Premier League

  • J. Okore 48’
  • 8’ E. Hazard
  • 66’ B. Ivanović
0 Half Time 1
Premier League
Villa Park
Attendance 35,969


    • KICK OFF
    • 45'
      Into the second minute of three added on, Hazard races across the outside of the box and fires a shot that deflects dangerously off Clark before Villa can scramble to clear it!
    • 0'
      As for Chelsea, it was hardly a vintage display, but it was a vital win without two of their best players and gave Cuadrado his first run-out in the team. Thank you for joining us here today!
    • 0'
      For the home side, they was progress here today. They've finally scored and they palyed very decently - perhaps not enough to best Chelsea, but more matches like this should see the points and goals coming more easily than they have so far this season.
    • 0'
      As for Lambert and Villa, they need something much more up front, even if they are holding their own rather well against the top team in the league. They have 45 minutes to try and turn this around!
    • 0'
      Unfortunately it's been a far from stellar half of football thus far, though with exciting flashes in between a physical matchup. Hazard's goal is the difference for Chelsea but Mourinho might be worried about the form of Drogba and Courtois based on how shaky both have looked.
    • 0'
      The two teams are walking out of the tunnel. The match will be kciking off in just a couple of minutes now!
    • 0'
      In terms of recent fixtures, the two sides couldn't be much more different. The home side come into this match having lost three in a row, fresh off a 5-0 drubbing from Arsenal; Chelsea, meanwhile, held Manchester City to a draw after dispatching Swansea and Newcastle to maintain a five point lead a
    • 0'
      Chelsea (4-2-3-1): Courtois; Azpilicueta, Cahill, Terry, Ivanovic; Matic, Ramires; Hazard, Oscar, Willian; Drogba.
    • 0'
      Aston Villa (4-3-3): Guzan; Cissokho, Clark, Okore, Hutton; Delph, Westwood, Cleverly; Gil, Agbonlahor; Weimann.
    • 0'
      However, winning will be mightily difficult for a team that has not scored a goal in 612 minutes - a club record! They do welcome Ron Vlaar back, but he's on the bench today, where new signing Juan Cuadrado also finds himself for the visitors.
    • 0'
      Paul Lambert's men can take solace in a few facts, however. First and foremost, suspension has kept Diego Costa out of this match and Cesc Fabregas is not yet fit enough to return to the side for Jose Mourinho. Furthermore, the home side pulled off a 1-0 victory in this same fixture last year and th
    • 0'
      Hello, all, and welcome to our live match coverage of Aston Villa vs Chelsea! This absolutely mouthwatering clash will be a massive test for the home side, who have had mighty difficulty scoring all season and now must host the top team in the Premier League.
    • 1'
      AND WE HAVE KICK-OFF! Chelsea begin with the ball in their away kits of blue and black; it's a slow, measured start for them until Azpilicueta hesitates just a moment too long before firing in a cross from them flank, letting the home side get possession.
    • 2'
      Cissokho marches down his flank but is forced to play it back under pressure from Willian; soon after, Villa lose the ball entirely in a clogged midfield and the visitors play it around their backline.
    • 3'
      An early free-kick is awarded to Chelsea, just over the half-way line in Aston Villa's half; it's played short and back. The visitors have the vast majority of the ball right now but don't seem to be in much of a rush to press it forward.
    • 4'
      Terry intercedes on Delph to win the ball just outside of his box, in what was a rather routine play for the Chelsea captain. It's worked to Cahill, who sends a long ball to Azpilicueta that the full-back fails to keep in play.
    • 5'
      T. Cleverley gets yellow.
    • 5'
      Cleverley gets the first booking of the game after sliding into Azpilicueta very late, after the full-back had passed the ball away. Possession still being monopolized by the visitors but there's been very little genuine action in these early, early minutes.
    • 6'
      An excellent slide tackle from Matic wins the ball back in midfield, and Chelsea look to break quickly; it's to Oscar who tries to slip it through for Drogba, but the legendary forward has stepped offside and is flagged.
    • 7'
      Villa's first real foray forward fizzles out as the ball is overhit for Delph to run onto and dribbles out of bounds.
    • 8'
      G E. Hazard Assist Willian
    • 8'
      Assist by Willian.
    • 8'
      GOOOOOALLLL HAZARD! AND OUT OF NEARLY NOTHING! That's Chelsea at their most effective and without fuss; Oscar gets on the end of a ball over the defence, stops near the box to check Okore's run, and slots it to Willian in the centre who picks out Hazard rushing into the box. The Belgian makes absolu
    • 10'
      Aston Villa rush forward looking for an equalizer; Cissokho floats a cross into the box that doesn't trouble Terry to head out, and soon Hazard is down holding his calf after Westwood slides across his body after he passed the ball.
    • 12'
      With so much of the game left it would be foolish to write off Aston Villa, but they've only scored 11 goals this entire season and are up against the second-tightest defence in the league. Without something special, they risk yet another loss, as Hazard fires a shot across the face of goal.
    • 13'
      And yet, here they are, with a corner that Courtois spilled but Agbonlahor won it with his hand and the referee duly awards a free-kick to the visitors.
    • 15'
      Chelsea look comfortable ceding possession to the home side and then trying to hit them on the counter. Hazard and Oscar look to link-up in one such scenario but the former's pass doesn't find the latter and the home side get another chance to build something.
    • 16'
      Ohhhh and the home fans are furious, wanting a handball call in either of two events that played out in quick succession, with Cahill and then Matic trying to clear the ball from their box! Nothing is called, however, and the visitors defend a corner with Courtois rushing out to punch the ball somew
    • 17'
      The second corner works out much better for the home side, with Weimann cleverly heading the ball towards the back post, but none of his teammates are there to stab it into the net!
    • 18'
      The past minute has been both sides furiously trying and failing to work the ball out of the area in front of Chelsea's box. After a failed counter, Delph sends a fantastic cross into the head of Agbonlahor in the box who smashes his effort over the bar!
    • 20'
      The midfield battle has seen tight and edgy, with both sides packing the middle of the pitch. The visitors look a little sloppy in their play thus far but their quality, when shown, has clearly been enough to prove the difference between these sides.
    • 22'
      Willian whips a corner into Villa's box that just misses Terry and Ivanovic. The home side try to counter but Chelsea's defence does just enough to stop the move in it's tracks for Matic to counter; he slips it to Oscar, who fires a shot inside the box that Guzan parries for a corner!
    • 24'
      Chelsea want a penalty for the ball striking Cissokho's arm after Cahill headed it towards net but once again, the shouts are waved away by the referee. It looked unintentional on the part of the Villa defender.
    • 25'
      Terry bundles over Agbonlahor inside of Chelsea's half, about ten yards past the centre-circle, setting up a free-kick opportunity that the home side can whip into the box. Clark hits the wall and Hazard leads the charge, but it's wasted when Drogba passes it right to Okore!
    • 27'
      Cahill sends a thunderous long ball to the flank towards Hazard that drifts over the playmaker and out of bounds. Villa take the opportunity to pass it around their backline and Weimann sends a risky pass all the way back to Guzan, who chests it and boots it clear.
    • 29'
      Hazard twists and turns Okore around the edge of the box but he can't shake the centre-back, who holds his ground well. Villa work it into Chelsea's half and Agbonlahor slips in the box while fighting for a cross, letting the ball sail harmlessly over to the other flank.
    • 31'
      A period of good, sustained pressure from Chelsea has them set up well, just outside of Villa's box, but unable to penetrate their sea of defenders thus far.
    • 32'
      And just like that, Chelsea find a way through- the brilliant Hazard jinxes his way through to the byline and sends a cross in behind Drogba. The Ivorian looks to control it but again seems a touch out of sync with his teammates and loses the ball.
    • 33'
      Gil slips a ball through for Hutton to run onto, but it's overhit and the latter can't manage to cross it back across the box before it rolls out of play.
    • 35'
      Odd scenes from Chelsea; Drogba is down clutching his face and his own teammates refuse to pass the ball out, with Willian and Hazard leading a counter. Eventually, the referee stops play, books Ramires for a foul earlier on and goes to check on the striker, who seems fine and looks to have tumbled
    • 37'
      Agbonlahor wins a free-kick that's played dangerously into the box and forces Cahill into a diving header to clear. Westwood sends it back in but Zakora can't redirect it onto target, as Lambert looks on furiously from the dugout!
    • 38'
      A GAMESAVING TACKLE FROM CLARK! Ramires was nearly walking the ball into the net before the defender slid in with an inch-perfect tackle to deny the wide player what would have certainly been a goal!
    • 40'
      Chelsea are building their game from the back but look to be missing Fabregas' creative spark and drive from deep. Oscar wins the ball and tries to send it through for Drogba, but Okore watches it the whole way and lets Guzan collect it unchallenged.
    • 42'
      MUCH better from Drogba, who plays a very good through ball to Hazard who just managed to stay onside. He's in a wide position though and his pass is poor, finding Westwood and letting the home side work their way back down the pitch.
    • 44'
      A. Westwood receives a yellow card.
    • 44'
      Gil with a sensational solo play, strutting his way to the byline around several defenders, cutting inside the box, and firing an excellent cross into the box that forces Cahill to nod it out!
    • 45'
      Courtois has looked nervy today and once again has a difficult play, failing to collect a rather routine ball with Agbonlahor near him. Chelsea escape without any real damage and Westwiid enters the book for a late challenge just outside of Chelsea's box moments later.
    • 46'
      And we're back! Terry is called into action early to head the ball away and then again to clear the ball after Cleverly nearly capitalized on a rare mistake from Matic. Villa are swarming the box as Cissokho plays in a cross that Matic himself boots clear!
    • 47'
      Weimann over the bar! Hutton finds his teammate just inside of the box, unmarked; Weimann tries his shot with the ball bouncing, on the volley, and sends his effort just too high! That might've been Villa's best chance yet!
    • 48'
      G J. Okore Assist Willian
    • 48'
      Carles Gil gave the assist.
    • 48'
      GOOOOALLLLL VILLLLAA! THEY'VE FINALLY BROKEN THE DROUGHT! OKORE HAS SCORED! And Villa have shown more attacking impetus in these three minutes than in all of the first half, with Okore running to the far post to get unmarked and fire a free header past Courtois! 1-1 and game on!
    • 49'
      J. Okore goes into the referee's book.
    • 49'
      Okore is booked for excessive celebration but he likely won't mind much for a team that went so long without a goal! Just before scoring it, Cleverley saw a shot deflect wildly to win the corner and Chelsea have been on the backfoot in the few short minutes since the secondhalf began!
    • 50'
      Villa are unsurprisingly playing with a swagger now and Chelsea will have to be careful; even with City currently losing, they won't want to waste a chance to not increase or maintain, at the very least, their lead at the top!
    • 51'
      And this game gas roared into life! Guzan gets down low to smother Matic's shot after Willian had raced to the byline and cut it across for Ramires to shoot before seeing his effort blocked and deflected by Delph!
    • 53'
      Ivanovic struts across Agbonlahor perfectly to cut off his forward progress but there's a real sense here that Villa are the ones with all the momentum. Chelsea are trying to slowly build from the back but without Fabregas' guile, they look off the pace as Drogba is too easily nudged off the ball by
    • 55'
      Willian gets the ball on the edge of the box, takes a step forward, and unleashes a low shot that edges past the far post. There was some great work from Hazard in the buildup, and Guzan was rooted to the spot, but Chelsea need more in order to get back in the lead here - and Mourinho seems to agree
    • 56'
      Gil brushes off Ramires to send the ball wide for his teammates, who work a cross into the box. Courtois needs two chances to gather it - it seems as though his finger injury is still bothering him somewhat.
    • 57'
      Willian once again takes a low shot that fizzles past the near post! He's trying to do it all by himself today and twice has come very near to restoring the lead.
    • 59'
      Willian slips it to Hazard out wide on the counter, who runs forward and centres it back to the former once they reach the box. Oscar can't get on the end of the ball and it's soon out for a Chelsea throw-in.
    • 60'
      Cissokho knocks the ball out for a corner ahead of the lurking Ivanovic. Willian plays it towards the top of the box which Guzan rushes very far out to poke with a finger, oddly enough, and Villa break quickly.
    • 61'
      Villa get it all the way down the pitch and force Matic into knocking it out for a corner. Once again, Courtois loses the ball and needs his defenders to clear it for him! He's been quite shaky this match!
    • 62'
      Villa have just won a free-kick, which they try to take quickly, but they're stopped as Ramires is down and looks to be in some pain. He and Delph collided feet as both raised their legs to try and win a high ball.
    • 64'
      SI L. Rémy SO Willian
    • 64'
      The free-kick is finally taken by Gil, who <ad></ad>fails to find a teammate in the box. As Chelsea counter, Delph takes down Oscar, and Mourinho sends on Remy for a very poor Drogba.
    • 65'
      Ramires plays a long ball across the field that only finds Gil; luckily for Chelsea's number seven, the Villa man's touch is poor and he sends the ball right over the line.
    • 66'
      G B. Ivanović Assist Willian
    • 66'
      Assist by Azpilicueta.
    • 66'
      AND IT'S A SENSATIONAL GOAL FROM BRANISLAV IVANOVIC! AN UNREAL STRIKE INTO THE TOP CORNER! Gil's defending was lacking there as Azpilicueta drifts behind him and eventually finds his partner full-back, who just curls a beautiful shot into the roof of the net! 2-1 to Chelsea!
    • 68'
      SI C. Benteke SO Willian
    • 68'
      C. Benteke enters the game and replaces G. Agbonlahor.
    • 68'
      Villa now making a change, with Benteke coming on for Agbonlahor as Lambert looks to get his side firing once again.
    • 69'
      Clark is down gingerly after sliding in forcefully to take the ball off of Remy's feet definitely near his own box. His shoe has fallen off in the process and he looks a little sore though it seems as though he'll try to play on.
    • 71'
      Villa have responded well since going down, trying to break down Chelsea's defence but without the spark or quality up front to really trouble Courtois.
    • 72'
      Another vital play from Clark after he slides in to cut out Remy's shot! Delph's embarassment is spared there as it was his terrible backpass that nearly set Remy free!
    • 73'
      SI J. Obi Mikel SO Willian
    • 73'
      Oscar comes off for Mikel as Mourinho seemingly looks to shore up his defence. Chelsea take a corner through Willian that Ivanovic flicks on but it drifts out of bounds.
    • 74'
      SI S. Sinclair SO Willian
    • 74'
      Lambert makes a change as Cleverley comes off for Sinclair, who is playing against his old club in his home debut for his new side.
    • 75'
      A very solid cross from Cissokho is nodded out for a corner, which is played towards the near post to Clark, who volleys an audacious attempt off target.
    • 77'
      Hutton, who's been lively and industrious today, fires in a cross that Courtois catches on his first attempt.
    • 79'
      Remy and Willian try to link up just in front of the box to get past Villa's defence but they're unable to break down the men in front of him. Cuadrado looks like he's ready to come on and indeed does for Willian as soon as the ball goes out of bounds. The former Fiorentina man makes his league and
    • 80'
      SI J. Cuadrado SO Willian
    • 80'
      SI J. Cole SO Willian
    • 80'
      Weimann comes off for Cole, as well, as Lambert makes yet another change to his side. With just ten minutes plus stoppages left, Villa need a goal with a much smaller gap between scoring this time if they're to stun Chelsea!
    • 80'
      Willian is done for the day. J. Cuadrado is his replacement.
    • 81'
      Cuadrado gets involved right away, winning a corner and then taking it, sending the ball to the near post that Westwood easily nods out. It's soon back to Cuadrado who centres it, and soon enough, Villa get it under control.
    • 83'
      Aston Villa are ticking the ball around the pitch, looking for a release valve to send a player sprawling through, but Chelsea are closing the passing lanes well and it's the away fans who are in full force right now!
    • 85'
      Gil runs into the middle of the pitch in order to try and get away from the pressure of Chelsea's midfield, but with Villa needing a goal, there isn't truly much urgency in their play. They have five minutes to turn that around but the crowd booes Benteke for passing backwards instead of trying to p
    • 87'
      Villa are having some joy attacking down the left, but Ivanovic and Chelsea centre-backs are repelling anything that comes their way. Cole has had several touches of the ball but hasn't looked tremendously effective thus far.
    • 89'
      Cole tries to pick out Benteke after getting the ball in the box with much time and space but the ball ends up right in Courtois' hands after his cross drifts much too centrally.
    • 90'
      B. Ivanović receives a yellow card.
    • 90'
      AND CHELSEA HAVE DONE IT! The match ends 2-1, with Ivanovic's game-winner enough to extend Mourinho's men's lead at the top of the league even further to seven points.
    • 45'
      Cahill's head again comes to Chelsea's rescue as he nods a Cissokho cross out for a corner. With just seconds left in this half, the home side can only find Terry as the whistle blows and fans jeer their team off the pitch.
    • 90'
      The visitors are making tricky passage of it though, with Villa streaming forward and asking quite a lot of Terry and Cahill in order to repel attack after attack led by Cole and Gil.
    • 90'
      Into the first of five minutes of extra time, Mourinho might be interested to hear that City have just tied their match in the dying stages; he knows this is a fantastic chance to gain two points over their nearest rivals, and his side are now just four minutes away from doing so.

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