Serie A

  • M. Parolo 11’
  • A. Cassano 45’
  • M. Parolo 90’
  • 61’ A. Matri
  • 63’ M. Silvestre
0 Extra Time 0
3 Full Time 2
2 Half Time 0
Serie A
Stadio Ennio Tardini
Attendance 16,800


    • KICK OFF
    • 45'
      And that's the end to the first half!
    • 90'
      Barely time for Milan to muster a response after the restart as the referee ends the game!
    • 90'
      G M. Parolo Assist Amauri
    • 90'
      Zapata's foul is now a hammer blow for Milan, as Parolo takes charge of the set piece, and from all of 35 yards, accurately drills it low into the corner for his second goal! Where was the wall? Where was the goalkeeper?
    • 90'
      C. Zapata goes into the referee's book.
    • 90'
    • 90'
      Zapata sees yellow for a cynical trip on Sansone, who was primed to burst into the final third.
    • 90'
      Milan pepper the Parma area with a series of crosses, but the defence, and then Mirante deal with every single one.
    • 45'
      G A. Cassano Assist Amauri
    • 45'
      Assist by M. Parolo.
    • 45'
      Again, Parma break through thanks to Biabiany on the right. The winger out-paces Silvestre to the byeline, and delivers a devilish cross to Parolo at the far post. Once again, he steadies himself in the box, but this time instead of having a shot he squares to Cassano who does the rest!
    • 45'
    • 90'
      Into the first of five added minutes, a large chunk of that due to Cassano's injury.
    • 0'
      That's my cue folks, it's been a pleasure. Till next time.
    • 0'
      What a finish to the game for Parma, and a devastating blow to Milan. After falling two goals behind in the first half, and with Parma threatening a third, Milan seemed to have earned themselves a point with two goals in two minutes around the hour mark. The Rossoneri came close to winning the game,
    • 0'
      A brilliant finale to the opening period for the home side, as Milan concede a second goal at the worst possible time. They have a lot of work to do in the second half, as Parma have frustrated them to no end in the attacking third. The visitors have allied their staunch defensive work to a burgeoni
    • 0'
      The teams are out on the pitch, greeted by a warm reception from the fans. Before we get underway though, there's a minute's silence for the passing of Ferdinando Pasotti, the grandfather of Parma president Tommaso Ghirardi.
    • 0'
      Roberto Donadoni meanwhile recalls Jonathan Biabiany to his starting XI, and the former Inter winger will support Amauri and Antonio Cassano up front, the latter making an appearance at one of his many former clubs.
    • 0'
      The Rossoneri welcome back Mario Balotelli to their starting XI, after the striker appeared from the bench against Barcelona in the Champions League. Robinho and Valter Birsa will support the former Man City man in attack, whike Kaka drops out. At the back, Matias Silvestre comes in for the suspende
    • 0'
      MILAN: Gabriel; Abate, Zapata, Silvestre, Constant; Montolivo, De Jong, Poli; Birsa, Balotelli, Robinho.
    • 0'
      PARMA: Mirante; Cassani, Felipe, Lucarelli; Biabiany, Gargano, Marchionni, Parolo, Gobbi; Cassano, Amauri.
    • 0'
      Hello and welcome to another round of Serie A action, as Parma play host to Milan. I'm Keeghann Sinanan, and I'll be bringing you all the action.
    • 1'
      The period was well observed by all, and the referee duly gets the game underway.
    • 3'
      Fairly tepid start to the game, but Birsa nearly causes some real danger for the Parma defence down the right hand side, latching onto a Montolivo flick to drill a low cross in that Mirante smothers.
    • 5'
      Milan have started this game the stronger, looking to get Birsa and Constant involved down the flanks at every opportunity. Parma are pressing relentlessly, but will it last?
    • 7'
      Both Constant and Balotelli nearly make inroads down the left, but staunch attention from Cassani halts their endeavors on both occasions.
    • 9'
      Constant lines one up from all of 30 yards, but it never came close to testing Mirante in the home side's goal.
    • 10'
      After a robust challenge by De Jong to win the ball in Milan's half, Montolivo quickly spreads to Robinho on the left. The forward advances on Cassani, but plays an all too predictable pass for Balotelli, and Lucarelli intercepts with ease.
    • 11'
      G M. Parolo Assist Amauri
    • 11'
      Simply stunning play from Biabiany, who makes a fool out of Constant, getting first to a ball on the wing that he had no right to even have a sniff at. The Frenchman even finds the time to whip in a dangerous cross towards the far post where Amauri shanks his shot, but Parolo steadies himself from t
    • 11'
    • 13'
      You have to point a finger right at Constant for allowing that goal to happen. He had at least five yards on Biabiany, and should have shepherded that ball over the byeline for a goal kick. Instead, his side have conceded early on.
    • 15'
      A crowd of Parma players inside their own area block a series of Milan attempts at their goal. Desperate defending, but my word does it get the job done, as Mirante does not have a save to make during that sequence.
    • 17'
      Robinho dribbles past Gargano with consummate ease, but ruins all that good work with another putrid pass that doesn't even come close to reaching his intended target of Balotelli.
    • 18'
      Amauri down on the deck for a spell after a crunching tackle from De Jong left him in a writhing heap. A forceful, but legal challenge from the Dutchman that succeeded in breaking up a Parma spell of possession, not the first such play from him today.
    • 19'
      Amauri is quickly back to his feet, but must wade through the red tape of having to make his way to the sidelines to be formally re-introduced to proceedings by the officials.
    • 20'
      Constant is being strung along like a banjo here, he's embarrassed again by Parma, this time by the centre back Lucarelli, who nutmegs him and sets up a Parma counter in the process!
    • 22'
      Balotelli running into trouble on the edge of the box in the shape of Cassani, who has been indomitable so far. The defender puts in a perfectly timed sliding challenge to unburden the striker of the ball.
    • 24'
      A Parma win today will see them move ahead of Milan in the Serie A standings by a point. Big incentive for the home side, and they've began the match in encouraging fashion.
    • 25'
      The goalscorer Parolo spots a shooting opportunity from just over 20 yards after De Jong was occupied by Cassano, but he can't direct his effort anywhere but right at Gabriel.
    • 27'
      Cassano nearly gets clean through on the right flank. With space to make up his mind, he forgoes an effort for himself in favor of picking out Parolo at the near post, but Silvestre is there to clear the ball out for a corner.
    • 28'
      Robinho is just trying to do too much on the ball. He squares up to three Parma players on the left, but cannot even make his way past the first, as that man Cassani is positioned well again to win the ball back for Parma.
    • 30'
      The game has not really exploded into life, which will suit Parma just fine. Right now they're frustrating the Rossoneri at every turn, and harbor a threat of their own on the counter.
    • 32'
      Amauri squaring up to Birsa on the left, and after a few shimmies, he manages to squeeze in a low cross that just misses Cassano, and is cleared by Zapata.
    • 33'
      CHANCE! An excellent Milan move sees Birsa release Poli clean through the middle, but with only Mirante to beat, he drags his finish wide of the keeper's right hand post! Should have buried that!
    • 34'
      M. Balotelli receives a yellow card.
    • 34'
      Balotelli booked for a rather shameless dive inside the area, going down almost gracefully against Lucarelli. The striker may have lost the studs and adopted a clean shaven haircut in an attempt to tidy up his image, but you can't ask a tiger to change its' stripes.
    • 36'
      Balotelli again going to ground around the area, this time he wisely does not appeal for a spot kick, avoiding a glance in the referee's direction after his infraction moments earlier.
    • 38'
      Milan are camped out in the Parma half, but cannot find many gaps to exploit. Donadoni's men have defended with distinction so far against the Rossoneri.
    • 40'
      Abate drags a shot wide from the edge of the box, after movement from Balotelli opened up a good space for him to have an attempt.
    • 42'
      Gabriel does well to get off his line and intercept the ball ahead of the dangerous Biabiany. Telltale signs keep popping up which show that Parma could still punish Milan with their pace on the flanks.
    • 44'
      Pinball on the edge of the Parma box sees the hosts eventually clear as the visitors make a disjointed attempt to squeeze a ball through.
    • 46'
      Here we go again.
    • 48'
      Parma pick up where they left off with an enterprising beginning to the second half. Biabiany has been active, as ever, and Cassano is moving dangerously around the 18-yard area. Milan finding it hard to get out of their own half.
    • 50'
      Kaka looks primed to make an early appearance in the second half as Allegri prepares to shuffle his pack. Take your pick, really, of the potential departures, as Birsa, Robinho and Balotelli have all been below par.
    • 51'
      AMAURI! The striker nearly drills Parma into a three goal advantage, holding off his man and firing in a shot on the turn, but Gabriel sticks out his left hand to make a crucial save! There may have been no way back for the Rossoneri if that had gone in!
    • 52'
      SI Kaká SO Amauri
    • 52'
      SI A. Matri SO Amauri
    • 52'
      A. Matri enters play, replacing M. Balotelli.
    • 52'
      A. Poli is done for the day. Kaká is his replacement.
    • 53'
      Kaka is on for Poli, and Balotelli also makes way, with Matri coming on in his stead. Bold moves from Allegri, who clearly recognized that things were not working up front.
    • 55'
      Birsa turns into space excellently 25 yards from goal, and elects to slide in Matri. The striker tries to roll Felipe, but spots that the pass is too far ahead of him and goes down in a heap, but the ref is not buying it for a second.
    • 57'
      Milan beginning to come out of their shell for the first time in the second half. They've kept Parma penned back in their own half, but the Rossoneri still look bereft of ideas in the final third.
    • 59'
      CROSSBAR! Gargano nearly wraps the match up for the home side, smacking the underside of the bar with Gabriel struggling to get there!
    • 61'
      G A. Matri Assist Amauri
    • 61'
      Milan take advantage of a lapse by Cassano, as Matri is slid in a step ahead of Felipe, and slides in a neat finish, peeling off in passionate celebration! An inspired substitution, as it turns out, from Allegri!
    • 61'
    • 63'
      G M. Silvestre Assist Amauri
    • 63'
      A cutthroat two-minute spell from Milan! Matri and Kaka had linked up beautifully, but were denied by Mirante. From the resulting corner, Zapata headed onto the crossbar, Parma cannot clear in the ensuing scramble, and Silvestre nods home from close range!
    • 63'
    • 64'
      SI N. Sansone SO Amauri
    • 64'
      Amauri is done for the day. N. Sansone is his replacement.
    • 65'
      Allegri with some job-saving reshuffles on the touchline. Substitute Matri's fingerprints are all over both Milan goals. Parma were cruising, absolutely cruising, but barely five minutes after Gargano came within an inch of making it 3-0, they now find themselves defending for a point against a sudd
    • 67'
      Milan now the dominant force in this game as Parma are left to chase shadows in their own half. It sounds extremely strange to say this to anyone who watched the first hour of play, but can the home side hold on?
    • 69'
      MONTOLIVO! The away supporters were already celebrating a goal as the midfielder cracks one in from 20 yards and ripples the net, but he's just put his shot the wrong side of the post! Side netting - that one had me fooled for a second as well!
    • 71'
      The game is stopped as Cassano is down in some distress on the turf. The Parma medical team are out to treat the forward.
    • 72'
      Cassano is back on his feet and it looks like he'll be able to play out the remaining minutes.
    • 73'
      SI A. Rosi SO Amauri
    • 73'
      A. Rosi enters the game and replaces A. Cassano.
    • 73'
      Milan attack right from the restart, Kaka advancing menacingly through the middle, but he cannot find his range from 20 yards, missing the target comfortably in the end.
    • 74'
      Cassano's revival does not last long, as he's in need of further treatment on the sidelines. With his forward grimacing in pain, Donadoni decides to take no further risks and brings on Rosi in his place.
    • 76'
      SI Y. Benalouane SO Amauri
    • 76'
      Y. Benalouane enters the game and replaces Felipe.
    • 76'
      Montolivo lines up another attempt from ling distance, but he had less of a sight on goal this time, and Mirante is well positioned to gather the ball with ease.
    • 78'
      M. Parolo gets yellow.
    • 78'
      Dangerous free kick for Milan on the right side of the box after Kaka is felled. They're lining up for this one, and Parma have to defend this well.
    • 79'
      It's Birsa who wins the raffle, but he can't steer the set piece on target. At least two feet over Mirante's crossbar.
    • 81'
      Milan still menacing on the edge of the Parma box. Kaka nearly beats Mirante with a low finish, but he's thwarted well by the keeper!
    • 83'
      A. Lucarelli is cautioned by the referee.
    • 83'
      N. de Jong gets yellow.
    • 83'
      CONTROVERSY! De Jong absolutely flattens Rosi on a breakaway, but he only sees yellow for the infraction! It did not look like anyone would have been able to catch Rosi had he evaded De Jong, and Parma are rightfully left questioning why the Dutchman is still on the pitch!
    • 85'
      That flare up has taken the sting out of Milan's push for a winner for just a second. Parma regroup at the back, but they're still fuming at that injustice.
    • 87'
      Rosi gets space for a shot on the edge of the box, and drives a stinger through on goal, but gets is slightly wrong, sliding it wide of the post.
    • 88'
      SI R. Saponara SO Amauri
    • 88'
      R. Saponara comes on for Robinho.
    • 89'
      Lucarelli a little over-aggressive when wrestling with Matri for a high ball, and the referee tells him to calm down lest he risk a second booking. Free kick to the visitors.
    • 90'
      W. Gargano is yellow-carded.
    • 90'
      GREAT SAVE BY GABRIEL! Constant slips up again, missing an interception on a cross, allowing Sansone to get a shot in at the far post, but the Brazilian goalkeeper is swift off his line and blocks the shot! That was the game there on that chance!
    • 90'
      What a waste. Birsa sends the set piece into orbit.

    Line Up




    Fabio Liverani
    Stefano Pioli



    Possession 0% 0%
    Effective Chances 0 0
    Shots on Target 0 0
    Turnovers 0 0


    Passes 0 0
    Passing Accuracy 0% 0%
    Passing Accuracy in opponent’s half 0% 0%
    Crosses 0 0
    Crossing accuracy 0% 0%


    Shots 0 0
    Shots outside the box 0 0
    Shots inside the box 0 0
    Shooting accuracy 0% 0%


    Tackles 0 0
    Effective Tackles 0% 0%
    Blocked Shots 0 0
    Clearances 0 0
    Saves 0 0


    Fouls Conceded 14 10
    Yellow Cards 3 3
    Red Cards 0 0
    Offsides 0 0

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