League Cup

  • 45’ J. Defoe
  • 49’ Paulinho
  • 85’ N. Chadli
  • 90’ J. Defoe
0 Extra Time 0
0 Full Time 4
0 Half Time 1
League Cup
Villa Park
Attendance 22,975


    • KICK OFF
    • 45'
      Half time comes to the relief of Villa, as Tottenham were threatening a second.
    • 0'
      That's my cue, take care folks.
    • 0'
      Four goals from Spurs to put them in to round number four of the Capital One Cup. Too much quality and depth from this Tottenham side, who barely had to get out of second gear against a Benteke-less Aston Villa.
    • 0'
      Spurs ahead at the break, and deservedly so. Though they've hardly set the world alight, they have fashioned the better chances and Defoe, after a few missed opportunities, has put them ahead in the dying minutes of the half. Stay tuned for the restart in just a bit.
    • 0'
      TOTTENHAM: Friedel, Walker, Vertonghen, Chiriches, Paulinho, Holtby, Sandro, Fryers, Kane, Lamela, Defoe.
    • 0'
      ASTON VILLA: Steer, Lowton, Vlaar, Baker, Bennett, El Ahmadi, Bacuna, Albrighton, Sylla, Tonev, Kozak.
    • 0'
      Our teams have been comfirmed.
    • 0'
      Welcome to the Capital One Cup, and the third round matchup between Aston Villa and Tottenham. I'm Keeghann Sinanan, bringing you the play by play.
    • 1'
      Here we go folks.
    • 3'
      Not exactly a full house at Villa Park, as both sides make a cautiously optimistic start to the game.
    • 5'
      A lovely ball from Lamela over the top of the backline, Defoe offside but Kane was not, and the 20-year-old is primed to shoot from point blank range, but an excellent sliding challenge from Baker snuffs out the danger!
    • 7'
      Now Villa hit back with Albrighton nearly wriggling into shooting space on the right, but unorthodox Spurs defending cuts him out.
    • 9'
      Both sides with decent opportunities to make something happen already, a nice ebb and flow developing to the match.
    • 11'
      Spurs have basically bought half a team with the proceeds from Bale's move to Madrid, but you get the feeling that it will be the progress of Lamela, ostensibly Bale's replacement, that will determine whether it was a wise move in hindsight. The Argentine is already looking dangerous drifting in fro
    • 13'
      Baker, for the second time, makes a vital stop on Kane, this time preventing him from sliding a ball into Defoe, who was in behind and would have been clean through.
    • 15'
      Defoe shifts onto his right foot and has a pop, but he cannot find his range and it goes off target.
    • 17'
      Excellent sprawling save by Friedel to deny the streaking Albrighton a goal. Spurs with a bad, casual giveaway in their own half.
    • 18'
      Walker has pulled up here, and it looks like he's done for the night.
    • 19'
      Naughton is stripping off on the sidelines, but hang on, it looks like Walker will attempt to soldier on, after some attention from the physios.
    • 20'
      Play continues, but Walker is moving very, very gingerly, wincing in pain as he passes the ball back to Friedel. Very rare to see a player play on after pulling up like that off the ball.
    • 21'
      Kane huffs and puffs, sliding the ball left to Fryers, who tees up the onrushing Defoe at the top of the D, who delivers a venomous effort dead centre that stings the palms of Steer.
    • 23'
      Naughton still warming up on the sides as Tottenham enjoy a decent spell of possession.
    • 25'
      No doubt that Villa are missing Christian Benteke, who was taken off injured against Norwich during the weekend. Paul Lambert certainly has one eye on their upcoming clash with Manchester City, taking no precautions with the bruising Belgian.
    • 27'
      Kane gets the ball once again in that position on the edge of the box, and this time has a go on goal, but he's another Spur who can't find the target.
    • 29'
      Albrighton has been at the heart of most things good for Villa so far, and goes on another threatening run towards goal, but cannot manage any decent end product.
    • 31'
      Tonev is in a bit of distress after coming off worse for wear in an aerial duel with Paulinho. The Brazilian looked on replays to have lead with his forearm, but nothing malicious.
    • 33'
      Chiriches is looking a bag of nerves on his Spurs debut, he's given the ball away once again, although to his credit, this time he wins it back almost immediately.
    • 35'
      Chiriches with another questionable play, going right into the back of Albrighton and conceding a free kick.
    • 37'
      Spurs have lost their mojo slightly here as Villa take hold of the game in midfield. There is a Benteke-sized hole up front however, as the hosts have little to aim for in the box, with all due respect to Kozak.
    • 39'
      Lamela and Holtby orchestrate an excellent counter attack right through the middle, and the German tees up the Argentine inside the box, but his finish is right at Steer, who pushes over.
    • 41'
      Tottenham just about look the more likely side to go ahead here, but in all honesty it's hardly been a clinic from either outfit.
    • 43'
      Kane plays facilitator once again, slipping in Defoe on goal, but his low finish is met well by Steer. The striker would have expected to test the keeper a little more from that position, disappointing finish in the end.
    • 45'
      Three added minutes to go.
    • 46'
      SI J. Bowery SO K. El Ahmadi
    • 46'
      SI N. Helenius SO K. El Ahmadi
    • 46'
      L. Kozák is done for the day. N. Helenius is his replacement.
    • 46'
      K. El Ahmadi is replaced with J. Bowery.
    • 46'
      Here we go again!
    • 47'
      Well this is odd, Vertonghen in his haste to win the ball has just completely de-pantsed Helenius in the box, but no penalty. His shorts were literally around his ankles. Bizarre stuff!
    • 48'
      Bacuna fouls Walker, giving Spurs a free kick just outside the box. Lamela whips it in, and it's deflected just wide of the post for a corner...
    • 49'
      G Paulinho Assist K. El Ahmadi
    • 49'
      WHICH PAULINHO CONVERTS! The Brazilian notches his third in a Spus shirt, streaking towards the near post and sneaking the ball home. Not the prettiest goal, but it gives Spurs some breathing room here.
    • 51'
      Hard to see Villa getting back into this one, Sputs looking eminently comfortable. That Vertonghen no-call was a pivotal moment.
    • 54'
      Friedel getting a fair bit of love from the home fans, who have good memories on his spell at Villa park.
    • 57'
      Spurs just taking the sting right out of the game, not that it had been there in full effect before, mind. Villa struggling to get a hold of the ball.
    • 59'
      Sylla centres the ball to Albrighton at the top of the box, but he just cannot bring that pass under control. Pity, it would have been a straight sprint against Vertonghen towards goal if he did.
    • 61'
      Vertonghen hustles out to the flanks to meet Bacuna, who, try as he might, cannot beat the Belgian, as the ball goes out for a Villa throw.
    • 63'
      This Villa side look absolutely toothless without Benteke battering bodies up front. They can't get a grip on Spurs, who don't have to try too hard to keep a lock on the game.
    • 64'
      SI M. Dembélé SO K. El Ahmadi
    • 64'
      M. Dembélé enters the game and replaces Paulinho.
    • 64'
      It looks like Dembele is imminent, and possibly Paulinho to depart.
    • 65'
      The Brazilian does indeed make way, after another solid, goalscoring game for his new club. Looks to be an astute signing already.
    • 67'
      Helenius does very well to wriggle through two bodies on the touchline, but he takes it a step too far, loses control of the ball, and Sandro mops up.
    • 69'
      Good ball in from Albrighton, testing the defence, but Walker does well to get in front of Tonev and hack the ball away.
    • 71'
      Albrighton has been the best of a bad Villa bunch. He takes matters into his own hands once again and goes dribbling down the right, but Fryers slides in to intercept.
    • 73'
      SI N. Chadli SO K. El Ahmadi
    • 73'
      N. Chadli enters the game and replaces H. Kane.
    • 73'
      Helenius really is an interesting prospect. Standing at a shade under 6'6", he's an awkward proposition for any defence, but he doesn't seem to be able to channel his height and physique in the way that Benteke does. Although to be fair, few possess the brute force of the Belgian.
    • 75'
      Baker with an authoritative diving header to get rid of the ball ahead of Defoe, who was lurking at the far post. Good cross from Kane to set up the move.
    • 77'
      Just under a quarter of an hour to go, and Spurs have a fourth round spot all but wrapped up.
    • 79'
      Tonev gets a significant amount of power behind his shot, but Friedel does just enough to deny it, sticking up both hands to push it away. Too hot to handle that one.
    • 80'
      SI M. Dawson SO K. El Ahmadi
    • 80'
      M. Dawson enters the game and replaces K. Walker.
    • 81'
      A real sense of urgency here for Aston Villa. It's really now or never for them. And AVB reads the signs on the sidelines, and responds by bringing on Dawson for Walker to shore up the defence for the closing stages.
    • 82'
      SI C. Robinson SO K. El Ahmadi
    • 82'
      C. Robinson enters play, replacing A. Tonev.
    • 82'
      On comes Callum Robinson for his senior Villa debt. Off goes Tonev, somewhat surprisingly as he had finally come alive in the last few minutes.
    • 84'
      Villa still controlling possession in the opposition half, but Spurs are keeping a player or two forward to hit on the counter.
    • 85'
      G N. Chadli Assist K. El Ahmadi
    • 85'
      A simple goal that should never have been. Defoe slips through Chadli, who arrows it in towards the bottom corner and Steer, who looked to have had his near post covered, lets it bobble through.
    • 85'
    • 86'
      Villa's late momentum has dried up almost as soon as it had began. The fans starting to file out towards the exits.
    • 88'
      Disappointing goalkeeping from the otherwise impressive Steer and the fans, who were earlier trickling out, are now flocking to the exits in droves.
    • 89'
      Defoe finds Holtby at the top of the box, and at the urging of the away fans, angles one towards goal, but sends it about a foot over.
    • 90'
      And that's the last kick of the game.
    • 45'
      Villa just want to get to the half at the moment, this has come as a stomach punch to their plans at the break.
    • 90'
      G J. Defoe Assist K. El Ahmadi
    • 90'
      A mistake by Villa allows Holtby to break on the counter, and put Defoe in the clear, who rounds Steer cleanly and stabs home for his sixth goal of the season in only three starts.
    • 90'
    • 45'
      G J. Defoe Assist K. El Ahmadi
    • 45'
      A beautifully fashioned goal by Tottenham. Holtby deserves tons of credit for a pinpoint lofted pass over the top which finds Defoe racing in on goal, and the striker gets there just ahead of Steer to guide the ball home!
    • 45'
    • 90'
      Into the first of two minutes of added time.

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    Dean Smith
    Ryan Mason



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