Coppa Italia

  LEG 1  
  LEG 1  
  • Y. Gervinho 13’
  • K. Strootman 32’
  • Y. Gervinho 88’
  • 47’ G. Higuaín
  • 47’ M. De Sanctis (OG)
  • 70’ D. Mertens
0 Extra Time 0
3 Full Time 2
2 Half Time 0
Coppa Italia
Stadio Olimpico
Attendance 30,000


    • KICK OFF
    • 45'
      That's it for now as the referee signals for the break.
    • 90'
      That's it! The referee ends a classic!
    • 90'
      Last minute of the allotted time, as Napoli push for a late goal. This is not a bad score for them to take into the second leg by any stretch of the imagination though!
    • 45'
      Only one minute of time added here.
    • 90'
      Ghoulam, for the second time in this game, tries to test De Sanctis from long distance on a dead ball. And for the second time, he finds the target, this time forcing the keeper to awkwardly tip over the bar!
    • 0'
      That's my cue folks, it's been a pleasure.
    • 0'
      What a night in the Italian capital! Gervinho and Strootman sent Roma into a strong first half lead, but Napoli engineered a brilliant comeback through Higuain and Mertens to draw level. But Gervais had the first say, and he also had the last word, with a late goal to give the hosts a narrow 3-2 lea
    • 0'
      Napoli started with some intent, but Roma picked them off in sublime fashion twice to take a comfortable half time lead. Gervinho's composed finish and Strootman's thunderbolt have left the visitors with a lot of work to do to get back into this tie. Stay tuned for the restart shortly.
    • 0'
      Napoli have also claimed an impressive scalp in this season's Coppa, seeing off defending champs Lazio as they bid to win the competition for the second time in two years, following a 2-0 triumph over Juventus in 2012's showpiece.
    • 0'
      Roma have lost just once all season - to Juventus in the league, surprise, surprise. The Giallorossi still managed to dump the Old Lady out of this competition thanks to Gervinho's late MMA-style goal at this very ground.
    • 0'
      So strong lineups from both sides, and it's little surprise. With Juve comfortably in the lead in Serie A, both managers recognise that this competition may be each club's best chance for a trophy this season. It's second versus third as per the league table, Italy's meanest defence against one of t
    • 0'
      And in the blue corner, Rafa Benitez has brought back his big guns. Hamsik and Higuain, benced during Napoli's 3-0 loss to atalanta on the weekend, are back in the XI, while new faces Jorginho and Reveillere also play from the start.
    • 0'
      A loosely defined front three from Rudi Garcia tonight consisting of Totti, Ljajic and Gervinho. Expect the latter two to swap flanks with regularity, with the Roma skipper dropping deep to open up space for their runs in behind. Miralem Pjanic is also replaced by Radja Nainggolan in midfield, while
    • 0'
      ROMA (4-3-3): De Sanctis; Maicon, Benatia, Castan, Torosidis; Nainggolan, De Rossi, Strootman; Ljajic, Totti, Gervinho.
    • 0'
      NAPOLI (4-2-3-1): Reina; Maggio, Fernandez, Albiol, Reveillere; Inler, Jorginho; Insigne, Hamsik, Callejon; Higuain.
    • 0'
      Teams are in...
    • 0'
      Hello and wrlcome to what is sure to be a great one - Napoli visit Roma in the first leg of their Coppa Italia semi final. I'm Keeghann Sinanan, your designated scribe for all the action.
    • 1'
      Here we go!
    • 2'
      Shout out to the ground staff at Stadio Olimpico, who have worked night and day to get this pitch ready for today's encounter. Roma's weekend match with Parma was called off after eight minutes, with the area in the midst of a torrential downpour, and the pitch little better than a swamp.
    • 4'
      Some high balls to start the game from both sides, as both sides attempt to negate the conditions on hand. The pitch is playable, but you get the sense that it's still not in optimal condition.
    • 6'
      Decent opportunity from Napoli, who have been quicker to settle here. A low cross into the area is hastily pushed away by De Sanctis, as the visitors put the Roma goal under pressure early on.
    • 8'
      Roma struggling to get into any sort of rhythm. On the balance of play so far, tenuous as it has been, you can see that Napoli have set out their stall to grab themselves an away goal or two.
    • 10'
      Totti just goes a fraction early in his attempts to latch on to a long ball out of the back from Benatia, as Roma opt for the direct route towards the Napoli goal once again.
    • 12'
      Callejon and Inler link up n the right hand side, and the visitors offer a threat down that right hand side. There are three men in the box vying for the cross, but Torosidis gets his body in the way of the delivery.
    • 13'
      G Y. Gervinho Assist F. Totti
    • 13'
      F. Totti gave the assist.
    • 13'
      GERVAIS STRIKES AGAIN! Napoli were looking very comfortable, but one swift attack carves them apart! Totti releases a perfectly timed ball to match the run of Gervinho, who dinks past the onrushing Reina, and has an empty net to probe into! 1-0!
    • 13'
    • 15'
      The Ivorian forward is now Roma's top scorer, and has confidence literally oozing out of every orifice. He knocked out Juve, and has laid down a marker here against Napoli. What a difference from the shell of a man that played at the Emirates for two seasons.
    • 17'
      That goal wasn't even a question of Napoli being pushed two far forward and getting caught out. It really was a sublime Totti pass and a wonderful Gervinho run that opened them up. Napoli need to turn their positivity into penetration now.
    • 19'
      Now Roma are the side taking the initiative in this encounter. That goal has released their shackles in a sense, and they have forced a succession of corners. Napoli have some defending to do.
    • 20'
      It's a series of over-hit deliveries however, sailing above the heads of any interested parties in the box. Napoli finally wrangle a throw in to end the pressure around their goal.
    • 22'
      Totti stings the palms of Reina, as the Napoli defence moved into neutral and gave the skipper the invitation to have a strike on goal! Not good enough from the visitors, who are fading fast.
    • 24'
      SI F. Ghoulam SO F. Totti
    • 24'
      F. Ghoulam enters play, replacing A. Réveillère.
    • 24'
      It's been close to an even split as far as possession has gone. Meanwhile, there's trouble here for Reveillere, who seems unable to continue. Ghoulam, who was slated to start pre-match, will take his place. More injury woes for Rafa.
    • 26'
      Roma are beginning to dominate the midfield battle, and it's not just their trio of Nainggolan, De Rossi and Strootman who are causing them to come out on top. There's been some excellent tracking back from the front three, particularly Gervinho, who has won the ball in his own half twice now.
    • 28'
      Higuain is beginning to look really isolated now. Insigne has twice tried to burst forward from deep with the ball, but there's been no support otherwise, and the forward has been unable to pick out his Argentine counterpart.
    • 30'
      OOOOOOOOOOHHH, SPOKE TOO SOON! What a close, close shave for Napoli! Higuain uses a burst of acceleration to beat his man on the right, and he slides a deadly ball across the face of goal, that Callejon, sliding in, just fails to meet! Any contact and that was 1-1, no question.
    • 31'
      Another poor delivery from the hosts from dead ball situations. However, replays show that Strootman nearly had the shirt ripped from his back by Albiol on that play - that was ignored by the referee.
    • 31'
      Totti slams a long range free kick towards goal, which takes a nick en route to its way out for a corner.
    • 32'
      G K. Strootman Assist F. Totti
    • 32'
      Assist by R. Nainggolan.
    • 32'
      TOP, TOP CLASS FROM THE MIDFIELDER! He advances unopposed through the middle, and lets one fly with his left foot from at least 25 yards, which sails like a sniper's bullet into the top corner! Magnificent!
    • 32'
    • 34'
      Two excellent goals from the hosts, who have shaken off their poor start, and are flying here at home! Napoli have a long way back in the tie now, but one away goal, and suddenly things don't look too bad! Cup football people!
    • 36'
      Strootman's having the run of the midfield at the moment, as a swift turn frees him to release Nainggolan, who has acres to advance into. After a quick one two with Gervinho, he slams a shot into orbit.
    • 38'
      The interchange from the Roma front six is encouraging. Totti is dropping deep to overload the central areas, which is leaving some space for Gervinho and Ljajic to receive the ball.
    • 39'
      R. Nainggolan goes into the referee's book.
    • 40'
      Nainggolan slides in and catches Inler late - right in front of the referee. Yellow card, and Roma must be careful to keep their discipline, and not allow their opponents any glimpse back into this.
    • 42'
      Some beautifully smooth footwork from Insigne sees him beat two men on the left, but he telegraphs his intentions too much to De Sanctis. The keeper reads his curling shot towards the far corner easily, and makes a comfortable catch.
    • 44'
      SIDE NETTING! WHAT A CHANCE FOR ROMA! Maicon pokes a lovely ball that releases Gervinho on the break. Totti is free on the opposite flank, and it's a 2 on 1 break, but the Ivorian elects to go it alone. He stops at the byeline and cuts it back to Maicon who slams the ball into the side!
    • 45'
      MAGGIO WANTS A PENALTY! Torisidis hesitates under pressure from the Napoli right back, and is beaten to the ball inside the area. Maggio pokes the ball towards goal and then goes down in a heap. De Sanctis makes the save, and the referee correctly waves play on.
    • 46'
      Here we go again.
    • 47'
      G G. Higuaín Assist F. Totti
    • 47'
      M. De Sanctis is unfortunate, scores an own goal!
    • 47'
    • 49'
      Higuain's movement was excellent for that goal, but it was inevitable that De Sanctis, for better or for worse, would have some part to play against his former club. Game, and tie, well and truly on.
    • 51'
      Just the start to the half that Rafa and his charges would have wanted, and they nearly break through again, but Higuain's flick, intended to help Hamsik on his run, ends up taking the ball too far ahead of the midfielder and over the byeline.
    • 53'
      Ljajic gets a shot away after Napoli, Maggio specifically, fail to clair the ball. His effort is true on goal from 25 yards, but Reina springs to beat it around the post!
    • 55'
      A waste of a great counter attacking opportunity for the visitors, as Callejon sprints free down the right flank, and has Insigne to pick out in the box. Not the biggest target of course, but Insigne was unmarked, yet Callejon put that right into De Sanctis' path.
    • 56'
      Ljajic has another try from range as Napoli again fail to close him down properly outside the box. He misses the bottom corner by about a foot, but it was closer than it looked, and Reina was rooted to the spot, praying that it went off target!
    • 58'
      Ghoulam attempts to test the confidence and handling of De Sanctis with a driven free kick from all of 40 yards. The keeper needs a second grab to keep a hold of that one, ahead of a sea of yellow shirts waiting to lap up any spills!
    • 59'
      It's turned into a shooting gallery at the moment, as Nainggolan is the latest to take aim from a long way out, but he too fails to find the target, and Reina watches it roll comfortably wide of his right hand post in the end.
    • 60'
      SI M. Pjanić SO F. Totti
    • 60'
      M. Pjani? enters play, replacing R. Nainggolan.
    • 60'
      Reina needs to play libero for a moment, sprinting off his line to boot away the ball ahead of Gervinho, who would have well been in a dangerous position had he got there first!
    • 61'
      That Napoli right flank is really becoming wide open as the half has progressed. Maggio is beaten once again, as Ljajic weaves his way through traffic, only to see his driven effort slam off the side of the net!
    • 63'
      INSIGNE! He finds a series of gaps in the Roma defence, and skips into space inside the box. He loses his balance, but not before stabbing a shot towards goal that De Sanctis was well positioned to smother!
    • 65'
      SI M. Destro SO F. Totti
    • 65'
      F. Totti is done for the day. M. Destro is his replacement.
    • 65'
      Gervinho keeps himself onside to receive Pjanic's pass, and slides one across the face of goal towards Totti! The Roma skipper does not have the legs to catch up with that one at the far post however, and the chance is gone.
    • 65'
      GREAT reactions from Reina, as a deflected shot from Torosidis seemed to suddenly be angling inside the top corner! The keeper reads the misdirection well though, and keeps a hold of the ball to boot!
    • 66'
      SI D. Mertens SO F. Totti
    • 66'
      D. Mertens enters play, replacing M. Hamšík.
    • 66'
      In fact, that is Totti's last action of the game, as his number is called on the sidelines. Destro replaces him, while for Napoli, Hamsik is swapped for Mertens.
    • 68'
      All to play for as this match enters the latter stages. Both sides have looked capable of another goal, though the slight edge might go to Roma.
    • 70'
      G D. Mertens Assist F. Totti
    • 70'
      SUPER SUB FROM RAFA! The referee lets a foul on Higuain go, wisely, as it allowed Mertens to play the advantage, and the substitute takes full advantage! He skips past a challenge and slams the ball home!
    • 70'
    • 72'
      SI A. Florenzi SO F. Totti
    • 72'
      A. Florenzi enters play, replacing A. Ljaji?.
    • 72'
      Magnificent comeback from Napoli. Cup-specialist Benitez seems to be working his magic once again, as his side have looked a different animal after the break. The visitors have doubled the amount of goals that Roma have conceded at home this season in less than half an hour!
    • 74'
      Now the whole stadium is a little bit nervous. Sitting pretty at half time, they now find themselves with the short end of the stick on aggregate. That's not a criticism of their attacking play, which has been a joy to watch at times. You'll not find me calling a winner here, folks.
    • 76'
      This would be an amazing result for Napoli to take back to San Paolo for the second leg. Do they sit on their achievements so far, or try to go for the jugular and grab another goal! Still some positivity on the pitch from the visitors.
    • 78'
      Roma are endeavouring to find a third goal here, but Napoli have started to shift to a more defensive outlook, and are getting more bodies back in their own half. Quite possibly going to be a war of attrition outside the Napoli box for the last quarter of an hour or so.
    • 80'
      Still pretty soaked out there on the pitch, but thankfully, the conditions have not been a massive factor here. One might expect De Sanctis to blame a slippery ball for conceding the first Napoli goal, but otherwise, it's been an absolute treat.
    • 82'
      Florenzi wins a free kick on the left, perhaps an opportunity for Roma to pump it into the box? No, as it turns out, since the hosts opt to play it along the ground quickly instead.
    • 84'
      SI V. Behrami SO F. Totti
    • 84'
      V. Behrami comes on for G. Higuaín.
    • 84'
      Five years ago, Maicon might have caught up to a heavy pass from Pjanic down the right hand channel, but as it turns out, he simply does not have the speed anymore to keep up with that one.
    • 85'
      G. ?nler gets yellow.
    • 86'
      It's all rather petering out here, which is playing perfectly into Napoli's hands of course. Off goes Higuain, who has been excellent leading the line for the visitors, and on come Behrami to provide some industry in the midfield to see out the closing stages.
    • 87'
      Gervinho is always a threat on the counter, and wins a corner after chasing down a lost cause and forcing Maggio to slide the ball away from his feet!
    • 88'
      G Y. Gervinho Assist F. Totti
    • 88'
      A. Florenzi gave the assist.
    • 88'
      Another fantastic, fantastic goal from Roma. A superb one-touch link up between Florenzi, Destro and the Ivorian sees the former play the ball into the path of Gervais, who takes a touch and finishes clinically into the back of the net!
    • 88'
    • 89'
      Ninth time in 24 games now that Roma have scored a goal in the last 10 minutes of a match. No flukes here then, this side never gives up.
    • 90'
      Three minutes of time added on here, and no one really wants this to end!

    Line Up

    José Callejón



    Paulo Fonseca
    Carlo Ancelotti



    Possession 0% 0%
    Effective Chances 0 0
    Shots on Target 0 0
    Turnovers 0 0


    Passes 0 0
    Passing Accuracy 0% 0%
    Passing Accuracy in opponent’s half 0% 0%
    Crosses 0 0
    Crossing accuracy 0% 0%


    Shots 0 0
    Shots outside the box 0 0
    Shots inside the box 0 0
    Shooting accuracy 0% 0%


    Tackles 0 0
    Effective Tackles 0% 0%
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    Fouls Conceded 9 13
    Yellow Cards 1 1
    Red Cards 0 0
    Offsides 0 0

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