Paris Saint-Germain vs RSC Anderlecht

Current Score

  • Paris Saint-Germain 1
  • RSC Anderlecht 1

Match Profile

Goal Scorers
  • Z. Ibrahimovic
    • 70minutes
Goal Scorers
  • D. de Zeeuw
    • 68minutes
Team Statistics
  • Goals at Half-time 0
Team Statistics
  • Goals at Half-time 0

Match Commentary

minute code event
90 YC Yellow card awarded to T. Kaminski of RSC Anderlecht
90 SI Substitute in B. Nuytinck of RSC Anderlecht
90 SO Substitute out D. de Zeeuw of RSC Anderlecht
90 COMMENT The home side are now resorting to long balls into the area. Although they will remain unbeaten in Europe this season, tonight looks as though it will end in frustration for Blanc's men.
90 COMMENT Five minutes of injury time have been given, though, and that could spell trouble for the away side.
90 COMMENT There is some gamesmanship on show now as the Anderlecht goalkeeper clashes with his own defender and stays down for a lengthy period. Anderlecht appear ready to do whatever it takes to run down the clock.
90 COMMENT SAVE! The final chance of the night falls straight to Thiago Silva! The Brazilian is found in yards of space but his header goes straight to Kaminski!
90 COMMENT The Ligue 1 champions are lacking a cutting edge, however, although Anderlecht are falling deeper and deeper. Alex threads Menez through in the area, though the Frenchman is given offside - and has his effort saved anyway.
90 COMMENT D. de Zeeuw is replaced with B. Nuytinck.
90 COMMENT T. Kaminski gets yellow.
90 COMMENT The Belgians are so close to their first Champions League point they can smell it!
89 COMMENT It is all PSG at the moment as the French side put the visitors through their paces.
87 SI Substitute in Y. Tielemans of RSC Anderlecht
87 SO Substitute out A. Mitrović of RSC Anderlecht
87 COMMENT Mitrovic comes off in a defensive change. He is replaced by a 16-year-old!
87 COMMENT The Belgian side are playing a 4-5-0 here. Their first point in this season's Champions League awaits... If they can defend for several more minutes.
85 COMMENT Anderlecht look more than capable of holding on for a draw here. All it will take is one moment for PSG but they do not look at their threatening best here tonight.
84 COMMENT Motta - not Ibrahimovic - curls the ball towards goal... But it is deflected off for a corner by the wall.
83 COMMENT Another free kick is given now as Menez falls just outside the area. It looked as though he slipped!
82 Y2C Second Yellow card awarded to S. Klještan of RSC Anderlecht
82 COMMENT RED CARD! Kljestan is off! What was he thinking? The American has been brilliant all night but, already on a yellow, he sticks his arm out and a free kick is given for handball. How will that affect his team-mates with so little time left?
80 COMMENT Maxwell sends another floating cross in from the left-hand side - but it sails past both Lucas and Ibrahimovic.
79 SI Substitute in F. Acheampong of RSC Anderlecht
79 SO Substitute out D. Praet of RSC Anderlecht
79 COMMENT F. Acheampong enters the game and replaces D. Praet.
78 COMMENT There's their first, however...
77 COMMENT Interestingly, the away side have made no changes thus far. Confidence levels must be high.
76 SI Substitute in J. Ménez of Paris Saint-Germain
76 SO Substitute out M. Verratti of Paris Saint-Germain
76 COMMENT Alex makes a timely intervention as Anderlecht push forward down the left-hand side.
76 COMMENT J. Ménez comes on for M. Verratti.
75 SI Substitute in J. Pastore of Paris Saint-Germain
75 SO Substitute out E. Lavezzi of Paris Saint-Germain
75 COMMENT Blanc makes two changes now as he hopes to steer his side to three Champions League points. On come Jeremy Menez and Javier Pastore. The disappointing Ezequiel Lavezzi is one of those to come off.
73 COMMENT Ibrahimovic certainly has not enjoyed his best night in a PSG shirt this evening - but he was on hand to dig his side out of trouble there.
71 COMMENT Well, that has certainly opened things up at the Parc des Princes. Both sides will feel they can win this and there may yet be more goals.
70 G GOAL (Paris Saint-Germain): Scored by Z. Ibrahimovic
70 COMMENT GOAL! Ibrahimovic hits straight back for the home side! Matuidi plays the Swede through in the penalty area and he prods the ball onto the post. However, on the rebound, Ibrahimovic is there like a shot as he stabs the ball home. Anderlecht's lead did not last long...
68 AS Assist by S. Klještan (RSC Anderlecht)
68 G GOAL (RSC Anderlecht): Scored by D. de Zeeuw
68 COMMENT The assist came from S. Klještan.
68 COMMENT GOAL! Anderlecht take the lead!!! What a sensational team move as the visitors work their way up the pitch to stun the PSG defence. After several one-touch passes, the ball is crossed into the danger area and De Zeeuw pokes home!
66 COMMENT OVER! A trademark drive from Alex flies just over and just wide. Had that free kick been directed ever so slightly to the right - it would have broken the back of the net.
65 COMMENT Lucas is involved again as he feeds the ball through to Matuidi, who is then brought down. Free kick for PSG in an attacking position. Ibrahimovic and Alex stand over it...
63 COMMENT LUCAS! So close from the Brazilian. Another superb through ball is played to him by Ibrahimovic (again) and Lucas flashes a powerful volley just wide at the near post.
62 SO Substitute out Marquinhos of Paris Saint-Germain
62 SI Substitute in Thiago Silva of Paris Saint-Germain
62 COMMENT Lavezzi now has a shot blocked that goes off for a corner. He was in an offside position when he took it, though! All is well that ends well as PSG make nothing of the ensuing set-piece.
62 COMMENT Thiago Silva comes on for Marquinhos.
61 COMMENT One Brazilian comes on for another as Thiago Silva replaces Marquinhos. Such a move surely will not add much to PSG's attack, though?
60 COMMENT Ibrahimovic is penalised for bringing Mitrovic now and does not hide his frustration when the referee blows his whistle.
58 COMMENT All the pressure belongs to PSG now, though the visitors look as unlikely to concede as they did during the first half.
57 YC Yellow card awarded to Maxwell of Paris Saint-Germain
57 COMMENT Maxwell goes into the referee's book.
56 COMMENT BAD CHALLENGE! Maxwell lunges in at Milivojevic and his stray foot catches the Anderlecht man quite badly.
55 COMMENT HEADER! Ibrahimovic heads just wide from the resultant corner! PSG are coming much closer to breaking the deadlock in this second half...
54 COMMENT CHANCE! Superb football from Ibrahimovic penetrates the Anderlecht backline. But Lavezzi tries to square the ball in the box after running onto it and Mbemba clears for a corner.
53 COMMENT PSG break quickly thereafter, though! But Lucas is tackled after cutting inside in the penalty area.
52 COMMENT And PSG then have a corner easily cleared. It is Olivier Deschacht who is blocking everything in sight.
51 COMMENT Motta's free kick comes to nothing, though, being cleared with considerable ease.
50 COMMENT DIVE! That is poor from Marquinhos as the PSG man throws himself to the ground under no contact. The referee did not spot the dive. He did see contact at the other end, however, as Van der Wiel went down to win a free kick for PSG.
49 COMMENT There are no surprises as Ibrahimovic tries to thump the ensuing free kick at goal from over 30 yards - but there is a surprise when he only hits the wall.
48 YC Yellow card awarded to L. Milivojević of RSC Anderlecht
48 COMMENT YELLOW CARD! A rash challenge from Luka Milivojevic brings Lavezzi down as the Argentine makes his first really effective contribution of the night. Lavezzi was played through and surged towards goal at high speed. Milivojevic hacked him down with a poor challenge, however. Free kick.
47 COMMENT Lucas is involved once again as PSG venture forward, though the ball is played back to fellow Brazilian Alex, who passes the ball back out but slips as he does so.
46 COMMENT We are underway once again! Anderlecht get us going for this second half.
45 COMMENT This half seems to have nothing but fouls at its climax. The latest player to be penalised is Ibrahimovic for a clumsy challenge in midfield. It was hardly life-threatening, however.
43 COMMENT Another free kick now, this time for Anderlecht in a dangerous position. It is given for a handball but Sirigu is on the end of both the free kick (he punched it away) and a long shot from De Zeeuw.
41 YC Yellow card awarded to S. Klještan of RSC Anderlecht
41 COMMENT BOOKING! The first yellow card of the evening comes out as Sacha Kljestan is somewhat forced to unlawfully bring Lucas down. The foul was drawn from a swift counterattack, after selfish forward play saw an Anderlecht move break down.
39 COMMENT Some excellent passing is on show by the hosts now, however, as Motta plays the ball out to Van der Wiel on the right. The ball is then switched over to the left and Maxwell's dangerous low cross is cleared out for a corner.
38 COMMENT Lavezzi gives it away yet again! A poor ball from the Argentine more or less sums up his night so far.
37 COMMENT Lavezzi is easily dispossesed now and the away side break straight upfield once again. Vanden Borre's pass is cut out by Matuidi, though.
35 COMMENT The visitors have to be happy with how things are going so far. In fact, in the last quarter of an hour, they have been the dominant side.
34 COMMENT And another half-chance for Anderlecht now as Fabrice N'Sakala delivers a penetrating cross from left to right and it is volleyed over.
33 COMMENT ON TARGET! Mitrovic fires at goal once again and, although Sirigu is more than equal to the effort, the sharpness of the Anderlecht forward is causing problems for the hosts.
32 COMMENT An interesting attack from the visitors now as all of their attacking outlets get involved. But Anthony Vanden Borre, for all of his energy, loses the ball at the end of the move and goes down too easily.
31 COMMENT The resultant set-piece is easily cleared, however. Blanc looks rather frustrated on the sidelines at the moment...
30 COMMENT But the home side have a corner now after a great run down the let-hand side is checked by a firm defensive challenge.
29 COMMENT Yet more strength from Mbemba now deals with an onrushing Lucas.
28 COMMENT Despite their lack of possession, the away side look as though they have settled better here at the Parc des Princes than back home in their own stadium!
26 COMMENT CHANCE! Mitrovic for Anderlecht! He turns sublimely and shoots at Sirigu, only to see his curled effort skim the top of the crossbar. PSG have dominated possession so far but have only registered three shots. The visitors have just registered one of their own.
24 COMMENT Will we see any more wondergoals from Ibrahimovic tonight? Not on this occasion, as the Swede is muscled off the ball before the visitors break and end up with three attackers against three defenders. Demy De Zeeuw loses the ball, though.
23 COMMENT There really is an excellent work-rate being displayed by the visitors here. A different matter is what they can offer up front. So far, that has been little. But when your side is yet to pick up a point, a 0-0 draw will represent significant progress.
21 COMMENT Verratti, Thiago Motta and Blaise Matuidi combine before Maxwell sends a cross into that man Lavezzi, once again. This time, through no fault of his own, the ball is just a little too high for the forward.
20 COMMENT Laurent Blanc is on the edge of his technical area, clearly trying to incite some urgency into the hosts. His charges look rather relaxed, however. Perhaps too relaxed?
19 COMMENT Already, the contrast between tonight's encounter and the 5-0 thrashing Anderlecht suffered at the hands of today's opponents two weeks ago is clear to see. The Belgian side are working harder, creating more pressure and threatening with a more creative presence.
18 COMMENT Sirigu, however, is untroubled when the eventual delivery comes in.
17 COMMENT PSG are even being pressured in their own half now, as first goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu is forced into an error, before Marquinhos is forced into giving a corner away.
14 COMMENT It has been a disciplined defensive performance from the visitors so far as PSG - though not at their best - look to force the breakthrough.
12 COMMENT Undeterred, Lavezzi is involved once again as PSG break forward. The move ends up with Lucas flashing a shot at goal but it going out for a corner.
10 COMMENT LAVEZZI! The Argentine is played in once again - this time through a mishit shot by Ibrahimovic. Once again, though, Lavezzi's shot fails to trouble the Belgian side and is easily blocked.
9 COMMENT Another venture forward by the away side now as a lofted cross is played in to Aleksandar Mitrovic but collected easily by the goalkeeper.
8 COMMENT Maxwell sloppily gives the ball away in his own half but the visitors give the ball straight back. Mbemba Mangulu is there to sweep up the PSG counterattack, though.
6 COMMENT CHANCE! That should be 1-0 for the Ligue 1 holders. Lucas is brought down for a free kick and it is taken quickly to play in Ezequiel Lavezzi. The Argentine, however, can only send his header just over the bar from inside the penalty area.
5 COMMENT Marco Verratti then tries to feed Ibrahimovic in at the other end but the ball floats harmlessly off for a goal kick.
4 COMMENT The Belgians have arrived! Anderlecht make their first burst forward but a cross to the far post evades all of its targets.
3 COMMENT Total domination of possession from the French champions so far. Gregory Van der Wiel and Lucas have been particularly involved so far.
2 COMMENT Lucas Moura ventures forward for PSG's first chance of the night. It looks as though it could be the first of many as the Brazilian wins a corner after just a few moments.
1 COMMENT And we're off! PSG can qualify with a win today. In their bid to stop them, however, Anderlecht have made four changes for tonight's clash. Game on!
0 COMMENT Good evening and welcome to play-by-play coverage of Paris Saint-Germain versus Anderlecht in the Uefa Champions League! I'm your host Tim Poole and I'll be guiding you through the action tonight, as Belgians Anderlecht look to avenge a 5-0 defeat at the hands of Zlatan Ibrahimovic & co. at the Parc
0 COMMENT FULL-TIME! That is it! Anderlecht have their first point of the Champions League season! What a way to do it - a memorable occasion for the visitors no doubt.
0 COMMENT Anderlecht, though, have been good value for this 0-0 scoreline. Whether they can keep up their high-pressure game will depend on fitness levels and how PSG utilise their substitutes bench. But, so far, they have stifled their French opponents very effectively.
0 COMMENT Anderlecht, meanwhile, are lining up like this: Kaminski; Vanden Borre, Deschacht, Milivojevic, Mbemba Mangulu; Kouyate, Praet, Kljestan, Mitrovic, De Zeeuw; N'Sakala. Substitutes: Najar, Nuytinck, Cyriac, Bruno, Acheampong, Tielemans, Roef.
0 COMMENT That concludes our coverage for tonight - we hope you enjoyed it! Even if you are a PSG fan...
0 COMMENT Can John van den Brom's side get anything from tonight's encounter? Stay with us to find out - kick-off is just minutes away.
0 COMMENT So a frustrating opening period for PSG. Who would have seen that coming? But for an early chance - and a glorious one it was - for Ezequiel Lavezzi, the hosts have looked second best here. Laurent Blanc will no doubt demand major improvements for this second half as his side look to seal qualificat
0 COMMENT We'll start, as ever, with tonight's line-ups. The hosts will look like this: Sirigu; Van der Wiel, Maxwell, Motta, Alex; Marquinhos, Lucas Moura, Matuidi, Verratti, Lavezzi; Ibrahimovic. Substitutes: Douchez, Thiago Silva, Menez, Digne, Rabiot, Jallet, Pastore.
0 COMMENT It is nothing but frustration for PSG, however, with the hosts needing to be saved by Zlatan Ibrahimovic once again. Perhaps Anderlecht can now focus on getting themselves into third place, thereby securing a Europa League spot.
0 COMMENT On the face of it, tonight's encounter appears quite the mismatch. With three wins from their opening three games, PSG top Champions League Group C with nine points. Anderlecht, however, are yet to pick up a point and are rooted to the foot of the group on zero.
0 COMMENT Take care!
0 COMMENT The Parc des Princes roars as the Champions League anthems come to an end. We are two minutes away from kick-off now; stay with us!
0 COMMENT HALF-TIME! The first half comes to an end with the home fans whistling! Before its end, Mitrovic fires one more shot at goal - though it sails over the bar.

Match Statistics


Possession (%) 70
Goals 1
Yellow Cards 1
Second Yellow / Red Cards 0
Fouls 15
Offsides 2
Corners 8
Shots on Target 2
Shots Blocked 4
Shots Wide 10
Free Kicks 19
Throw Ins 11
Goal Kicks 5

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