Borussia Dortmund vs Marseille

Current Score

  • Borussia Dortmund 3
  • Marseille 0

Match Profile

Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmu BVB


Marseille OM
Goal Scorers
  • R. Lewandowski
    • 19minutes
  • M. Reus
    • 52minutes
  • R. Lewandowski (PG)
    • 80minutes
Goal Scorers
Team Statistics
  • Goals at Half-time 1
Team Statistics
  • Goals at Half-time 0

Match Commentary

minute code event
90 COMMENT And barely a second after the third added minute, the referee ends the game.
90 COMMENT Lewandowski's penalty, by the way, was a landmark goal for Dortmund, their 300th in Uefa competition.
90 COMMENT Not much happening in added time, with the game long sealed up by Dortmund. The fans inside Signal Iduna Park though, are enjoying every minute of this.
90 COMMENT Three minutes of added time to go folks.
88 SO Substitute out H. Mkhitaryan of Borussia Dortmund
88 SI Substitute in S. Papastathopoulos of Borussia Dortmund
88 COMMENT Mkhitaryan also makes way for Sokratis. No, I'm not about to begin to type his last name at this late stage.
88 COMMENT H. Mkhitaryan is done for the day. S. Papastathopoulos is his replacement.
86 COMMENT That Mandanda is better with his legs than his hands it seems, as he sticks out his left peg to divert a stinging Sahin drive around the post!
84 COMMENT Both sides make changes, Ayew replacing Valbuena, Thauvin on for Khalifa and Hofmann relieving the man of the match elect, Reus.
82 SI Substitute in J. Hofmann of Borussia Dortmund
82 SO Substitute out M. Reus of Borussia Dortmund
82 COMMENT Dortmund can really use this opportunity to pad their their goal difference if they so desired. Marseille are completely trampled here.
82 COMMENT M. Reus is replaced with J. Hofmann.
81 SO Substitute out S. Khelifa of Marseille
81 SI Substitute in F. Thauvin of Marseille
81 SO Substitute out M. Valbuena of Marseille
81 SI Substitute in J. Ayew of Marseille
81 COMMENT M. Valbuena is replaced with J. Ayew.
81 COMMENT F. Thauvin comes on for S. Khalifa.
80 PG GOAL (Borussia Dortmund): Penalty scored by R. Lewandowski
80 COMMENT No mistake from Lewandowski, who fires it straight down the middle as Mandanda dives haplessly to his right!
80 COMMENT Just after I finish complimenting him, N'Koulou throws it in my face, tripping the goalbound Reus near the byeline. No complaints from the defender, as clear a spot kick as you might see.
77 COMMENT N'Koulou takes one for the team, bringing down Lewandowski and quickly accepting a yellow as retribution. Another one of Marseille's bright spots in the night, the central defender.
76 YC Yellow card awarded to N. N'Koulou of Marseille
76 COMMENT N. N'Koulou is yellow-carded.
75 COMMENT In an increasingly rare moment of attacking intent from Marseille, Ayew, one of their better players, gets past Grosskreutz on the flank, but cannot beat the first man with his cross. About the first time that KG has been bettered tonight.
73 SO Substitute out D. Payet of Marseille
73 SI Substitute in M. Lemina of Marseille
73 COMMENT Dortmund win another corner, which Sahin meets, but heads tamely into Mandanda's hands. Had that been someone like Hummels or Subotic, you get the feeling that Dortmund would have had a third.
73 COMMENT M. Lemina enters the game and replaces D. Payet.
71 SO Substitute out P. Aubameyang of Borussia Dortmund
71 SI Substitute in J. Błaszczykowski of Borussia Dortmund
71 COMMENT Well I got that one completely wrong. Off goes Aubameyang, whose race is quite literally run, and on comes Blaszczykowski, another lightning fast runner, in his stead.
71 COMMENT P. Aubameyang is done for the day. J. B?aszczykowski is his replacement.
69 COMMENT Dortmund preparing to make a change, the noise is that Mkhitaryan will be the sacrifice. No word yet on the replacement.
67 COMMENT Reus is another one to miss the target as Dortmund just keep coming, always on the counter attack. Marseille are playing right into their hands.
65 YC Yellow card awarded to R. Fanni of Marseille
65 COMMENT Poor Valbuena is taking a beating. Bender clatters him with a high boot, and is promptly disciplined with a yellow.
65 COMMENT R. Fanni receives a yellow card.
64 YC Yellow card awarded to S. Bender of Borussia Dortmund
64 COMMENT S. Bender gets yellow.
64 COMMENT Mkhitaryan narrowly misses the target on another swarming BVB advance, as Mandanda, with some measure of relief, collects the ball for a goal kick.
62 YC Yellow card awarded to N. Subotić of Borussia Dortmund
62 COMMENT N. Suboti? receives a yellow card.
62 COMMENT And very nearly are! Aubameyang is the one played in centrally, and with the defence backpedaling, he drills it off target! Should have really found his range from there. Meanwhile, Subotic is booked for pulling back Valbuena.
60 COMMENT Dortmund, direct and dazzling. Marseille, plodding and ponderous. The visitors can easily be picked off on the counter here.
58 COMMENT This could get ugly for Marseille. Durm joins in on the fun, sprinting forward from defence and latching onto a Mkhitaryan through ball, with only the feet of Mandanda preventing him from curling into the far corner!
54 COMMENT A seemingly innocuous foul from Romano has ended up costing his side dear, as the ever-present Reus gets his name deservedly on the scoresheet, albeit in unorthodox fashion. Hard to see a way back for the visitors now.
52 G GOAL (Borussia Dortmund): Scored by M. Reus
52 COMMENT Dortmund play that deep free kick right into the heart of the area through Reus, and it goes straight in! Hummels looked to have had a flick, and Aubameyang smashed it home to make sure, but Reus will claim it after some shoddy stuff in goal from Mandanda!
51 YC Yellow card awarded to A. Romao of Marseille
51 COMMENT A. Romao goes into the referee's book.
51 COMMENT Romano has become our first booking of the game for fouling Bender.
50 COMMENT Dortmund get their first shooting opportunity of the new half, Sahin drives it in with the outside of his boot, but there's nowhere near enough power to trouble Mandanda.
48 COMMENT Hang on! An early Dortmund corner comes swinging in, and hits a Marseille player. The hosts appeal furiously for handball, but to no avail! Looks like a correct decision by the officials.
46 COMMENT Here we go again folks!
45 COMMENT Marseille pass and pass the ball into oblivion for the remainder of added time, and the referee signals for the break.
45 COMMENT Into the first and only minute of stoppage time.
44 COMMENT A sleepwalking and lazy Marseille back four are bailed out by a slight mistiming of Lewandowski's run - the Pole gets in behind to stroke the ball into the back of the net, but he had strayed a yard offside, and it's chalked off instantly.
43 COMMENT Marseille are playing a dangerous game here, as another foray breaks down in the Dortmund box, allowing Grosskreutz to release Aubameyang again on that right flank. The forward easily outpaces his marker, but when it comes time to pick out a cross he whacks it right into Mendy.
41 COMMENT Mkhitaryan releases Aubameyang on his bike down the right, and he whips in a surprisingly decent cross at pace, but no one in yellow and black is there to meet and greet.
40 COMMENT Five minutes to go until the break, and Marseille have held 57 percent of possession so far. But you would be a brave and foolish man to assume any other form of superiority for the Ligue 1 outfit in this game - Dortmund have bossed it.
38 COMMENT Sahin pings the ball cutely forward for Reus on the left, who comes centrally but makes his intentions to curl the ball into the opposite corner too obvious - N'Koulou reads his mind, and makes the tackle.
36 COMMENT Aubameyang just can't bring a long ball under control, and Ayew determinedly sprints back into his own box to confront the forward. He wins the ball, and is rewarded with a shove in the face by Aubameyang, which is quickly whistled by the ref.
34 COMMENT Dortmund, wisely, are taking a short spell away from their relentless pressing approach and are letting Marseille have the ball a little more. Too often in their debut Champions League campaign, the Germans would burn themselves too early out by playing on full tilt every second.
32 COMMENT In case you're wondering, Mesut Ozil and Olivier Giroud have given Arsenal a 2-0 lead over Napoli in the other Group F clash.
30 COMMENT Durm with a robust challenge on Fanni to prevent him getting a ball in. The 21-year-old lefty perhaps rode his luck with that early challenge on Khalifa, but has put in an absolutely accomplished display otherwise. Nice assist, too.
28 COMMENT Valbuena, with two or three white shirts to latch onto in the box, shifts the ball onto his right foot and bends in an inswinger...that flies over the head of everyone. Nikola Zigic piggybacking on Peter Crouch could not have even grazed that cross.
27 COMMENT A belated piece of decent football from Marseille, as Valbuena flicks the ball into Payet. Dortmund take their sweet time closing him down, so he accepts the invitation to launch away from 25 yards, but Langerak is more than equal to it!
25 COMMENT Dortmund playing Marseille completely off the park. The pace of the game is unbelievable, but absolutely typical of this mesmerizing, and supremely fit Bundesliga side.
23 COMMENT Straight back up the pitch come Dortmund, and the absolutely electric Marco Reus makes his own bones down the right flank, teeing up Lewandowski for a surefire tap-in, but Mandanda sticks out a meaty thigh to block the shot excellently!
22 COMMENT But Langerak, standing in for the suspended Weidenfeller, gets down well to his near post to parry the diminutive midfielder's set piece!
21 COMMENT Dangerous free kick opportunity for Valbuena, just about 25 yards out, after Hummels trips Ayew.
19 AS Assist by E. Durm (Borussia Dortmund)
19 G GOAL (Borussia Dortmund): Scored by R. Lewandowski
19 COMMENT Assist by E. Durm.
19 COMMENT What a fantastic and oh so typical Dortmund counter! Durm, Mkhitaryan and Reus slice through the Marseille midfield, go straight to the other end of the pitch, and the young left back slides it into Lewa, who cannot help but score from a yard out!
17 COMMENT Reus is suddenly in the thick of things, narrowly straying offside on a run down the wing, before repeating the feat legally on the next play, but shanking his cross into the side netting.
15 COMMENT Dortmund keep coming, and Reus drives towards goal, only to see N'Koulou plant right in his path and muscle him off his shot!
14 COMMENT Mendes slips on an invisible banana peel, and suddenly, Sahin has the gap he needs to thread in Lewandowski...but no! Offside on the Pole. Correct decision, just, and Mendes fakes tying his laces to justify his gaffe.
12 COMMENT Sahin has a shot blocked against N'Koulou from the top of the box. Good heart from the defender to put his body in the way.
10 COMMENT Replays don't make that one any clearer, it was honestly a 50-50 call. Home field advantage perhaps working in BVB's favor on that occasion, because that came right in front of the ferocious Sudtribune end!
9 COMMENT NOW THEN! Dortmund caught napping in midfield, and Khalifa is played in behind Durm. The young fullback recovers his ground, and puts pressure on Khalifa, who goes tumbling just before pulling the trigger! The referee, after a moment of contemplation, waves play on!
7 COMMENT Reuuusssss! The mercurial forward draws a smart save from Mandanda after shifting his weight onto a powerful shot! Marseille hack away in some distress.
6 COMMENT Mkhitaryan slices and dices the defence after a lovely one-two with facilitator Reus...but he plays the cross right into the defender at the near post.
4 COMMENT A tidy start from both sides, but Dortmund are definitely looking more comfortable on he ball. Marseille slower to get into rhythm.
2 COMMENT Early catching practice for Mandanda after a speculative Aubameyang cross. Dortmund win it back immediately, and Reus sends another warning shot Mandanda's way with a half-volley that nevertheless flies into orbit.
1 COMMENT Bang. Marseille get the ball rolling!
0 COMMENT Jurgen Klopp of course sits this one out after his snarling, frothing wrath against the assistant referee during their initial game against Napoli, with Zeljko Buvac acting in his stead. We won't be short on sideline animation though with Elie Baup, who once broke his hand with a particularly venomo
0 COMMENT That's my cue folks, bye for now.
0 COMMENT Let's head to our first port of call, the starting XI's.
0 COMMENT MARSEILLE: Mandanda, N'Koulou, Mendes, Mendy, Fanni, Payet, Romao, Imbula, Valbuena, A Ayew, Khalifa.
0 COMMENT Don't sleep on this Marseille side either, who have been in solid form this season, third in Ligue 1, only a point off the summit of the table. They gave Arsenal a run for their money in their group opener, and will take no prisoners tonight in Germany with the likes of Valbuena and Ayew in their ra
0 COMMENT The teams are out, the Champions League anthem has been sounded in its typically ominous and awe-inspiing fashion. We're ready for the jump folks...
0 COMMENT A thoroughly enjoyable game to watch, where Dortmund's scintillating counter attacking game has been in full flow. One such move fashioned the opener for Lewandowski in whirlwind fashion, and Marseille could perhaps count themselves lucky that only a goal separates the sides at the interval. Join me
0 COMMENT Dortmund romp to a deserved win at home against Marseiile that puts them right back into the mix at the top of Group F. Reus and a Lewandowski double put paid to the French side, in a game that could have gotten ugly, such was the superiority of the hosts. Marseille are in all kinds of trouble, sitt
0 COMMENT Greetings everyone, and welcome to a particularly mouth watering clash between Borussia Dortmund and Olympique Marseille at Signal Iduna Park! My name is Keeghann Sinanan, your designated scribe for the evening.
0 COMMENT DORTMUND: Langerak, Grosskreutz, Subotic, Hummels, Durm, Bender, Sahin, Blaszczykowski, Reus, Aubameyang, Lewandowski.
0 COMMENT Losing starts for both sides in their respective Group F openers, but Jurgen Klopp has already stoked the fires ahead of this one by hinting that BVB will be out for revenge, after Marseille beat them in both group games during the 201-12 campaign. It's definitely a more mature and fearsome Dortmund

Match Statistics

Borussia DortmundBVB

Possession (%) 48
Goals 3
Yellow Cards 2
Fouls 20
Offsides 4
Corners 5
Shots on Target 6
Shots Blocked 3
Shots Wide 5
Free Kicks 8
Throw Ins 23
Goal Kicks 6
Penalties 1