frosinone as Kragl takes it forward and looks to create a chance. However, it comes to nothing and the ball is out for a throw-in.
    • 60'
      The home fans begin to ramp up the noise as Frosione show Inter they are no pushovers, defending well and attacking at every opportunity. Ciofani hits a shot but it is well blocked by the Inter defence.
    • 62'
      At the other end it's Inter's turn to make themselves as Jovetic attempts a shot from just inside the box, but it is aimed straight at Leali.
    • 63'
      Leonardo Blanchard is visibly unhappy at the referee's decision to card him for bringing down Icardi.
    • 64'
      CHANCE! Ciofani takes it down the wing and it's in the box for Paganni who manages to get a head on it, unfortunately for Frosinone he can't get enough direction on it and it flashes across the face of goal.
    • 66'
      Inter have a corner and Melo's headed attempt is well held by Leali. The ball is straight out by the keeper and Frosinone get forward as both sides seek an opener.
    • 69'
      Brozovic hits a powerful cross for Melo but it proves too powerful as the midfielder struggles to control it.
    • 70'
      Melo is then involved in the action at the other end as he pulled up for a foul and Frosinone have a freekick 25 yards out. The freekick is almost the opening goal for the hosts as Pavlovic rattles the crossbar!
    • 71'
      SI R. Chibsah SO M. Gori
    • 71'
      Mirko Gori replaces Yussif Raman Chibsah for the remaining 20 minutes.
    • 71'
      Felipe Melo de Carvalho is cautioned for a foul.
    • 74'
      G M. Icardi Assist M. Gori
    • 74'
      It was a well worked assist by Ivan Perišić who picked out Icardi perfectly.
    • 74'
      GOAL! Icardi grabs the opening goal of the game and his 50th for Inter! After neat work by Jovetic, Perisic is able to cross it in for Icardi who leaps above the Frosione defence to get a head to it.
    • 75'
      SI M. Carlini SO M. Gori
    • 75'
      Oliver Kragl who has perhaps been Frosinone's most lively player is replaced by Massimiliano Carlini.
    • 78'
      Can Frosinone find a way back into the game with just over ten minutes on the clock? There was little in it till now. Inter won't want to let this lead drop and the hosts will have to do well to break their guard.
    • 79'
      So close Jovetic! The striker almost doubles Inter's lead as he escapes Blanchard to cut inside but his shot is fired slightly too high and clears the crossbar.
    • 80'
      SI S. Longo SO M. Gori
    • 80'
      Frosinone's chances of getting back into this game look slim as they are reduced to ten men. Blanchard is shown a second yellow for a high studs challenge.
    • 80'
      Robert Gucher replaces Samuele Longo for the hosts.
    • 83'
      Perisic takes the ball forward for Inter as his side look to make the most of their one man advantage. It goes out for a corner which is taken short by Inter, and then crossed in for Jovetic who attempts a header but it just isn't powerful enough and is easily cleared by the defence.
    • 86'
      SI D. Santon SO M. Gori
    • 86'
      SI G. Medel SO M. Gori
    • 86'
      Telles is replaced by Davide Santon.
    • 86'
      Felipe Melo, who has been lively throughout for the visitors is replaced by Gary Alexis Medel Soto.
    • 88'
      Ciofani screams out in combination of frustration and disbelief as Handanoic manages to tip his shot, which looked to be in, round the post. Frosionone fail to make anything of the corner and the ball ends up back in their own half.
    • 90'
      SI R. Palacio SO M. Gori
    • 90'
      Jovetić makes way for Rodrigo Sebastián Palacio. Though Jovetic's return to the starting 11 was without a goal, the striker can be pleased with his performance.
    • 90'
      There's four minutes added time to be played here; can Frosinone get an equaliser or will Inter hang on?
    • 90'
      Perisic goes to ground and looks to be disfrantled as he claims he was kicked in the face.

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    Marco Baroni
    Antonio Conte



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    Fouls Conceded 17 14
    Yellow Cards 6 2
    Red Cards 0 0
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