Premier League

  • 22’ C. Jenkinson
  • 88’ M. Lanzini
  • 90’ D. Payet
0 Extra Time 0
1 Full Time 3
1 Half Time 1
Premier League
Selhurst Park
Attendance 24,812


    • KICK OFF
    • 45'
      It's all West Ham here, to no real surprise, as Bilic's team now have a man advantage. Palace are clinging on in their own half, desperate to get to halftime without conceding, and do well to clear a cross that Sakho rose high to try and meet.
    • 90'
      G D. Payet Assist V. Moses
    • 90'
      M. Lanzini gave the assist.
    • 90'
      D. Payet hits the net for West Ham United!
    • 90'
      WHAT A FINISH FROM PAYET!!! Lanzini played him through the defence and Payet waited for Hennessey to go to ground before dinking it over him and into the net! 3-1 to the Hammers and yet another away win for Bilic!
    • 90'
      N. Jelavić gets yellow.
    • 90'
      Everyone forward for Palace as a goal-kick is hit as far as Hennessey can take it. It's cleared and West Ham counter, with Jelavic's shot from quite a long ways out blocked!
    • 45'
      Jenkinson, the man of the half in many ways, gets through the defence and sends a smart, incisive ball towards the back post but no one can meet it! That's the last meaningful action of the half as it ends 1-1.
    • 90'
      Souare swings a cross into the box after Jedinak slotted it to him in space on the left, but it's cleared and won back by Puncheon. The home side are just outside of the Hammers' box now!
    • 0'
      Pardew's men will take some heart that they held on for so long despite being down a man, with only two late goals sinking them. Thank you for joining us here today!
    • 0'
      What a game! West Ham now have 4 wins and a draw in 5 away games this season, with Payet and Lanzini simply unstoppable tonight. West Ham make good use of their man advantage - eventaully - to leap into the top four!
    • 0'
      We're just minutes away from kick-off now. Stay tuned to see which of these sides can continue to defy expectations and stay in the hunt for a Champions' League spot!
    • 0'
      Recent history has been very kind to the home side, who have only lost one of their last seven league meetings with West Ham. The visitors, however, took the three points on their most recent match-up and are the second-highest scoring team in the league, behind only Manchester City!
    • 0'
      Both sides are missing key players due to injury today. The home side will have to do without Wickham, Chamakh, and Appiah, while the visitors will be without Carroll, Valencia, and Song.
    • 0'
      West Ham (4-2-3-1): Adrian; Cresswell, Collins, Tomkins, Jenkinson; Noble, Kouyate; Moses, Payet, Lanzini; Sakho.
    • 0'
      Palace (4-2-3-1): Hennessey; Kelly, Hangeland, Dann, Souare; McArthur, Cabaye; Bolasie, Zaha, Puncheon; Gayle.
    • 0'
      The visitors are another side bouyed by a smart summer signing: Dimitri Payet. They've scored in all of their matches this season and have already taken major, major scalps on the road, including Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool. They oddly have a worse record at home than on their travels, b
    • 0'
      The home side have done as well as could be expected in the last five weeks in the Premier League. They've defeated West Brom, Watford, and Chelsea while losing by narrow margins against Manchester City at home and Tottenham Hotspur away. Anchored by the brilliant Yohan Cabaye in midfield, they're s
    • 0'
      Hello and welcome to our live match coverage of Crystal Palace vs West Ham! It's matchday 9 in the Premier League and these two teams have defied all expectations, sitting in 4th and 6th respectively. At least one of the sides will drop points today - but who will it be? Alan Pardew and Salven Bilic
    • 1'
      AND WE HAVE KICK-OFF! It's Palace who begin with the ball, in their blue and red striped kit, and Zaga immediately zips forward. It's a high ball played towards Gayle that's cut out easily, and the Hammers counter... PAYET NEARLY SCORES! His shot from Lanzini's cutback goes just wide! Nearly a dream
    • 2'
      In just a few seconds there, West Ham showed how dangerously they can counter. Zaha loses the ball to Cresswell as he came back into his own midfield, and the ball is now mired in the centre of the pitch.
    • 4'
      Another slick move from Lanzini shields the ball and sends it wide to Payet, who tries a clever give-and-go to sneak the Argentine in behind the defence, but the ball is sheparded out of play.
    • 5'
      The home side now send a side out of bounds when Hangelaand sends it up for Bolasie, but the centre-back's pass is overhit. This is a bit of a muted start after that near goal in the very first minute.
    • 6'
      Ah almost something! Bolasie tries to slip the ball through the defence for Puncheon but Adrian is off his line quickly to smother. A few seconds later, Puncheon gets another chance after a free-kick is hoofed into the box but he smashes his shot wide of the far post from inside of the box!
    • 8'
      Payet is doing all he can on the edge of the box to poke and prod his way through the defence, and he eventually fires a shot at the near post that Hennessey dives low and with some ease to smother.
    • 9'
      Puncheon gets the ball without much space to run into down his flank but does well to win a throw-in off Collins.
    • 10'
      Choas in the West Ham box! Bolasie surges into the area and beats one defender with a pass, and the rest of the backline make a meal of the clearance before Puncheon tries a shot that gets deflected out!
    • 12'
      The teams are very congested in the middle of the pitch but both are trying to use quick-passing to exploit the space left behind by both defences. It'll be interesting to see if either manager adjusts his team's formation to allow for more space to open up in midfield.
    • 13'
      Palace, currently dominating possession, draw cheers from the crowd when they pass the ball laterally to avoid a few high-pressing visiting players. Payet gets fouled further down the pitch to win his side a spell with the ball.
    • 15'
      Zaha and Puncheon team up down the left as they try to overload Jenkinson, but they're forced inside and West Ham soon counterr with aplomb via Kouyate.
    • 16'
      Hangelaand jumps into Sakho's path outside of the box and there's no doubt that the ensuing free-kick is fairly awarded to the visitors, who now have a fantastic chance at goal!
    • 17'
      Unfortunately for the visitors, the set piece is wasted. Cresswell races up to take it but leans back as he strikes the ball, sending it ever higher, away from the crossbar.
    • 18'
      Gayle races onto a loose ball in the box and collides with Adrian, who had come off his line to claim it. The referee judges the challenge to have been fair but the striker is furious that he didn't receive a penalty!
    • 19'
      Payet sends a superb ball into the box from a corner and Tomkins heads it towards goal but it somehow goes just wide of the near post! A goal-kick is awarded to Palace even though it seems Hangelaand may have had the last touch!
    • 20'
      Tomkins gets down the other end and pulls down Gayle as he was racing into the area, earning himself a yellow and Palace a free-kick that should be floated into the box.
    • 21'
      Puncheon sends a great cross into the box but Adrian rises high to parry it well! The chances are coming fast and furious now and it certainly seems only a matter of time before one of these sides can break the deadlock!
    • 22'
      G C. Jenkinson Assist V. Moses
    • 22'
      V. Moses provided the assist.
    • 22'
      AND THE GOAL DOES COME! IT'S WEST HAM VIA JENKINSON! A fantastic play created that; Lanzini took the ball, cut inside, and a beautiful pass is played in from Moses to slice the defence wide open and let Jenkinson race into the box to place underneath Hennessey! 1-0 to the away team!
    • 24'
      PALACE HAVE A PENALTY MERE SECONDS AFTER THE GOAL! And it's Jenkinson who concees it! He takes down Gayle just as he stepped into the box, leaving Adrian with a huge task against Cabaye...
    • 25'
      Cabaye scores but it has to be retaken! Gayle had run into the box right in front of Clattenburg before the ball was struck, forcing the referee to blow his whistle. No matter, though - Cabaye sinks the second one with aplomb, as Adrian gets a finger to it but can't keep it out of the top left corne
    • 26'
      What an absolutey furious few minutes this game has seen. Cabaye now has 3 penalties scored in his last 3 matches for his side and the two teams can thank Jenkinson for allowing each of them to score!
    • 28'
      Palace are building from the back, though Tomkins heads a thrown-in back towards their defence that Souare sends further down the pitch. Sakho does brilliantly to break passt Hangelaand on the counter and Payet shoots in the box but it's blocked by Kelly!
    • 30'
      Payet wins a corner off of Kelly and he sends in a fast ball to the heart of the box, that's cleared but played back to Payet. Moses races down the wing and squares it to Sakho, who shoots from the centre of the box and sees his shot deflected with by Hangelaand!
    • 32'
      Gayle enters the book after a late, sliding tackle on Payet. Clattenburg gave him a talking-to before showing him the yellow and putting him in the book.
    • 34'
      This match is simply breakneck, with the two sides changing possession every few seconds, always racing towards the opposition's box trying to make something happen. Cabaye and Payet are running the show in the midfield.
    • 36'
      Excellent defending deep in his own half by Zaha, who cuts out a deep pass intended for Jenkinson. The full-back takes revenge a few seconds later when he pushes over the pacey winger, but only gives West Ham a free-kick,
    • 37'
      The free-kick comes to nothing and Noble and Moses try a quick passing exchange to get in behind the defence, but Zaha races back and knocks the ball out of play off the former Chelsea player to win his side a goal-kick.
    • 39'
      A sizzling counter from the home side finds Zaha in space down the left, and he beats Jenkinson but fires a very weak effort towards Adrian far too close to the near post. The West Ham keeper has no trouble collecting that!
    • 40'
      Payet enters the book for petulance, kicking the ball away after he knocked over Bolasie trying to win the ball back. It's a silly way to be booked and surely Bilic will be furious his star player couldn't control his emotions in that moment!
    • 42'
      HOW DIDN'T PALACE DO MORE THERE!? Collins makes a complete hash of the offside line and lets Bolasie fly into the area, but he sends an easy pass to Zaha just behind the winger, letting West Ham recover to knock the ball out of play!
    • 44'
      D. Gayle gets a second yellow card and is sent off!
    • 44'
      GAYLE SENT OFF!!! PALACE DOWN TO TEN MEN! That's an absolute moment of madness for Gayle, who was already on a yellow, and lunges in late on Kouyate deep in West Ham's half. Clattenburg did not hesitate there for a second and now Pardew and his men have it all to do!
    • 46'
      SI B. Sako SO V. Moses
    • 46'
      W. Zaha is done for the day. B. Sako is his replacement.
    • 46'
      One substitution to begin this half, with Zaha off for Sako. West Ham begin with the ball, under no real pressing from Palace. They're lurking around the area but can't get the final ball into the box.
    • 46'
      For Palace, it was a nightmare start after conceding Jenkinson's goal but they got back into it immediately and were every bit as into the game as West Ham until Gayle's sending off. Now they'll have to figure out a way to keep the league's best away team from doing what they've done so well this se
    • 47'
      Bilic, meanwhile, will be relishing the chance to win today despite Jenkinson giving away a penalty moments after scoring. They have the entire second half with a man advantage and plenty of attacking options on the bench to bring on! Join us in 15 for the second half.
    • 48'
      Sako tries to turn around Hangelaand but the centre-back is smart to the trick and shepards the ball in his own box.
    • 49'
      This is good possessio from Palace, who win the ball down the left, take a throw-in and keep the ball around the box, before Bolasie can't get on the edge of the pass and watches the ball go out of play.
    • 51'
      Payet chips a smart pass into the path of Sakho but he uses his hand to take it down in the box, giving the home side a free-kick. Palace are doing well early in this second half to ensure that they give a fight to the visitors despite their numerical disadvantage.
    • 53'
      West Ham are pressing ferociously to try to win the ball back in midfield. They're exploiting the wings and working the ball side-to-side to try and find the gaps at the back. It always ends up back at Payet to play that final pass.
    • 55'
      Bolasie winds down the right and races into acres of space, cutting smartly inside. Puncheon gets it soon after and curls a shot towards the far post, but it goes wide!
    • 57'
      Payet now sends a cross across the pitch, and the visitors work it around the mouth of the area trying to find an opening, but the defence for the home side holds firm!
    • 58'
      Moses out on the left, cuts it to Noble in the middle... and it's intercepted. Palace are very compact at the back and breaking quickly with width when hey can, which has frustrated West Ham thus far.
    • 60'
      Kelly takes a throw-in down his flank that's worked back to him and passed to McARrthur, who goes wide to Puncheon. Bolasie flicks a cross into the box and Sako can't get his shot off as he dribbles past two defenders!
    • 62'
      SI A. Carroll SO V. Moses
    • 62'
      This has been a period of sustained possession from Palace, with West Ham surely wondering how they've let the home side have so much of the  ball thus far. Carroll comes on for Noble as Bilic looks to ensure his side wrap this one up!
    • 63'
      SI M. Jedinak SO V. Moses
    • 63'
      M. Jedinak enters play, replacing J. McArthur.
    • 63'
      Jenkinson sends a super cross in that Sakho heads, rising above Hangelaand, into the ground and off the post! That was so nearly the second for the visitors!!
    • 65'
      Carroll's first real involvement is to pull down a Palace defender, allowing the home side to take a free-kick just when West Ham looked threatening in the box.
    • 66'
      Poor from Bolasie, who had Puncheon free down his right on the counter, and instead tried to do it all himself. Collins read the play very well and stepped up smartly to win the ball back for the visitors.
    • 68'
      Payet has the ball deeper in his half, and scans upfield to see who's free. Unhappy with his players' movement, he sends it lateral, and it's slowly worked up the pitch. Soon Payet lifts it smartly over the defence to Lanzini down the right, who wins a corner when his cross is deflected out.
    • 69'
      M. Jedinak gets yellow.
    • 70'
      Cresswell goes wide to Moses, who jinxes past Puncheon before the Palace player recovers to knock the ball out for a visitors' corner. Sakho keeps it alive but it's cleared by Hangelaand!
    • 71'
      Lanzini beats nearly half the home side as he races into the box but he tries one dribble too many and Dann slides in to clear!
    • 72'
      West Ham force yet another corner here. They're finally looking like they're a man up as they take their eighth corner of the match; it's over everyone before Lanzini tries a shot from outside of the box. It deflects wide for their ninth corner now.
    • 73'
      Moses, who was lively in bursts, comes off for former Lazio player Mauro Zarate, as Bilic looks to add fresh legs to his frontline.
    • 74'
      SI M. Zárate SO V. Moses
    • 74'
      V. Moses is replaced with M. Zárate.
    • 74'
      Carroll knocks down the header to Collins, who settles it for Lanzini, who plays it back to the former Liverpool man; the striker creates space for himself and shoots from about 25 yards away, but the shot is too high to trouble Hennessey.
    • 77'
      SI J. Ledley SO V. Moses
    • 77'
      Sako shakes off Sakho and wins a throw-in, during which time Cabaye comes off to some applause from the fans for Ledley as Pardew looks to shake things up.
    • 78'
      Carroll takes a shot from a long ways out, with five teammates in front of him in the box. His effort isn't close to the target and his team looks annoyed that he chose the selfish option with time running out here.
    • 80'
      Palace try to keep the ball but cannot get past the halfway line, with West Ham now pressing furiously. Lanzini's turn now to try a shot from a long ways out, and much like Carroll a few minutes ago, his effort isn't even on target.
    • 81'
      Just ten minutes plus injury-time to go here, and West Ham are thoroughly bunkered in the home side's half. Jedinak wins the ball and gets down the right, cutting it to Bolasie, who has no choice but to play it back towards his defence.
    • 83'
      A very heavy touch from Kouyate loses the ball in a great position for his side, but luckily for him, they soon have it back. West Ham are now more carefully looking for the breakthrough here.
    • 84'
      Palace have the ball in West Ham's box but lose it far too easily! That might've been their last chance to snatch a victory here, with West Ham now on the ball and charging once again to the other area.
    • 85'
      SI N. Jelavić SO V. Moses
    • 85'
      D. Sakho is done for the day. N. Jelavić is his replacement.
    • 85'
      Jelavic is coming on now for Sakho as West Ham make yet another change here. Bilic won't be happy that his side have not been able to capitalize on their man advantage thus far!
    • 87'
      Bolasie races down the pitch and gets on the end of the ball, but his touch is too heavy and Adrian is relieved to collect the ball for a goal-kick!
    • 88'
      G M. Lanzini Assist V. Moses
    • 88'
      N. Jelavić provided the assist.
    • 88'
      GOOOOALLLL LANZINI! AND IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED FOR BILIC AND THE HAMMERS! It's fitting that it's the Argentine, who's been so effective tonight, who finishes with aplomb after Palace failed to clear a cross from Payet that was headed downwards by Jelavic!
    • 90'
      Palace now, unsurprisingly, are rushing forward with everything they have to try and steal a point. Sako loses it easily as the fourth official announces four minutes of added time.

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    Roy Hodgson
    David Moyes



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