Arsenal vs Borussia Dortmund

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  • Arsenal 1
  • Borussia Dortmund 2

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Arsenal ARS

Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmu BVB
Goal Scorers
  • O. Giroud
    • 41minutes
Goal Scorers
  • H. Mkhitaryan
    • 16minutes
  • R. Lewandowski
    • 82minutes
Team Statistics
  • Goals at Half-time 1
Team Statistics
  • Goals at Half-time 1

Match Commentary

minute code event
90 COMMENT Gibbs gives away a throw right by the corner flag before conceding a free kick. Substitute Sokratis then plays the ball off Cazorla to win a corner and waste some more time as the first of three added minutes is played.
90 COMMENT Ozil exchanges passes with Cazorla before squaring to Arteta 30 yards out. The Spaniard fires a shot towards goal but Subotic charges it down brilliantly.
90 COMMENT Koscielny gives away a free kick 35 yards out, level with the edge of the penalty area. Dortmund are in no rush to put it in the box though, and choose to play it short and keep possession.
90 COMMENT Szczesny plays a short ball wide for Ozil, who looks to press forward. He exchanges passes with Mertesacker but is closed down and ends up conceding possession in the centre circle.
89 SI Substitute in S. Gnabry of Arsenal
89 SO Substitute out T. Rosický of Arsenal
89 COMMENT S. Gnabry enters play, replacing T. Rosický.
89 COMMENT Mistake by Szczesny as he miscontrols a pass and rushes his clearance under pressure from Aubameyang, giving it straight to a yellow shirt. The defence recovers, though, and it's put out for a throw.
87 SI Substitute in S. Papastathopoulos of Borussia Dortmund
87 SO Substitute out M. Reus of Borussia Dortmund
87 COMMENT M. Reus is replaced with S. Papastathopoulos.
87 COMMENT That substitution sees Ozil move into the middle, which is a slight surprise as he's had plenty of joy on the right flank in this half. Just a few minutes left for Arsenal to salvage something from this game.
86 SI Substitute in N. Bendtner of Arsenal
86 SO Substitute out A. Ramsey of Arsenal
86 COMMENT Reus fires the ball straight into the danger area but Koscielny does well to head it away from underneath his own crossbar. Meanwhile, Arsenal are preparing to bring on Nicklas Bendtner.
86 COMMENT N. Bendtner enters the game and replaces A. Ramsey.
85 YC Yellow card awarded to M. Özil of Arsenal
85 COMMENT Mertesacker is forced into rushing a pass and Dortmund press forward with their tails up. Hofmann looks for Aubameyang but Arsenal clear. The visitors come back through Hummels on the left, and the defender draws a clumsy challenge from Ozil, earning the midfielder a booking and giving Dortmund a da
85 COMMENT M. Özil receives a yellow card.
83 COMMENT That earlier elbow incident involving Lewandowski may be a slightly bigger talking point now...
82 AS Assist by K. Großkreutz (Borussia Dortmund)
82 G GOAL (Borussia Dortmund): Scored by R. Lewandowski
82 COMMENT The assist came from K. Großkreutz.
82 COMMENT LEWANDOWSKI SCORES!! DORTMUND ARE AHEAD AGAIN!! It's a real sucker punch from the visitors as they strike on the break. Aubameyang has it in midfield and spreads it wide to Grosskreutz. The defender floats it over every defender and Lewandowski darts in late to volley low past Szczesny into the net.
81 COMMENT Klopp's men look to be pretty happy with a point, here. They're passing it along the back much of the time and not committing too many men forward.
80 COMMENT Good chance for Arsenal as Sagna whips in a cross from the right-hand side and Giroud goes up for it. The ball flicks off his back and almost runs into the path of Cazorla, but Weidenfeller rushes out to smother it.
79 COMMENT Arteta and Cazorla link up yet again, before the latter tries to exchange passes with Ramsey but again the Wales man is closed down. The visitors have kept a close eye on him this evening.
77 COMMENT The heavens have opened in north London as the rain hammers down. The atmosphere has been slightly dampened, too, although the Dortmund fans haven't stopped cheering all night.
76 COMMENT Another great chance for Arsenal as Rosicky fires it out wide to Ozil on the right. The German squares it to the edge of the box for Cazorla who takes a touch, finds some space and rifles a shot towards goal, but Subotic is there to block his effort.
75 COMMENT Cazorla does brilliantly to hold the ball away before taking out three players at once with a pass inside to Arteta. The substitute then slides a pass into Ramsey but the Welshman is quickly closed down.
74 COMMENT Just over 15 minutes left at the Emirates Stadium. Cazorla has really boosted the hosts since coming on, but will anyone fashion a winner? You get the feeling there's at least one golden chance coming.
73 COMMENT Hummels telegraphs an intended pass out wide and Cazorla has plenty of time to intercept. He then tries to slide a pass through for Giroud but overhits it and Dortmund have possession again.
71 COMMENT Arteta spreads the ball wide to Gibbs on the left, and the full-back pushes down the flank but his cross is cleared. There's a first sniff for Aubameyang who sprints down the right-hand side but Arteta slides across brilliantly to put the ball into touch.
70 YC Yellow card awarded to S. Bender of Borussia Dortmund
70 COMMENT S. Bender goes into the referee's book.
69 COMMENT OFF THE BAR!! Arsenal go up a gear in a quick spell of one-touch passing on the right before Ozil plays it back to Cazorla, who runs on to the ball and curls a beautiful first-time effort on to the top corner of the woodwork. So close.
68 COMMENT Will those changes have any impact? Arsenal are enjoying more of the possession at the moment, but Dortmund are still creating plenty of their own. It's so even right now it's very hard to call a winner.
67 COMMENT Klopp decides he wants to change things around now, introducing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Jonas Hofmann for Blaszczykowski and Mkhitaryan.
66 SI Substitute in P. Aubameyang of Borussia Dortmund
66 SO Substitute out J. Błaszczykowski of Borussia Dortmund
66 SI Substitute in J. Hofmann of Borussia Dortmund
66 SO Substitute out H. Mkhitaryan of Borussia Dortmund
66 COMMENT J. Hofmann enters the game and replaces H. Mkhitaryan.
66 COMMENT Mertesacker goes up for a header at the far post but the whistle goes for a push by Koscielny in front of him. Ramsey hammers the ball into the net but the whistle had already gone.
66 COMMENT P. Aubameyang comes on for J. B?aszczykowski.
65 COMMENT Koscielny, impressively, didn't make much of that challenge and play goes on. Ozil wins a corner for the hosts at the other end.
64 YC Yellow card awarded to R. Lewandowski of Borussia Dortmund
64 COMMENT R. Lewandowski receives a yellow card.
64 COMMENT Ooh, possible red here? Lewandowski goes up for a header with Koscielny but appears to take the defender out with an elbow. The referee brandishes the yellow card straight away, implying he saw the incident, but doesn't deem it worthy of a sending off.
63 COMMENT Arteta switches play to the left for Gibbs, and the full-back sends a pass to Cazorla on the by-line. The substitute fires a low ball across the six-yard box, but Weidenfeller stops it at his near post.
62 COMMENT Hummels is next to try a long ball from the back, firing a high pass for Lewandowski, but it asks way too much of the striker and Szczesny gathers possession.
61 COMMENT The delivery is easily dealt with but Arsenal retain possession. It comes back to Rosicky, who tries to lift a high ball over for Giroud, but it goes straight out for a goal kick.
60 COMMENT Arsenal have more joy on the right-hand side as Cazorla switches it for Giroud, who sets Ozil away. The German moves into the box and wins a corner for the hosts...
59 COMMENT Arsenal suppress one Dortmund attack but then give it away again. It's spread wide to Blaszczykowski, who whips in a powerful cross looking for Reus, but the midfielder is penalised for a push in the box.
58 SI Substitute in Cazorla of Arsenal
58 SO Substitute out J. Wilshere of Arsenal
58 COMMENT J. Wilshere is done for the day. Cazorla is his replacement.
58 COMMENT That's the last action for Wilshere as he comes off to be replaced by Cazorla. The England man may still have been carrying that injury from the first half.
57 COMMENT Dortmund come forward but Arteta does really well to win the ball back and find Wilshere, who shows some excellent close control to skip away from a challenge. He then looks for Giroud with an ambitious ball with the outside of his foot, but it goes too far for the striker to chase.
56 COMMENT Danger for Arsenal as Grosskreutz is found in space on the right, but his first-time ball in is poor and goes straight through to Szczesny with plenty of Dortmund players arriving in the box.
55 COMMENT Reus tries to break forward but Giroud tracks back brilliantly to win the ball and find Wilshere. He runs out of options going forward, but ends up winning a throw for Arsenal after sloppy play at the back from Dortmund sees Weidenfeller slide in to save a corner and put it out into touch.
54 COMMENT Wilshere is almost caught out in midfield but ends up winning a free kick. It's been pretty scrappy so far in this second half.
53 COMMENT Lewandowski slides a pass through the Arsenal defence looking for Reus, but Koscielny comes across to block him off and the Dortmund man ends up fouling the Gunners defender right on the by-line.
51 YC Yellow card awarded to T. Rosický of Arsenal
51 COMMENT T. Rosický gets yellow.
51 COMMENT Grosskreutz pushes forward and tries to exchange passes with Reus. Koscielny eventually manages to clear the ball for Arsenal, though, at the second attempt after his initial header loops high in the air.
50 COMMENT Arsenal are penalised as Arteta and Rosicky both go in on Mkhitaryan and the midfielder ends up flat on his back.
49 COMMENT Blaszczykowski is caught by Gibbs out on the flank and Dortmund have a free kick. The visitors don't rush to get it forward, though, as they play it back across the defence.
48 COMMENT Dortmund steal it in midfield and Sahin tries to lift the ball over for Lewandowski, but Gibbs is across to cut it out. The defender almost makes a complete mess of his clearance as it comes back to hit himself, but Mertesacker tidies up.
47 COMMENT Good early move for Arsenal as Rosicky fires an excellent ball through for Ozil. The midfielder drives towards the area and flicks it to Wilshere on the overlap, but his pulled back cross doesn't find a man in the box and Dortmund clear.
46 COMMENT Play resumes in north London as Dortmund get the second half underway.
45 COMMENT Grosskreutz comes forward along the right, and tries an ambitious effort from out wide which flies well over the bar.
44 COMMENT Subotic launches a high ball forward and there's a slight mix-up between Mertesacker and Koscielny. Lewandowski chases on to the loose ball but Sagna sprints to get in front of him and draws a foul from the striker.
42 COMMENT That's a massive boost for Wenger's men, who have shown real character since going behind. It looks set to be level at the break.
41 G GOAL (Arsenal): Scored by O. Giroud
41 COMMENT GIROUD SCORES!! IT'S LEVEL!! The hosts had grown since the goal and they're level as Ramsey spreads wide to Sagna, who whips in a brilliant early cross. Subotic and Weidenfeller both go for it and it comes off the goalkeeper's hip, bouncing up for Giroud, who blasts a volley into the empty net from
40 COMMENT It's a poorly-worked routine, though, as Reus' flicked ball deflects off a defender and goes through to Szczesny.
39 COMMENT Immediately there's a chance at the other end as Dortmund have a free kick halfway inside the Arsenal half...
38 COMMENT OFF THE LINE!!! Arsenal so close to an equaliser! Giroud gets in behind Hummels and tries to find a man in the box but it's headed away. It only comes out as far as Rosicky, though, and the midfielder drills a volley from the edge of the box which beats Weidenfeller, but Hummels is there on the line
37 COMMENT Lewandowski is put under some pressure of his own by Arsenal and he gives away a throw in his own half. Ramsey tries a flicked pass through for Wilshere but Schmelzer cuts it out.
36 COMMENT Wilshere chases a diagonal ball from Rosicky down the right-hand side, but is slightly taken by surprise and can only catch up to it to save the goal kick and but it out for a throw.
35 COMMENT Koscielny spreads an excellent ball wide for Wilshere, but again there's another sloppy pass as he looks for Ramsey but sees it cut out by Mkhitaryan.
33 COMMENT Arteta does well to win the ball in midfield and finds Ozil, who looks for Rosicky but it's cut out. It's not quite coming off for the Germany man so far tonight.
32 COMMENT Wilshere is back on the pitch but still looks slightly uncomfortable. Wenger will be hoping he can hold out until the break.
31 COMMENT Koscielny charges into the Dortmund half and almost loses the ball but manages to find Rosicky. The midfielder plays it to Ramsey, who finds some space to try an effort from 30 yards which skips low, but wide of the target.
30 COMMENT Wilshere hasn't got up since that challenge with Weidenfeller. He's down receiving treatment behind the goal at the moment. That would be a real blow for the Gunners.
29 COMMENT Chance for Arsenal as Bender gives it straight to Rosicky, who flicks a superb pass over the top. Wilshere chases but Weidenfeller comes out to play it off the midfielder and put it out for a goal kick.
28 COMMENT Lewandowski challenges Mertesacker and looks to be through for a one-on-one, but the referee blows his whistle for a shove by the striker.
27 COMMENT It's gone rather quiet again inside the Emirates, save for the ever-noisy yellow corner of Dortmund fans. Wilshere almost gets the ball in an advanced position but Grosskreutz hacks it across the pitch and out for a throw.
26 COMMENT Almost an embarrassing moment for Weidenfeller as the ball comes back to the goalkeeper and he slips, almost allowing it out for a corner, but manages to recover and keep it in play right in front of the official behind the goal.
25 COMMENT Arsenal are passing it along the back, but Mertesacker hesitates slightly and is forced to concede a throw in midfield. Lewandowski flicks a header on to Blaszczykowski, who lifts it brilliantly over the defence but Reus is offside.
23 COMMENT Ozil whips it in from the set piece and Koscielny goes up to win the header but it goes over. The defender claims it came off a Dortmund head but the referee gives a goal kick.
22 YC Yellow card awarded to M. Hummels of Borussia Dortmund
22 COMMENT M. Hummels receives a yellow card.
22 COMMENT Ooh, this is close! Giroud cuts in from the right-hand side after good work to dispossess Schmelzer, and Hummels slides in on the forward, taking him out just before he gets in the box. A good chance for Arsenal, here...
21 COMMENT Ozil gets a bit of space in midfield and the ball gets worked wide to Gibbs, who lines up an early cross from the left but hits it way too hard and Dortmund have possession again.
20 COMMENT Almost halfway through the first half, then, and you'd have to say Dortmund have been the better side and arguably deserve their lead. Giroud is looking very isolated for the Gunners, while the likes of Ozil and Rosicky are having to drop very deep to see the ball.
19 COMMENT Arsenal have a throw and Wilshere collects it on the right-hand side, but Hummels slides in brilliantly to win the ball, before Koscielny gives away a free kick in midfield and Dortmund keep possession.
17 COMMENT That goal has certainly made it noisier. The Dortmund fans were making all the noise but that's fires up the home supporters, who know their team aren't looking up to scratch so far.
16 AS Assist by R. Lewandowski (Borussia Dortmund)
16 G GOAL (Borussia Dortmund): Scored by H. Mkhitaryan
16 COMMENT MKHITARYAN SCORES!! DORTMUND LEAD!! Ozil cuts out a ball by Reus and plays it to Ramsey, but the midfielder hesitates and Reus steals the ball. Lewandowski picks it up and squares to Mkhitaryan, who gets it on to his right foot before drilling the ball low past Szczesny into the corner from 18 yards
16 COMMENT R. Lewandowski provided the assist.
14 COMMENT Ozil drops deep to collect the ball and plays it wide to Sagna, who immediately comes under pressure from Schmelzer, but the defender does well to win a throw on the halfway line.
13 COMMENT Hummels tries a long ball over the top looking for the run of Reus, but the defender massively overhits the pass and it goes out for a goal kick to Arsenal.
12 COMMENT Wide! Arsenal counter forward but Giroud loses out and Dortmund break themselves through Lewandowski, who spreads wide to Reus. The midfielder has space so fires an effort from 25 yards but it flies wide of Szczesny's far post.
11 COMMENT It's fairly quiet in the stands at the moment, echoing the tentative start on the pitch. Neither side has really got going yet.
10 COMMENT Arsenal finally string a few good passes together as Wilshere lifts it to Rosicky, who spreads the ball wide to Sagna. The full-back cuts inside before trying to slide a pass through for Ramsey, but it's easily cut out.
9 COMMENT Hummels blasts a header forward and Lewandowski flicks it wide into the path of Reus, who looks to return it to the Poland striker in the middle, but Mertesacker reads it well again and hacks the ball away.
8 COMMENT The visitors are enjoying plenty of early possession, here. Wenger's men haven't quite settled into their familiar passing rhythm just yet.
7 COMMENT Blaszczykowski pops up on the left and plays the ball into Lewandowski, who tries to find some space but he's rapidly closed down by three Arsenal players, and the hosts clear the danger.
6 COMMENT Dortmund clearly fancy their chances from range tonight. Hummels picks the ball up in midfield and strides forward, but doesn't see a viable passing option so hammers the ball into the stands from 35 yards.
5 COMMENT Ozil concedes possession and Reus plays a one-two with Lewandowski, looking to break free in the box, but Mertesacker reads the danger and comes across to clear.
4 COMMENT Dortmund win the ball back and Lewandowski has a chance to push forward. He spreads it wide to Grosskreutz, who charges towards the box before firing a wayward effort high and wide from 20 yards.
3 COMMENT Bender is penalised for challenging Rosicky illegally in midfield, and Arsenal have possession as it's spread wide to Sagna, who wins a throw for the hosts.
2 COMMENT There's plenty of zip in the early passing from Arsenal, before Olivier Giroud produces a stray touch to give it away. Jack Wilshere then slides in hard on Marco Reus, conceding a free kick on halfway.
1 COMMENT We're underway as Arsenal get the ball rolling for the first half.
0 COMMENT In the other game in Group F it's Marseille 0-1 Napoli, meaning Arsenal's lead is cut to one point as things stand, while Dortmund will be two points behind the Italians in third.
0 COMMENT Wenger's side will be feeling confident after two wins from two already in this year's competition, and they have a good home record against German clubs, having won nine and drawn one of 13 encounters.
0 COMMENT Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from the Emirates Stadium as the Champions League resumes with Arsenal hosting Borussia Dortmund. The Gunners - who lead the Premier League - are sitting pretty at the top of Group F, while Jurgen Klopp's men bounced back from defeat to Napoli with a fine 3-0 win o
0 COMMENT It finished Marseille 1-2 Napoli in the other Group F game, meaning the French side are still without a point, while the other three are all on six after two wins and a defeat each.
0 COMMENT Not long to go until kick-off at the Emirates Stadium, now. The teams march out to plenty of noise; it promises to be a fascinating encounter this evening!
0 COMMENT ARSENAL: Szczesny; Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs; Arteta, Wilshere; Ramsey, Ozil, Rosicky; Giroud. // Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Monreal, Jenkinson, Cazorla, Gnabry, Bendtner.
0 COMMENT So, the Gunners make two changes from their win over Norwich at the weekend, welcoming Aaron Ramsey back into the XI, while Tomas Rosicky also earns a start as Santi Cazorla drops out along with the injured Mathieu Flamini.
0 COMMENT Lewandowski and Reus caused problems for Arsenal early on in the half, but they grew more isolated as time when on and as the Gunners took more of a foothold. Will either manager be tempted to make a change to try and sway things in their favour?
0 COMMENT The last meeting between these two was also in the group stage of the Champions League, and two goals from Robin van Persie earned the Gunners a 2-1 win over the Bundesliga club in November 2011.
0 COMMENT It's a disappointing result for the Gunners, who face some tricky Premier League fixtures over the coming weeks. Jurgen Klopp, though, will be delighted with to come away with the win in a very tough away fixture.
0 COMMENT Not long until the restart at the Emirates Stadium, then. Giroud was often isolated but worked extremely hard for the hosts and fully deserved his goal. Can he inspire the Gunners to go on to win and maintain their 100 per cent record in the Champions League this season?
0 COMMENT Dortmund, meanwhile, haven't won in England since they beat Manchester United 1-0 in the semi-final way back in 1997; the year they won the competition. They've drawn three and lost one of their four visits since. Can last year's runners-up turn that around tonight?
0 COMMENT The team news is in so let's bring you the line-ups, starting with Arsene Wenger's side...
0 COMMENT That's all from our LIVE coverage of the Champions League this evening. Matchday four sees the rematch of tonight's fixtures so Arsenal travel to Dortmund next knowing they need a good result to stay in contention. For now, though, it's goodnight!
0 COMMENT There's a massive German contigent turning one corner of the stadium yellow tonight. The Gunners fans will have their work cut out to keep them quiet.
0 COMMENT DORTMUND: Weidenfeller; Grosskreutz, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer; Bender, Sahin; Blaszczykowski, Mkhitaryan, Reus; Lewandowski. // Subs: Langerak, Durm, Sokratis, Kirch, Hofmann, Aubameyang, Schieber.
0 COMMENT That's HALF TIME at the Emirates Stadium and it's 1-1 at the break after Giroud's strike cancelled out Mkhitaryan's early opener for the visitors. It's been pretty even so far, so it's set up nicely for the second half.
0 COMMENT Dortmund boss Klopp, meanwhile, makes three switches from his side's 1-0 win over Hannover, with Mats Hummels and Marcel Schmelzer coming into defence, while Poland midfielder Jakub Blaszczykowski is in for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
0 COMMENT That's FULL TIME at the Emirates Stadium and it's finished 2-1 to Dortmund in the rain after Robert Lewandowski's late volley. The result means the Germans are now level with Arsenal in Group F with six points.

Match Statistics


Possession (%) 54
Goals 1
Yellow Cards 2
Fouls 14
Offsides 3
Corners 2
Shots on Target 1
Shots Blocked 2
Shots Wide 2
Free Kicks 15
Throw Ins 24
Goal Kicks 7

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