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    • KICK OFF
    • 90'
      After Adrian makes a fantastic save on a long range effort from Cleverley, the whistle is blown! Sherwood has done it again! Aston Villa are winners here thanks to Cleverley's first half strike!
    • 90'
      SI C. Sánchez SO J. Grealish
    • 90'
      C. Sánchez enters play, replacing J. Grealish.
    • 90'
      Grealish comes off to a standing ovation after his assist and performance today for Sanchez.
    • 45'
      Into the first and only minute of stoppage time here, where N'Zogbia has just been booked for taking down Kouyate from behind after losing the ball to the West Ham player. The ensuing free-kick comes to nothing and the half time whistle is blown! Villa head into the break up 1-0 thanks to a goal fro
    • 90'
      Agbonlahor nearly gets the second! He races onto the end of a long ball from Grealish and finds himself in the box, with Given in front of him and Cresswell to the side, and the defender does just enough to force him to shoot wide!
    • 0'
      As for Allardyce, his halftime substitutes looked strong but they effectively lost this game during the first half when they just could not figure out how to deal with Villa's pressing and passing. Thanks for joining us here today!
    • 0'
      For Aston Villa it's another very good performance that sees them rise further away from the relegation zone. They're ending the season on a strong note that can give them some great momentum for next year.
    • 0'
      Allardyce's men, meanwhile, might be enthused from the fact that this very poor half only sees them down one goal, and on their rare forays forward, they were able to win corners and free-kicks. One good delivery is all they need to change the match. Join us in 15 for the second half!
    • 0'
      It's hard to imagine that Sherwood won't be very happy with how that half went, with his side domination possession and looking very slick up front while barely being threatened by West Ham. His only complaint may be that they were only able to score a single goal.
    • 0'
      The two teams are on the pitch and we're just moments from the kick-off of the first half here!
    • 0'
      We're just less than 10 minutes from kick-off now! Sunderland's win over Everton has given this relegation race an interesting twist. Dick Advocaat's men are up to 36 points, one more than Villa and really putitng the onus on Sherwood's men to get a result lest they slide down the table!
    • 0'
      Not all has gone bad for West Ham, though. Wins in their final three matches would see them end the season on 57 points - their highest tally in 16 years!
    • 0'
      Injuries have robbed both of these sides of some key players, though West Ham look the worse from it, with Carroll and Sakho amongst the absentees.
    • 0'
      West Ham (4-2-3-1): Adrian; Cresswell, Collins, Burke, Jenkinson; Kouyate, Noble; Amalfitano, Nolan, Downing; Valencia.
    • 0'
      Aston Villa (4-3-3): Given; Bacuna, Okore, Vlaar, Richardson; Cleverly, Westwood, Delph; N'Zogbia, Benteke, Grealish.
    • 0'
      Going just off of the recent history of head-to-heads between these sides, the safe bet would be the visitors. Villa have not beaten West Ham nor even scored against them the last three times these sides faced. Villa have not even won back to back home matches in the league for 14 months!
    • 0'
      Sherwood's appointment was greeted with some equivocation at Villa Park but the side have truly been transformed under him. One stat that demonstrates just how much more comfortable and free flowing they've become: in the last 10 games they've scored 17 goals. It took over 30 matches prior to that s
    • 0'
      Sam Allardyce's men, who started the season so brightly, have dipped in the second half of this season and have not won a match in their last 10 away games. They did finally get back to winning ways last weekend when they defeated Burnley to snap a streak of four matches without earning all three po
    • 0'
      The home side will have quite the confidence however with Christian Benteke being named the Barclays' Player of the Month following his goalscoring exploits in April. They welcome back Agbonlahor as well following nearly a month on the sidelines due to a hamstring injury.
    • 0'
      Hello and welcome to our live match coverage of Aston Villa vs West Ham! Today sees the rejuvenating 14th placed home side looking for a win under Tim Sherwood to stay out of the relegation dogfight, though it will be difficult, with a strong Hammers side in 9th place coming to visit and Villa just
    • 1'
      AND WE HAVE KICK-OFF! Villa begin with the ball, using Richardson to work it down the flank. He's forced into a packpass to Given that pushes the keeper off his line quickly and they soon have a throw-in that Benteke can't control and it goes out.
    • 2'
      A no-nonsense clearance from Vlaar, who boots the ball out of play after a high ball was wafted up towards Valencia. Graelish intercepts Amalfitano's cross and Villa counter quickly, but Nolan is back in the area to clear the pass into the box.
    • 3'
      West Ham's pressing is forcing Villa into some quick passing but the home side adjust well to it. Cresswell looks to have won possession after Benteke's poor pass in front of the box but N'Zogbia hounds him and forces him to kick it out for a throw-in.
    • 5'
      Villa play some route one football that nearly pays off, with Cleverley sending a high pass up to Benteke, who's near the box. The Belgian heads it down, into the path of N'Zogbia, but the winger's first touch is too hard and pushes the ball away from him!
    • 6'
      Bacuna takes a free-kick, from roughly 15 yards outside of the box; he goes right on target and it sails just over the crossbar, with Adrian well positioned at any rate to cover it.
    • 7'
      Yet another throw-in here, though this time it's for Jenkinson, who plays it shortly and has Noble try to orchestrate from the back. The captain loses the ball, Benteke spreads it wide, and Grealish wins a corner in a flash.
    • 8'
      West Ham somehow get away from the corner unscathed! The ball bounces around the box and two shots are taken from the home side, but Nolan amongst other players gets his body in the way before it bobbles over the line and out of play!
    • 9'
      Another free-kick here for the home side, with the ball played into the box and cleared by Kouyate's header. Valencia tries to counter but Grealish nudges him off the ball all too easily and it's Villa who again have possession. They've been dominant in this opening spell.
    • 11'
      It's a good spell for the home side, sending in a cross via Bacuna and a shot in from Delph, but West Ham hold their lines, clear it, and get it all the way to Villa's box before Cleverley can intervene.
    • 12'
      Cleverley races down the pitch to help his side in attack and draws a fantastic save from Adrian! The goalie had to be at full sprawl to palm away his powerful shot!
    • 13'
      Collins slides in decisively on Grealish, who had gotten the ball from Benteke and nearly slid past the West Ham defence there, but the number 19 intervened with an inch-perfect sliding tackle to prevent him from getting into the box.
    • 15'
      NEARLY from Benteke! Another free kick for the home side is played in by Delph, a long diagonal ball into the box that Okore heads down for his striker. The Belgian tries to poke it towards net from a tight angle but his shot prods wide of the near post!
    • 16'
      Richardson runs all the way towards his box to win a ball from Nolan and quickly plays it to his midfield to spark an attack. Villa are pushing forward at will and force Collins into another headed clearance and they send another cross into the box, always seeking the head of their number 20.
    • 17'
      BENTEKE HITS THE POST... BUT IT'S OFFSIDE! Cleverley sends a fantastic diagonal ball behind the West Ham centre-backs that reaches the Belgian, who slots a shot towards the far post that bounces off it and on the line, but the flag is up as the striker had just strayed into an offside position befor
    • 19'
      After a rough start to this match the visitors have begun to settle in well here. They're holding onto the ball and trying to make life difficult for Villa when they don't have it, but they've offered little in the final third.
    • 21'
      Cresswell tries to win a free-kick when he goes down against Okore just outside of Villa's box, on the left, but Lee Mason just awards a free-kick instead. It seems the full-back just fell over too easily there once he had lost the ball.
    • 22'
      Noble once again bails his side out, refusing to concede space for Delph to turn and shoot in the box before poking the ball off of his toe! Moments later it's Bacuna who has to do some last ditch defending with Amalfitano racing into the box on the counter!
    • 24'
      West Ham now have a free-kick - one of their first set pieces of the match. It's played from the midfield in towards the box, with Kouyate trying to control it with his head, but the ball skims off his hair and over the line for a Shay Given goal-kick.
    • 26'
      Cleverley shows the defensive side of his game with an important interception to cut off a pass from Kouyate to Cresswell. The speed at which Villa are attacking is impressive and constantly forcing Collins in particular to clear the ball from his box.
    • 27'
      Benteke gets a cross, controls it with his chest just outside of the box, and lays it off for Delph, who strides forward and fires towards net. Adrian let's it bop off his chest before collecting it on the ground.
    • 28'
      Bacuna to Delph to Grealish to Benteke, with the ball being played in short passes very quickly and smartly. It's hard to believe at times that this is the same team who were so often so dour before Sherwood's arrival!
    • 30'
      It's a rare ball played into the box from West Ham, with Cresswell crossing it for Valenia, but it's right to Given.
    • 31'
      G T. Cleverley Assist J. Grealish
    • 31'
      The assist came from J. Grealish.
    • 31'
      GGOOOOOAAALLLL CLEVERLEY! That was some move from Aston Villa! Grealish had gotten the ball on the wing, raced smartly into the box, and held up releasing the pass. He finally lets it go and it passes right through Collins' legs before finding the onrushing Cleverley who taps it into the net from ju
    • 32'
      Well there can't be much arguing with Villa's lead; they've been far and away the better team this half, keeping the ball from West Ham and changing up their approach when attacking to keep the defenders guessing.
    • 34'
      Bacuna gets on the end of a fantastic pass that lets him cut beyond Cresswell but his cross into the box is poor, with Burke able to clear it.
    • 35'
      Cleverley fouls Amalfitano and is whistled for it, but the visitor is not happy with how he's holding up the ball and for a second it looks like the two are about to scuffle. The referee intervenes however, and the free-kick is taken, played into the box, and Okore needs to head it out for a corner.
    • 36'
      The corner is uncomfortably cleared by Aston Villa but it begets a corner where N'Zogbia races down the flank and tries to find Grealish in the middle, but it's overplayed and Adrian collects.
    • 37'
      Cleverley commits yet another foul on a West Ham counter. The referee has a talking-to with the player and allows play to go on. Amalfitano angry reacts, clipping at his toes ones the referee walks away, and despite Cleverley's protesting to the assistant, no call is made!
    • 38'
      Given miscontrols the ball and concedes a corner, but it comes to nothing, despite Nolan going down in the box and appealing for a penalty.
    • 39'
      Despite that series of West Ham free-kicks it looks to be back to normal for the home side, who are controlling the game and working the ball slickly to the final third. Westwood gets on the end of a clearance outside the box and tries his luck from a distance but it's a simple save from Adrian who
    • 40'
      Bacuna tries to do it all on his own and he races near the box and then shoots, with his effort going over the bar. West Ham haven't really figured out how to get a grip on this match so far.
    • 41'
      Unsurprisingly the home side have had the lion's share of possession, keeping the ball for 63% of the time so far.
    • 43'
      With just a few minutes left in the first half Villa are doing all they can to double their lead before the break. West Ham have the ball though and Kouyate tries to beget a meaninful spell of possession, but Valencia loses out and a combination of Vlaar and Delph wins it back for Sherwood's men.
    • 45'
      Benteke is nearly through after a smart pass from Grealish but Jenkinson is over near the heart of the pitch, covering well, and just manages to stick his foot out to knock the ball away from the Belgian!
    • 46'
      SI A. Song SO J. Grealish
    • 46'
      SI Nenê SO J. Grealish
    • 46'
      M. Amalfitano is done for the day. Nenê is his replacement.
    • 46'
      K. Nolan is replaced with A. Song.
    • 46'
      The second half is underway, with Allardyce making a double sub: Nolan and Amalfitano off for Nene and Song. Despite this, the home side continue from where they left off, with Song making a poor challenge with his first touch to concede a free-kick to Grealish.
    • 47'
      Delph swings the opportunity into the box and it's Collins, who was perhaps West Ham's best player in the first half, who rises high to head it clear. The home side have it but Cleverley loses the ball with an ambitious pass and Richardson clears it for a throw-in with Downing lurking.
    • 48'
      Valencia goes down under pressure from Okore in the box but it seemed a fair challenge and no penalty is called by Mason, who was very close to the action. The two players seemed to be wrapped around each other, both jumping for the ball.
    • 49'
      Song sprays it wide to Noble, who cuts it across for Downing, who lays it off for Nene... and the Brazilian takes a quick snapshot that sizzles just over the top corner!
    • 51'
      Grealish is once again taken down by Song but the on-loan player from Barcelona is not happy about that, arguing that he went down too easily.
    • 52'
      The ensuing free-kick is hoofed to the edge of the box for Benteke to nod down, but it only finds a blue shirt, and soon West Ham counter down the right flank and win a corner.
    • 53'
      Westwood clears the corner to midfield and Song holds off Cleverley to keep the ball for his team, drawing applause from the away fans in the stadium.
    • 54'
      Valencia puts Okore under some serious pressure as the two vie for a bouncing ball in the box, but the centre-back does enough to hold up play so his goalkeeper can collect. It begins a sequence that ends with N'Zogbia in the box, cutting around three defenders before firing into the side netting!
    • 55'
      Cresswell is down getting medical treatment after sliding to try and prevent that shot from N'Zogbia but he looks like he's going to come back on the pitch and try to play out the remainder of the match.
    • 57'
      West Ham have certainly looked better since the double substitution from Allardyce but they haven't yet truly tested Given in net. The two teams are battling for possession down the left flank, neither able to truly hang onto the ball.
    • 59'
      SUPERB SAVE FROM GIVEN! And it was Collins - who else for West Ham - who rose on a corner, jumping to send a dipping header just under the bar but Given leaps high to palm it over!!
    • 61'
      From the following corner, Song keeps the ball alive after a clearance and gives it to Nene, who tries an audacious shot after cutting in from the right towards the top left corner that goes too high over the net.
    • 63'
      Cleverley slips down the left flank and lets a cross into West Ham's box fly; Collins has to stick out a leg very high to clear it ahead of the lurking Benteke.
    • 64'
      Cleverley is having quite the game thus far, now chipping in defensively to win the ball off of Downing and draw a foul in the process, just outside of his own box.
    • 66'
      Nene again is poking and podding, full of ideas but the execution just a little shorn. He provides a fantastic cross into the box that Valencia heads into the net, but he's clearly offside and the flag is raised so it won't count!
    • 68'
      Delph and N'Zogbia nearly beat the entire defence, especially Jenkinson who just couldn't keep up, but Kouyate races back to clear the ball just as the number 28 shot!
    • 69'
      Adrian pucnhes the ball away following the ensuing corner and West Ham try to build, with Song slipping a pass through the midfield and defence that's just a little too hard for Valencia to reach!
    • 71'
      SI G. Agbonlahor SO J. Grealish
    • 71'
      N'Zogbia, who's been quiet on the whole, comes off for the returning Agbonlahor. The substitute gets quite the applause from the fans who have missed him while he was out injured.
    • 72'
      A. Song gets yellow.
    • 72'
      Song enters the book now for a reckless tackle - his third overall on Grealish, bringing him down once the youngster had twisted the ball around his body.
    • 74'
      Delph combines well with Benteke just outside of West Ham's box, and the home side work it from side to side, looking for the little break in the armor. Cleverley sends a pass into the box that somehow just evades Benteke before Collins can clear it!
    • 75'
      Cleverley tries again, sending a high pass into the box that Benteke nods down towards Agbonlahor, but it's cleared. The pressure now from the home side is incessant and they're camped out in front of the West Ham box.
    • 77'
      SI A. Hutton SO J. Grealish
    • 77'
      Bacuna comes off to applause from the crowd, having put in a good shift on the wing, as he's replaced by Alan Hutton.
    • 78'
      SI C. Cole SO J. Grealish
    • 78'
      Allardyce makes his last sub, with Cole on for Noble as he seeks to equalizer for his side.
    • 80'
      Jenkinson tries a cross, sees it cleared, and then tries another, which also gets cleared. West Ham are pressing desperately for the equalizer there!
    • 82'
      The midfield has become increasingly congested, with neither team making inroads much towards each other's boxes.
    • 84'
      Villa look comfortable now, hounding West Ham and looking far likelier to score a second than to concede the equalizer. Allardyce's substitutes have been effective but they may have been 45 minutes too late!
    • 86'
      It's a good cross into the box from the home side that gets cleared, and with West Ham on the ball, they win a very late free-kick that they play short.
    • 88'
      West Ham hold the ball before sending a cross in towards Collins, who has been utterly everywhere for the visitors today, but Okore stands his ground well to prevent the defender from really getting onto it.
    • 90'
      Villa don't seem to be in much rush at this point but West Ham certainly are as they try to work the ball down the left flank. Four minutes of added time have just been announced by the fourth official.

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