Real Madrid vs Juventus

Current Score

  • Real Madrid 2
  • Juventus 1

Match Profile

  • Time 5:45 AM AEDT 24 October 2013
  • League UEFA Champions League
  • Venue Estadio Santiago Bernabéu
  • Attendance 77,856
Goal Scorers
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    • 4minutes
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (PG)
    • 29minutes
Goal Scorers
  • Llorente
    • 22minutes
Team Statistics
  • Goals at Half-time 2
Team Statistics
  • Goals at Half-time 1

Match Commentary

minute code event
90 COMMENT Finally Madrid regain their composure and manage to string a decent spell of possession together in the opposing half. However, Modric's poor pass gives Buffon the ball and he will launch it forward now.
90 COMMENT The final whistle goes!
90 COMMENT Three minutes of additional time to be played here. The home fans are not happy because Juve are in the ascendancy now!
90 COMMENT An awful header from Asamoah, supposedly back towards Buffon, ends up going behind for a corner. Madrid pump it into the area but fail to test the keeper.
89 YC Yellow card awarded to Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid
89 COMMENT Sergio Ramos goes into the referee's book.
89 COMMENT Scrappy from los Blancos as Modric's header back to Marcelo puts the Brazilian under a lot of pressure. His clearance is picked up by a yellow shirt but Vidal is adjudged to have handled the ball on the near side as he looked to get in behind.
87 COMMENT Isco rides a challenge in the Juve half and feeds the ball to Morata on the edge of the box. The young striker uses the overlapping run of Ronaldo to shift the ball onto his right foot but his attempt to pick out the far corner is fruitless.
86 COMMENT Another great pass from Pogba finds Marchisio in space just inside the area but his first touch lets him down. Madrid's defence are all over the shop at the moment. They need to organise themselves or they could still face a nasty surprise in the closing moments.
85 COMMENT GIOVINCO MUST DO BETTER! Arbeloa is caught out of position and the Italian exploits the space, latching onto a long ball over the top. He attempts to come inside but hesitates when he could shoot and that enables Ramos to get a foot in and dispossess him.
83 COMMENT Marcelo spots Modric in space 25 yards form goal in a central position and rolls him the ball from wide on the left. The Croatian's first touch is not great and nor is his second, as he bends an effort far from the target. Madrid really have struggled for creativity all night, particularly against 1
82 COMMENT Madrid appear to have been galvanised since Morata's introcution and they currently have Juve penned back in their own final third. Marcelo looks to bring the ball in from the left but he gets it caught under his feet and Vidal sends away the danger.
80 COMMENT Morata nearly has the perfect impact on the game after coming on, as he capitalises on some shocking defending by the visitors. However, his effort on goal is straight at the keeper who holds it comfortably.
79 SI Substitute in Álvaro Morata of Real Madrid
79 SO Substitute out Á. di María of Real Madrid
79 YC Yellow card awarded to L. Modrić of Real Madrid
79 COMMENT L. Modri? receives a yellow card.
79 COMMENT Á. di María is replaced with Álvaro Morata.
78 YC Yellow card awarded to M. Cáceres of Juventus
78 COMMENT Giovinco has been impressive since coming on and he wins a free kick for his side after being cynically brought to ground by Modric. Could this be Juve's chance to equalise?
78 COMMENT M. Cáceres receives a yellow card.
77 COMMENT That is the first we've seen of Bale this evening as he drives towards the byeline and beats his man, however, he sends the ball straight into the side netting from an acute angle. He has been quiet since his introduction.
75 COMMENT OVER THE TOP! Marcelo really should do better there. After shifting the ball away from his marker and onto his favoured left foot, the full back was unable to test Buffon as his shot flew well off target.
73 COMMENT WHAT A CHANCE! Khedira makes a great run into the area and is somewhat fortunate to get past Bonucci on the edge of the box. Sensing it his time, he goes for an ambitious dink over Buffon but the keeper stays on his feet and welcomes the ball into his arms warmly. He should have just put his foot th
72 SI Substitute in Isco of Real Madrid
72 SO Substitute out Illarramendi of Real Madrid
72 COMMENT Illarramendi is done for the day. Isco is his replacement.
71 COMMENT That is an audacious change from Conte, switching to three at the back for the closing stages. The Bianconeri have performed brilliantly since going down to 10 men.
70 COMMENT WHAT AN IMPACT! Giovinco has only been on the pitch a matter of seconds but he has already pulled a save from Casillas. Madrid failed to close him and his right-footed effort had to be turned behind by the keeper, though it looked to be going wide.
69 SI Substitute in S. Giovinco of Juventus
69 SO Substitute out A. Ogbonna of Juventus
69 COMMENT A. Ogbonna is replaced with S. Giovinco.
68 COMMENT Caceres manages to take down two Real Madrid players in his attempts to get his head to a free kick. The referee cannot ignore that one and awards the host a free kick of their own.
67 SI Substitute in G. Bale of Real Madrid
67 SO Substitute out K. Benzema of Real Madrid
67 COMMENT G. Bale enters play, replacing K. Benzema.
67 COMMENT Benzema is the man to make way for the Wales international. What a horrible evening it has been for him. Can Bale improve upon his team-mate's outing?
64 COMMENT Los Blancos are in danger of becoming complacent here. They are overworking the ball in possession at the moment and Juve will be more than happy with that. If they can keep it up the may fancy there chances of nicking one near the end.
62 COMMENT You are not fooling anyone Vidal! The Chilean holds off the challenge of Illarramendi inside the area but catches his foot in the turf as he tries to send the ball goalwards. It does not stop him from claiming for a penalty, though, but I'm sure he won't let that bother him after the game once he se
60 COMMENT UNBELIEVABLE MISS! I cannot comprehend that one. Di Maria scoops a pass for the overlapping Arbeloa and the right-back puts it on a plate for Benzema. Two yards out, the Frenchman has the whole goal to shoot at, but somehow contrives to send it over the top. It has not been his night tonight.
59 SI Substitute in K. Asamoah of Juventus
59 SO Substitute out A. Pirlo of Juventus
59 COMMENT A. Pirlo is done for the day. K. Asamoah is his replacement.
58 COMMENT A clumsy challenge from Vidal gives Madrid another free kick in a dangerous area. Ronaldo clips the ball into the area but he can only pick out a yellow shirt. Surprising not to see him shooting from these positions.
57 COMMENT Modric picks up the ball 30 yards from goal and rolls it right for Illarramendi. The midfielder takes a touch to set himself before hammering an effort towards the target. It looked good, but Bonucci put his body on the line and diverted it away from goal.
55 COMMENT We can expect to see Madrid get more of a stranglehold on possession now due to having the extra man. While Juve may now be short up top, Tevez usually puts in the running of two men so they will not be without any threat up top.
53 COMMENT STAT: Juve have only won three games out of 19 when playing away against Spanish opposition, losing 12.
51 COMMENT Important block from Caceres! The right-back manages to stay in front of Benzema and clear Di Maria's cross behind for a corner. The Frenchman was lurking at the back post and hoping for a simple finish there.
50 SI Substitute in L. Bonucci of Juventus
50 SO Substitute out Llorente of Juventus
50 COMMENT L. Bonucci comes on for Llorente.
50 COMMENT Chiellini clearly disagreed with that decision, and it did look a tad harsh. Ronaldo fired the resultant free kick straight into the wall and Conte quickly introduces Bonucci in place of Llorente to keep four men at the back.
48 RC Red card awarded to G. Chiellini of Juventus
48 COMMENT Once more it was the Madrid break that caused the trouble and Ronaldo knocks the ball past the last man Chiellini. The defender put an arm across the Blancos star, who then fell to ground. It did not look particularly ferocious, but nevertheless Chiellini is shown a red card. Juve down to 10 men.
47 COMMENT IMPORTANT TOUCH FROM CASILLAS! The keeper races off of his line and beats Pogba to Pirlo's brilliant pass over the top of the defence. The Real Madrid back line were completely static there!
46 COMMENT The second half is underway!
45 COMMENT We are into the first of an additional two minutes.
45 COMMENT Vidal is back on the pitch and seems more than fine as he swings through the back of Marcelo in an attempt to kick the ball. A hint of revenge in that as he chops the Brazilian down in the process.
45 COMMENT The half-time whistle goes!
43 COMMENT Bale is warming up rather vigorously on the near side. Perhaps he will be making an entrance at half time.
42 COMMENT Vidal is hobbling along and holding his knee after a collision with Marcelo ahead of that break. He does not appear to be moving particularly freely.
41 COMMENT CLOSE!! Once more Madrid break as Di Maria slides a pass down the near-side channel for Benzema. The striker sees Ronaldo cut his run back to the top of the box and supplies him with a pass, but the Portuguese's shot rolls off-target.
40 COMMENT Some lovely stepovers from Di Maria enables him to get the ball onto his left foot and create the space from which to fire in a cross. The end product is awful, though, and rolls along the floor to the first yellow shirt in sight.
39 COMMENT Benzema picks Pirlo's pocket in midfield and los Blancos look to counter. The Frenchman lays possession off to Di Maria but the Argentine's attempt at a pass to Ronaldo is poorly-executed and it rolls all the way through to Buffon.
37 COMMENT Ronaldo! The Portuguese gets his head on a corner from the far side but the referee awards the visitors a free kick for the a foul on Chiellini before his attempt on goal.
35 COMMENT Possession has been extremely even tonight and although Juve have created the better chances, Madrid have been far more clinical. In honesty, the hosts have created very little other than for the two chances they have converted tonight.
33 COMMENT WHAT A MISS! A corner falls for Marchisio just inside the area but Pepe races towards him and blocks the Italian's effort. Ramos fails to head away the danger, though, and it enables Pirlo to get an effort away from goal at an acute angle but he fails to keep it down. He really ought to have done be
31 COMMENT A poor first-time cross from Di Maria brings a Blancos break to an abrupt end as Juve manage to clear it away before a white shirt can connect with it inside the box.
29 PG GOAL (Real Madrid): Penalty scored by Cristiano Ronaldo
29 COMMENT GOOOOAAL!! Ronaldo nets his second of the night, sending his penalty just inside of the post and leaving Buffon with no chance despite guessing the right way.
29 COMMENT Astoundingly, that is Ronaldo's seventh goal already in this season's Champions League!
28 YC Yellow card awarded to A. Vidal of Juventus
28 COMMENT A. Vidal gets yellow.
27 COMMENT PENALTY FOR MADRID! Chiellini hauls Ramos to ground inside the area and it seems that the assistant referee behind the goal has signalled for a spot-kick!
25 COMMENT That is sublime chest control from Llorente, cushioning the ball down for Pogba to strike at goal. The Frenchman's effort goes wide of the target, but the referee awards a corner as he believe is took a touch off of Khedira on its way through.
24 COMMENT Llorente scored twice at the Bernabeu as and Athletic Bilbao player and despite a quiet start to the game he now has another, this time in a Juvetus shirt!
22 G GOAL (Juventus): Scored by Llorente
22 COMMENT GOOOOOAAAL!! Llorente finds the net! Caceres whips a great cross in from the right and Pogba meets it, completely unmarked, at the back post. Casillas manages to fumble away the header at his near post but there is nothing he can do to stop the towering Spanish striker tucking home on the follow-up.
20 COMMENT JUST OVER! Once more it is Tevez who is spearheading the danger for Juve up front. He picks the ball up near the byeline, cutting inside of Di Maria before gliding past Arbeloa as he movs inside the area from the left. He attempts to pick out the far corner with a curling effort but it keeps rising
19 YC Yellow card awarded to Illarramendi of Real Madrid
19 COMMENT Illarramendi receives a yellow card.
19 COMMENT That would have been exquisite! Di Maria latches onto a brilliant back heel from Khedira but the Argentine is unable to stay on his feet under pressure on the edge of the box. Ogbonna attempts to make a tackle but fails to connect, yet the winger still goes to ground. The referee is unmoved.
17 COMMENT A corner from the right is only cleared as far as Caceres, and the Uruguayan controls with his chest before firing a volley towards the target. He is unable to aim it correctly and Casillas watches it sail well wide of his goal. Still, a great response to going behind from the visitors, who are keep
16 COMMENT Wide from Tevez! The Argentine manages to find space for a shot 20 yards from goal but he fails to bend it inside the far post, instead shooting well outside of the target.
15 COMMENT Pirlo plays it short, sending Marchisio down towards the byeline. The Italian manages to square the ball into the area but Ramos positions himself well to intercept the delivery.
14 COMMENT Vidal is down following a clumsy challenge from Illarramendi. A good opportunity for Juventus to put the ball in the box from this free kick now.
13 COMMENT Pogba shows his quality there, plucking down a long ball and getting his head up to look for a team-mate. He shifts it onto his right and curls a great cross towards the back post but Casillas rises higher than Tevez and manages to contain the attack.
11 COMMENT Good play from Pogba, dummying the ball and spinning his marker to get in possession down by the corner flag on the near side. He manages to win a throw in but they fail to make anything from it.
10 COMMENT Oh my, Ronaldo walks away from the free kick! He may perhaps regret it as the ball into the area is headed straight away by a yellow shirt.
9 COMMENT Not quite as well-timed from Chiellini this time! The centre-back does well to close Ronaldo quickly but he fails to take the ball and Real Madrid have a free kick 35 yards from goal.
8 COMMENT Great challenge! Chiellini sprints out to the near side and leaps into the tackle with Di Maria. He takes all of the ball and the pacy Argentine knows there is nothing for him to complain about on that one. Had he timed that incorrectly, though, it could have been a different story.
6 COMMENT That is a real blow for Juve who had started fairly positively with Marchisio pulling a save from Casillas. The Italians now face a huge task to come from behind in Madrid and avoid falling seven points behind their opponents after just three group stage games.
4 AS Assist by Á. di María (Real Madrid)
4 G GOAL (Real Madrid): Scored by Cristiano Ronaldo
4 COMMENT GOOOOOOAAAL!! RONALDO! Khedira feeds the ball in from wide on the right and Di Maria skips past Pirlo before playing a delightful reverse-pass into Ronaldo. The Portuguese feigns to shoot, committing Buffon, before rounding the keeper and slotting into the empty net. His 56th Champions League goal!
4 COMMENT Assist by Á. di María.
3 COMMENT Solid defending their from Caceres as he refuses to be fooled by the stepovers Marcelo throws his way and stands firm, getting his foot to the ball and clearing away the danger.
2 COMMENT WHAT A SAVE!! Juventus waste no time in setting about making up the points difference between these two sides as Marchisio strikes a powerful shot across goal from distance. Casillas watches it all the way, though, and leaps to his right to parry the ball behind for a corner.
1 COMMENT Here we go! We are underway at the Bernabeu.
0 COMMENT Real Madrid bench: Diego Lopez, Varane, Coentrao, Carvajal, Bale, Isco, Morata.
0 COMMENT FULL TIME - Real Madrid 2-1 Juventus: The hosts laboured against their 10-man opposition, but Ronaldo's first-half double proved to be enough to see them past the Bianconeri. They maintain their 100 per cent record in the Group Stage and now sit five points clear of second-placed Galatasaray. Juve d
0 COMMENT Juventus bench: Storari, Bonucci, Peluso, Padoin, Isla, Asamoah, Giovinco.
0 COMMENT Conte, meanwhile, makes three changes from the side which suffered Juve's first defeat of the season against Fiorentina at the weekend. Ogbonna, Vidal and Marchisio all return to the starting line-up, while Bonucci, Asamoah and Padoin drop to the bench.
0 COMMENT HALF TIME - Real Madrid 2-1 Juventus: Ronaldo gave los Blancos an early lead but Llorente equalised midway through the half with a close-range finish. The Portuguese, however, restored the hosts' advantage from the penalty spot soon after, netting his 57th Champions League goal in the process. More
0 COMMENT Well, what a game we have in store for us tonight. I certainly cannot wait for this one to get underway. A slight hint of master versus apprentice this evening, as Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti comes up against Antonio Conte, who played under him during the former's spell as manager of the Bianc
0 COMMENT The Champions League anthem rings around the iconic Santiago Bernabeu, something never fails to give you goosebumps. Madrid are in their traditional all-white kit tonight, while Juve feature in their alternate strip of yellow shirts and blue shorts.
0 COMMENT Real Madrid (4-2-3-1): Casillas; Arbeloa, Ramos, Pepe, Marcelo; Khedira, Illarramendi; Di Maria, Modric, Ronaldo; Benzema.
0 COMMENT Juventus (4-3-3): Buffon; Caceres, Barzagli, Chiellini, Ogbonna; Vidal, Pirlo, Pogba; Tevez, Llorente, Marchisio.
0 COMMENT Well, that is it from me, Tom Webber, for this evening. Thanks a lot for joining me and I hope you have a great night.
0 COMMENT So, Karim Benzema returns to the Blancos starting XI following injury, but world-record signing Gareth Bale is only fit enough for the bench despite beginning his comeback from a thigh strain with a substitute appearance against Getafe at the weekend. Raphael Varane and Fabio Coentrao are also once
0 COMMENT Hello and welcome to tonight's LIVE commentary on another mouthwatering night of Champions League action. Last night it was Barcelona taking on AC Milan at the iconic San Siro, but tonight is the turn of the other Spanish giants Real Madrid and Italian powerhouse Juventus to take centre stage. My na
0 COMMENT Just five minutes to go until kick off now so time for a quick stat to whet your appetites further, if thats even possible! These two sides have met 14 times previously, all in Europe's premier club competition, and home advantage has often proved pivotal. Madrid have won four and lost two in front
0 COMMENT Welcome back! The teams have re-emerged for the second half, which will be upon us imminently.
0 COMMENT But without further ado, here come the teams...
0 COMMENT Cristiano Ronaldo showed his support for the anti-racism campaign by nodding his head and pointing to the official pendant as the camera passed him during the anthem. Kudos to the Portuguese.

Match Statistics

Real MadridRMA

Possession (%) 53
Goals 2
Yellow Cards 3
Red Cards 0
Fouls 13
Offsides 1
Corners 4
Shots on Target 7
Shots Blocked 0
Shots Wide 6
Free Kicks 16
Throw Ins 18
Goal Kicks 11
Penalties 1