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  • Oscar 43’
  • Diego Costa 59’
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2 Full Time 0
1 Half Time 0
Premier League
Stamford Bridge
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    • KICK OFF
    • 45'
      M. Williamson goes into the referee's book.
    • 90'
      The full-time whistle is blown and that's the match! The game ends for a 2-0 win to Chelsea, who go two points clear at the top of the table following Manchester City's 1-1 draw with Everton. Despite not playing well, particularly in the first half, the result allows Chelsea to gain a bit of space i
    • 90'
      Janmaat sends a cross into Ayoze in the box, and though he tussles with Zouma, there are few appeals for a penalty and none is given at any rate.
    • 45'
      Willian fires a powerful free-kick towards the top left corner, but Krul is over well and puts both of his arms up to block it. Matic tries a quick cross back in, but the goalie collects that as well. The whistle is blown soon after and Chelsea lead at the break, 1-0!
    • 90'
      Chelsea controlling the run of play now, though a poor pass from Ivanovic only finds Colback in the midfield and Newcastle press furiously looking for a goal.
    • 0'
      As for Newcastle, they showed enough here to suggest that they are capable of far more than they've shown this season, but without a genuine goal-scorer or finishing off their chances, they'll have quite a few more missed opportunities. Thank you for joining us here today!
    • 0'
      Mourinho will certainly demand more from his men going forward, though they were able to weather the storm and produce enough individual quality, as well as a few classy team moves, to get the result they needed. Not brilliant, but winning: in the short-term, Jose may just take that.
    • 0'
      Newcastle, meanwhile, must simply keep doing what they have been and not let the goal conceded deflate them too much. They've had the better chances and attacked the space between Chelsea's midfield and defence fantastically well, and with a fit Cisse, may even be ahead.
    • 0'
      To be a fly in the dressing room today! Mourinho will want his side to be far better than they were, though the goal already looks to have given them a boost in the few short minutes they were on the pitch after going ahead. They're playing well below their level and are lucky to have not conceded,
    • 0'
      The two sides are walking out of the tunnel now - we'll have kick-off in just a few minutes!
    • 0'
      Chelsea at home are always an incredibly difficult task for any visiting team, however, and they've kept that up this season, conceding just three goals. Given that Newcastle have issues winning away from home this season, with four successive away losses coming into this game, Mourinho may feel con
    • 0'
      Newcastle can at least welcome back Krul in goal, who missed the club's last ten matches in all competitions due to an injury - it's perhaps no surprise that their last clean sheet was in the last match he started. Recent history is favorable to the visitors, who won four of the most recent six meet
    • 0'
      In team news, Courtois misses the match with a broken finger and thus Cech starts in goal for Chelsea. Zouma slots in as centre-back alongside Terry with Cahill, in indifferent form this season, benched. Newcastle's injury list is exhaustive and extensive, including Sissoko, Janmaat, Ameobi, Taylor,
    • 0'
      Newcastle (4-3-3): Krul; Janmaat, Coloccini, Williamson, Dummett; Sissoko, Anita, Colback; Cabella, Perez, Gouffran.
    • 0'
      Chelsea (4-2-3-1): Cech; Ivanovic, Zouma, Terry, Azpilicueta; Matic, Fabregas; Willian, Oscar, Hazard; Diego Costa.
    • 0'
      Since that defeat, Chelsea have done rather well and remain in first, but a shocking 5-3 loss at Tottenham on New Years' Day allowed Manchester City to level them on points. They were able to bounce back with a solid 3-0 win over Watford in the F.A. Cup, but questions will be asked if Mourinho's men
    • 0'
      For starters, Newcastle have a new manager, with Alan Pardew out and John Carver in, and they've been thoroughly unable to build upon that victory. They've lost to Arsenal, Tottenham, Sunderland, Manchester United, and Leicester between the cup and the league and will be absolutely desperate for a r
    • 0'
      Hello and welcome to our live match coverage of Chelsea va Newcastle! This match hardly needs an introduction; in the reverse fixture on December 6th, the visitors today became the first team in the Premier League this season to hand Jose Mourinho's men a defeat, ending all talks of an Invincibles'
    • 1'
      And we have kick-off! Newcastle begin with possession but lose it quickly off of a throw-in. The home side collect the ball and after trying to work it quickly down the right, play it back to the defence to build more slowly as the visiting team closes the gaps up the pitch.
    • 2'
      Azpilicueta takes a deep throw-in, looking for Costa, but Coloccini slides a boot in to hoof the ball clear. Terry is back in action once again looking to create something from deep.
    • 3'
      Chelsea's deep midfield players await runs from the forwards as they press, poke, and prod, but to no avail in these early minutes. Eventually, Willian takes matters into his own hands, going on a surging run from inside of his own half to about halfway into Newcastle's. Colback wins it and quickly
    • 4'
      Cabella is instrumental in winning the ball off of Willian as the wide player was racing down his channel but his side soon commits a foul on Ivanovic, giving Chelsea a chance to control the ball. Matic plays a high ball over the top, looking for Azpilicueta making a run into the box, but there's to
    • 6'
      Colback to Dummett to Williamson, as Newcastle go forward and back looking for just an inch to press forward. They get the job done scrappily as  Sissoko again wins the ball deep in Chelsea's half and forces a corner as his deflected cross came off of Azpilicueta.
    • 7'
      The set piece comes to nothing as it fails to beat the first man, with Oscar cutting it out for a throw-in. Cabella does a few step-overs before hoofing in a cross that hits Terry's outstretched arm. Newcastle have a free-kick just outside the box!
    • 8'
      Colback sends a whipping ball in off of his delivery that takes a strong header from Terry, racing across his own box, to clear. It's played in once again but Cech jumps high to gather.
    • 10'
      Off a poor Krul clearance. Chelsea win possession high in Newcastle's half, but the pass played in towards Diego Costa is underhit and easily cut out! That's an opportunity gone begging for the home side, who have started this match a little sloppily compared to their lofty standards.
    • 11'
      Janmaat and Willian tussle down the right flank, with the visitor dong brilliantly well to turn and drubble past his opponent. He loses the ball soon after, giving the number 22 a chance to counter, though his pass across the field to Ivanovic is read and intercepted by Newcastle's defence.
    • 12'
      Camped outside Newcastle's box, Chelsea move the ball around looking for an opening. Fabregas plays a quick pass towards Oscar that Williamson steps up to clear, and Ayoze counters but loses his footing in the home side's box after a challenge from Fabregas! The visitors are looking for a call but t
    • 14'
      Another solid attempt from Newcastle to bypass Chelsea's midfield but Cabella's pass in the box doesn't find Ayoze. The visitors so far have had the better of the play today.
    • 15'
      Hazard and Oscar combine high up the pitch before Janmaat can get in the way and hoof the ball clear. It's been a cagey start to the match, with neither side truly settled into a rhythm. Chelsea show a flash of their quality from seemingly nowhere as a fantastic ball from Fabregas over the defence j
    • 17'
      Terry races across his backline to hoof clear a fantastic through ball that was played high over his defence. Cabella regains possession from the throw-in and sends it to Colback, who sends a cross in that flashes just in front of Ayoze! Newcastle are flirting with the opening goal now!
    • 19'
      Matic commites a foul now as three Chelsea players surround Cabella to try and stop his forward surge. A free-kick is given and the Frechman continues where he left off, getting in between Zouma and Ivanovic to fire a shot that's deflected wide for a corner! The home side are truly struggling to get
    • 20'
      Just when Oscar looked to counter, Cabella dispossess him and the visitors are dominating the run of play now. The Frenchman is absolutely insatiable at the moment as he wins a free-kick from Ivanovic's poor challenge just outside the box, leaving his leg trailing to trip him up before he could fire
    • 21'
      WHAT A CHANCE! Gouffran sends a fantastic free-kick in that nearly catches Cech out, and the goalie saves it at the last second, before a follow-up header from Cabella is cleared before the line by Terry! Chelsea counter immediately with three men against two, and Costa tries to square it in the box
    • 23'
      That was Chelsea's first genuine quality chance today but some players are looking at Costa questioningly, wondering why he didn't shoot instead of trying to provide the assist. At any rate, the home side still have the ball and look energized by that chance. Matic plays a fantastic ball over the to
    • 24'
      Hazard out wide to Willian, who cuts it back for Ivanovic, who plays it deep to Fabregas, who uses Matic to switch field of play... more prodding from Chelsea but Newcastle are moving as a unit and preventing any chance from opening.
    • 26'
      After a cagey start, both teams are finding the midfield easier and easier to bypass now, but neither are truly making inroads once they reach the final third of the pitch. Chelsea enjoy large spells of the ball outside the box as Fabregas squeezes a tight pass through the defence to Oscar, but the
    • 28'
      The home side look to have stepped it up to another gear here, as Costa gets the ball by the byline and wins a corner off of Cabella. The Newcastle player contends it should be a goal-kick and the striker responds by telling him to shush. The corner is knocked out by Williamson, with Ivanovic ready
    • 30'
      Sissoko and Terry are both down here, as the defender rose high for the ball and landed awkwardly, with the midfielder being hit in the face by the ball as it came down. Both are soon on their feet and play resumes.
    • 32'
      WHAT A RUN FROM CABELLA! He races with the ball through the heart of the Chelsea defense, skipping past Matic and Terry before getting into the box and firing a shot that forces a diving save out of Cech!
    • 33'
      Newcastle work a solid team move from the ensuing corner, looping the ball over to the onrushing Janmaat on the other flank, but instead of crossing it back across the box, he tries a tricky shot from a wide angle, miskicking the ball very far away from the goal.
    • 34'
      Terry slides assertively into the ball to clear a pass set up for Ayoze. The visitors are really taking the game to Chelsea now, though in a split second nearly everything changes as Azpilicueta's cross is just beyond the outstretched toe of the contorting Costa! A half-chance for the home side.
    • 36'
      Chelsea are looking uncharacteristically vulnerable in their own half whenever they have the ball, with Cabella in particular benefitting from challenging the side and winning possession. Nevertheless, the home side counter, and with Costa a few steps ahead of Coloccini, tries to cut back instead of
    • 37'
      SI Filipe Luis SO Azpilicueta
    • 37'
      Filipe Luis enters play, replacing Azpilicueta.
    • 37'
      SISSOKO OFF THE BAR! On the counter, the midfielder lures Terry into sticking a boot out before skirting around him into the box, where he unleashes a thumping shot that beats Cech's hand and hits the upright!
    • 38'
      The first change of the match happens immediately after that, with Azpilicueta off with what appears to be a niggling groin issue and Filipe Luis sent on in his place.
    • 39'
      Chelsea continuing to look for a way forward but are having a much more difficult time getting into Newcastle's box than the visitors are having getting into their own. Ivanovic works his way forward though and wins a free-kick when the ball goes off of Gouffran and out of play.
    • 40'
      The corner comes to nothing but Hazard does well to shield the ball as he travels across the pitch to send it over to Willian. The Brazilian is grimacing after losing possession, but looks to continue playing on, despite what looks to be an impact between his thigh and Colback's knee.
    • 41'
      Scattered applause throughout the stadium for Filipe Luis, who calmly takes the ball down and touches it around Cabella with the Frenchman lurking deep in Chelsea's half, hoping to strike quickly.
    • 43'
      G Oscar Assist Azpilicueta
    • 43'
      Assist by B. Ivanović.
    • 43'
      GOOOOALLLLL CHELSEA! Out of seemingly nothing, too! The home side play a quick corner that catches the visitors completely unaware. Ivanovic gets the pass unmarked, runs to the byline, and slots it over to Oscar, who slots to ball into the net that gets deflected off of defender. Newcastle will feel
    • 44'
      The home side look to twist the dagger here as Willian races into the box, but him and Dummett collide, the Newcastle defender goes down, and the call is given in favor of the visitors.
    • 45'
      Chelsea are a totally different side now, as Williamson is booked for taking down Costa when the Brazilian flicked a fantastic Fabregas pass across his body to try and break into the box!
    • 46'
      The second half kicks off! No substitutes from either manager have been sent off following the interval and the home side get under way, but the visitors pick up from where they left off, with a strong Cabella tackle robbing Matic of possession following a weak pass across the field.
    • 48'
      Hazard tries to force his way through the midfield but finds Colback to be an annnoyingly difficult adversary to overcome, and he's soon dispossessed. In these early stages, Newcastle are playing everything down their right flank; Cabella sends a probing cross into the box but none of his teammates
    • 49'
      And just when it looks like Fabregas has found Ivanovic in the box, wit the right-back cutting the ball back expertly for Costa, the flag is up and the whistle is blown for offside. Once again, it's a moment of individual quality rather than fantastic team play that separates Chelsea from Newcastle,
    • 50'
      Hazard to Fabregas just outside the box, who tries to first-time the ball into the path of Costa, only for Coloccini to intercept. On the other end, Ayoze tries the same thing for Cabella and it's Terry who benefits and wins possession.
    • 52'
      Oscar slides in to win the ball on Gouffran in the midfield, with his studs showing slightly but not much malice in the tackle. The home side knocks the ball out of play as the Frenchman walks off the pitch, though he looks healthy enough to come back on and continue.
    • 53'
      Hazard whips a fantastic ball into the box, that dips in front of Krul and lingers for a few moments, giving Costa enough time to try and get to it but the striker can't keep the ball from rolling over the line!
    • 54'
      Costa gets the ball just outside of the box after a Fabregas backheel and crosses it; it hits Coloccini's hand, no call is made, and the home side are furious! The referee refuses to change his mind and Newcastle can count themselves lucky as it certainly looked to hit the defender's outstretched ha
    • 56'
      Matic, who's been quiet so far, makes an excellent tackle in the midfield to win possession back to his side. He switches field of play but Filipe Luis fails to keep the ball on the pitch as Chelsea continue to look a little bit wobbly as opposed to the imperious nature of their play that fans have
    • 58'
      J. Colback receives a yellow card.
    • 58'
      Colback enters the book now after pulling on Hazard's arm just as the Belgian skirted around him. Zouma gets the ball and tries to play a high ball towards Matic, but the midfielder is offside.
    • 59'
      G Diego Costa Assist Azpilicueta
    • 59'
      The assist came from Oscar.
    • 59'
      COSTA GOAAAAALLLL! And Chelsea have gotten quite used to that, haven't they?! It's a very well worked team move from the home side, finished in the box when a fantastically clever backheel from Oscar cuts out two defenders and sends the ball perfectly to the striker, who makes not mistake from just
    • 60'
      Newcastle will continue to feel like they deserved so much more here, though the bigger issues is how much worse this can become for the side, with Chelsea now passing the ball about with swagger and purpose.
    • 62'
      Oscar gets the ball on the edge of the box and sends it another cross, though it's cut out well by the visiting defence. Ayoze and Terry tangle once again, having been involved in an incident just minutes before, and for the second time in as many involvements, the call goes against the increasingly
    • 63'
      SI Sammy Ameobi SO Azpilicueta
    • 63'
      Gouffran is off for Ameobi now, to no real surprise, given his generally ineffectiveness and the fact that he was minorly injured earlier in the game. The sub makes an immediate impact, skipping around Ivanovic and sending in a cross/shot that whips dangerously close to the bar and forces Cech to pu
    • 65'
      The corner from Cabella comes to nothing as Costa clears the ball and then leads the counter. Dummett slides in studs up on Willian when he gets possession, earning himself a caution that turns out being Newcastle's 50th of the season!
    • 67'
      Ivanovic and Willian combine well down the right to keep possession for Chelsea deep in Newcastle's half, though as soon as they try to centre it, the visitors win it back. Zouma is forced into a decisive interception and soon it's with Matic, who zooms down the other end of the pitch.
    • 68'
      What a team move from Chelsea! Fabregas and Hazard combine beautifully to work the ball in the box, with first time passes, before crossing it to Filipe Luis, who nods it into Costa's path; from a contorted position, the striker fails to test Krul and fires it right at the goalkeeper! That easily co
    • 69'
      Filipe Luis continues the home side's ability to get joy down the left flank as he hoofs a cross into the box, that's initially cleared and then gathered by Costa in an offside position.
    • 71'
      Matic is booked for a very cynical challenge on Cabella, as he charged in and blocked the visiting player with his body just as he was skipping away from the midfielder. Free-kick to Newcastle, just inside Chelsea's half; it's taken high and nearly results in something when Terry and Zouma ave a mis
    • 74'
      To Newcastle's credit, they certainly haven't given up hope. Janmaat and Sissoko try to pull off something in the box, and though it doesn't quite work out, it shows how determine they are. Hazard on the other end, meanwhile, gets to the byline, beating half of the defence before Krul knocks the bal
    • 76'
      Oscar is yellow-carded.
    • 76'
      It's Willian and Ivanovic again down the right, looking for an opening, but solid pressing forces the Brazilian back to the halfway line before giving the ball to his defence. Soon Newcastle have it again, with Colback coming through the heart of the pitch before Oscar races in behind him and knocks
    • 78'
      Fabregas is dispossessed on the edge of the box though Newcastle fail to really do much of anything with the ball. Oscar comes off a few seconds later, taking his time to walk off the pitch, for Ramires.
    • 79'
      SI Ramires SO Azpilicueta
    • 79'
      Oscar is replaced with Ramires.
    • 79'
      SENSATIONAL FROM COSTA! He took the ball from Janmaat, cut across Williamson and Coloccini, and fired a dipping ball over Krul; before it can go in, Coloccini races back and clears it for a corner! That was destined to be a goal and top-class from the Premier League's top scorer!
    • 81'
      The ball is pinging back and forth between the two sides, with Chelsea certainly pressing for a third but seeming content at times just to hold onto possession and maintain their perfect home record in the league without losing a clean sheet in the process.
    • 83'
      Costa, who's had quite the match, comes off to a standing ovation for Loic Remy, who's proven to be a capable man to lead the front line in his own right on several occasions this season.
    • 84'
      SI L. Rémy SO Azpilicueta
    • 84'
      SI E. Rivière SO Azpilicueta
    • 84'
      M. Sissoko is replaced with E. Rivière.
    • 84'
      L. Rémy comes on for Diego Costa.
    • 84'
      Sissoko is substituted for Riviere, after starting the match quite brightly but fading over the course of the second half somewhat.
    • 86'
      With just minutes left here, the intensity and desire has really dropped on the pitch, with the home side in particular content with sideways passes now when forward passing would have been their aim minutes before. Willian, however, keeps on pressing Newcastle's defence, earning him applause from t
    • 88'
      Remy certainly hasn't given up here, sending in a low shot that crosses the box just in front of the far post! Newcastle counter, with Ayoze trying deperately to win a corner off of Ivanovic, but the full-back stands strong and wins possession just outside of his own box.
    • 90'
      An absolutely crucial and class slide by Zouma in the box to cut out a cross just as Ayoze was winding up to fire. The fourth official has announced four minutes of injury time; might there be another goal in this yet?!

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