Serie A

  • J. Biabiany 29’
  • M. Icardi 53’
  • J. Murillo 87’
  • M. Brozović 90’
1 Half Time 0
Serie A
Giuseppe Meazza


    • KICK OFF
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      Thanks for joining us for this clash between Inter Milan and Frosinone. I've been Lucas Swain, and it's goodbye from me until next time.
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      Full time in the San Siro and Inter Milan run out 4-0 winners. Exhibition football from the Nerazzuri to go top of the Serie A by two points after 13 matches.
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      Inter lead at half-time 1-0. Frosinone have had their chances so far in this game, but you certaintly can't begrudge the home side their lead so far. Possibly a few tactical changes from Stellone to combat the hold between their midfield and defence in the second half.
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      Kick-off is just five minutes away. The players are in the tunnel, the fans are taking their seats and the atmosphere is building. Not long now.
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      Subs: Zappino, Frara, Gucher, Verde, Longo, M.Ciofani, Gomis, Carlini, Bertoncini.
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      Frosinone (4-4-2): Leali; Crivello, Diakite, Blanchard, Rosi; Soddimo, Sammarco, Gori, Paganini; Castillo, Ciofani.
    • 0'
      Subs: Juan Jesus, Palacio, Guarin, Montoya, Medel, Ranocchia, Carrizo, D'Ambrosio, Gnoukouri, Berni, Perisic, Brozovic.
    • 0'
      Inter (4-2-3-1): Handanovic; Alex Telles, Miranda, Murillo, Nagatomo; Kondogbia, Melo; Ljajic, Jovetic, Biabiany; Icardi
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      Stellone has kept his tactics similar to their 2-2 draw at home to Genoa last time out but there has been a few changes in personnel. The most notable change is Dionisi's omission from the starting 11.
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      Mancini has gone with a change in tactics from the side's 1-0 victory in Torino before the international break. Icardi leads the line in a 4-2-3-1 rather than the partnership of Palacio and his countryman in the 3-5-2 we saw a few weeks ago.
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      Sitting in the relegation places, Frosinone will not be looking forward to this match, especially considering their poor record on the road. Roberto Stellone will look to set-up his side to frustrate the hosts tonight.
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      Inter Milan seek their fourth win in succession to put them top of the Serie A by two points when they play host to Frosinone. Roberto Mancini's side have fared fairly well at home this season and have only conceded in just one league match here.
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      Hello and welcome to the live text commentary of the Serie A clash between Inter Milan and Frosinone. I'm Lucas Swain, and I'll be guiding you through all the action as it happens at the San Siro.
    • 1'
      Inter get the game underway!
    • 3'
      Early pressure from Inter Milan and they win the first corner of the game. Biabiany runs down the right flank and delivers a deep cross which is headed behind. The set-piece amounts to nothing.
    • 5'
      Inter in control of the game in the early stages. Leali is tested as Alex Telles whips a dangerous cross towards the head of Ljajic however the goalkeeper punches the ball clear.
    • 7'
      Handanovic is tested early on from range after Kondogbia dispossessed in midfield. However, the strike is straight into the hands of the goalkeeper despite possessing power.
    • 9'
      Frosinone now looking slightly better and again the Inter goalkeeper is called into action. A deep cross is played towards Soddimo and he catches the ball on the volley but Handanovic turns the ball behind for a corner.
    • 10'
      M. Diakité is yellow-carded.
    • 11'
      Diakite picks up the first yellow card on the game after he goes through the back of Icardi in midfield. Not an ideal situation for a centre-back to be playing 80 minutes on a yellow card. He's going to need to be careful.
    • 13'
      Jovetic does well on the edge of the Frosinone box to make room for himself. He then switches the play across to Kondogbia who tries his luck from range, however his shot is high and wide of the goal.
    • 15'
      Jovetic is proving a real problem for the visitors. Sitting in the pocket of space between defence in and midfield, the striker is playing very well with his back to goal.
    • 17'
      Soddimo tries an audacious effort after Ciofani heads the ball down to the winger in the box. Pivoting on his right foot, the midfielder proceeds to lauch himself in the air but cannot connect with the ball.
    • 19'
      Ljajic plays a neat pass through a small gap into the path of Nagatomo and the Japanese defender charges into the box with the ball at his feet, however just as he goes to shoot he doesn't connect with it properly and awards possession back to the visitors.
    • 21'
      A free-kick for Frosinone in a dangerous positions and Soddimo takes the duties on the set-piece. However, his cross towards the back post is collected by Handanovic.
    • 23'
      Castillo picks the ball up about 25 yards out and has the opportunity to drive at the Inter defence, however the striker opts to compose himself and shoot from range but the effort is tame and rolls into the hands of Handanovic.
    • 25'
      Alex Telles and Ljajic almost combine in spectacular fashion to craft a wonderful chance for the home side. The full-back attempts to play a one-two with the Serbian but he just misses the ball as he tried to return it.
    • 26'
      João Miranda receives a yellow card.
    • 27'
      Miranda finds himself going into the referee's book after comitting a needless foul near the centre circle. The Brazilian will need to go careful for the remainder of this match now.
    • 29'
      G J. Biabiany Assist A. Ljajić
    • 29'
      Goal to Internazionale, scored by J. Biabiany!
    • 29'
      GOAL! Inter open the scoring through Biabiany. Jovetic tries his luck from range which is well saved by Leali, however he can only push it into the path of the Frenchman who converts in the empty net.
    • 29'
      Corner for Inter after a cross into the box is turned behind. However, the set-piece is heavy and gets flicked backwards by the Frosinone defence to award the home side a throw-in.
    • 31'
      Frosinone react well to the goal and immediately win themselves a corner however the set-piece is very poor and is unable to get past the first Inter defender on the front post.
    • 33'
      A scramble around the box following a clearance from Handanovic almost results in Diakite scoring an overhead kick! However the defender's effort goes wide of the Inter goal.
    • 35'
      Biabiany races down the right wing to put in an extremely dangerous cross towards Ljajic but Rosi does some fantastic defending to head the ball behind for a corner.
    • 37'
      STAT: Inter Milan have lost none of their last 22 matches against promoted sides, winning 16 and drawing 6.
    • 39'
      Handanovic almost drops the ball in a dangerous position. A lofty cross is played into the six yard box and the goalkeeper allows the ball to bounce before safely clutching it to his chest.
    • 40'
      D. Soddimo receives a yellow card.
    • 41'
      Soddimo receives a harsh yellow card after Melo performs a fantastic sliding tackle and the winger topples on top of him, however the referee ruled the Frosinone midfielder commited a foul.
    • 43'
      Inter are control the ball in the dying minutes of the half as the whistle for half-time approaches. It appears as if the home side are happy to take this scoreline into the second period of the game.
    • 45'
      Jovetic does a driving run at the Frosinone defence after picking the ball up on the half way line and launches a shot off on goal. However, his effort doesn't have enough power to get past Leali and it closes the half.
    • 46'
      Frosinone get the second half underway!
    • 48'
      A long ball is launched forward by Rosi towards Castillo as the South American tries to get behind the Inter defence but the pass is swept up by Miranda.
    • 50'
      Almost a own goal! A clearance is sliced as the ball is played into the box from a corner however nobody is there for Frosinone to turn the failed kick into the gaping goal.
    • 52'
      A dangerous free-kick for Frosinone out wide allows the away side to get the ball into the box however the cross is weak and nobody is able to make contact with the set-piece.
    • 53'
      G M. Icardi Assist A. Ljajić
    • 53'
      Assist by A. Ljajić.
    • 53'
      Internazionale score a goal through M. Icardi!
    • 53'
      GOAL! Icardi caps off a fine Inter move with one of the easiest goals he'll score all season. A neat exchange of passes from the Argentinian and Ljajic allows the striker to extend the host's lead.
    • 55'
      FACT: The last time Inter Milan were top of the Serie A after 12 games then went on to win the Scudetto.
    • 57'
      A lack of attacking threat from Frosinone this half is worrying for the away side. Now they've fallen behind by two goals they must offer something more going forward in this match.
    • 59'
      Melo commitsa foul on Soddimo in a position which allows Froisnone to whip a cross into the box. However, the delivery into the box isn't great but Miranda puts it behind for a corner.
    • 60'
      SI A. Ranocchia SO A. Ljajić
    • 60'
      Y. Nagatomo is replaced with A. Ranocchia.
    • 61'
      Castillo almost gets one back for the away side. Another poor clearance from Inter presents the Chilean with the chance but Murillo puts his body on the line to stop the visitors from scoring.
    • 62'
      L. Paganini is cautioned by the referee.
    • 63'
      Inter still look like the side most likely to score. Ljajic is proving to be a bright spark for the home side going forward who continues to flourish as the Nerazzuri move up the field.
    • 65'
      Nagatomo composed himself well as he's placed under pressure from Soddimo. The full-back calmly skips past onrushing tackles in a potentially hazardous position for Inter.
    • 67'
      Ljajic with a brilliant opportunity to test Leali from range after Jovetic switches play to his right to craft room for the Serbian, however his shot goes well over the Frosinone crossbar.
    • 70'
      Biabiany almost gets his second of the game. Icardi finds himself in a load of room on the right but he gets the ball tangled in his feet so decideds to offload to the Frenchman, however his shot is blocked on the line after Leali is left for dead.
    • 72'
      Alex Telles finds Jovetic with a fantastic cross on the edge of the box, but unfortunately for the forward the delivery has so much power he's unable to bring it down to test Leali.
    • 74'
      Ljajic has the opportunity to shoot as he picks the ball up in space on the edge of the Frosinone box. However, just as he skips towards the goal Diakite sticks out a leg to prevent the Serbian's shot from getting far.
    • 76'
      Icardi tries a curled effort from outside the box but his effort is lofted and therefore doesn't posses the power required to beat Leali as the goalkeeper clutches the ball to his chest.
    • 77'
      SI R. Gucher SO A. Ljajić
    • 77'
      SI S. Longo SO A. Ljajić
    • 77'
      S. Longo comes on for D. Ciofani.
    • 77'
      R. Gucher enters the game and replaces M. Gori.
    • 78'
      FACT: Frosinone have a 8.9% shot conversion rate this season, which is the second worst in the league.
    • 80'
      Just ten minutes left and Frosinone don't appear as if they've got a goal in them this match. The away side have struggled to craft clear-cut chances due to Inter's resilience.
    • 82'
      Free-kick for Frosinone from 30 yards out and Soddimo opts to whip a cross into the box, but like his delivery all evening it was poor and fell behind the pack of attackers waiting.
    • 83'
      SI M. Carlini SO A. Ljajić
    • 83'
      L. Paganini is done for the day. M. Carlini is his replacement.
    • 84'
      Changes being made by Stellone as he decides to pull of Paganini in favour of Carlini. Have to feel as if this sub is coming to late in the match to impact it.
    • 86'
      SI I. Perišić SO A. Ljajić
    • 86'
      I. Perišić enters the game and replaces J. Biabiany.
    • 86'
      Jovetic should have sealed the match! Icardi and Ljajic break away with the forward and set him with a one-on-one with Leali however the goalkeeper rushes off his line and narrows down the angle well to prevent him from scoring.
    • 87'
      G J. Murillo Assist A. Ljajić
    • 87'
      S. Jovetić provided the assist.
    • 87'
      Goal to Internazionale, scored by J. Murillo!
    • 87'
      GOAL! Murillo seals the points for Inter and caps off yet another fine move. The Colombian got given his chance on a plate following a neat backheel from Jovetic and he prodded home with aplomb.
    • 88'
      SI M. Brozović SO A. Ljajić
    • 88'
      M. Brozović enters the game and replaces M. Icardi.
    • 89'
      That goal has finished off a great evening from Inter where they've performed exceptionally well and showed they're not just capable of 1-0 victories.
    • 90'
      G M. Brozović Assist A. Ljajić
    • 90'
      A. Ljajić gave the assist.
    • 90'
      M. Brozović has scored a goal for Internazionale!
    • 90'
      GOAL! There were have it, Inter's fourth of the evening. Brozovic hasn't been on the field long but he's on the scoresheet. Fantastic work from Ljajic to find the Croatian who fired across goal emphatically.
    • 90'
      Three minutes added time but if anybody is going to score here it'll be Inter with a fourth. Still the home side are gunning men forward at any possible opportunity to Frosinone's dismay.

    Line Up




    Antonio Conte
    Marco Baroni



    Possession 0% 0%
    Effective Chances 0 0
    Shots on Target 0 0
    Turnovers 0 0


    Passes 0 0
    Passing Accuracy 0% 0%
    Passing Accuracy in opponent’s half 0% 0%
    Crosses 0 0
    Crossing accuracy 0% 0%


    Shots 0 0
    Shots outside the box 0 0
    Shots inside the box 0 0
    Shooting accuracy 0% 0%


    Tackles 0 0
    Effective Tackles 0% 0%
    Blocked Shots 0 0
    Clearances 0 0
    Saves 0 0


    Fouls Conceded 12 17
    Yellow Cards 1 3
    Red Cards 0 0
    Offsides 0 0

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