La Liga

  • Cani 21’
  • G. dos Santos 70’
  • 39’ G. Bale
  • 64’ Cristiano Ronaldo
0 Extra Time 0
2 Full Time 2
1 Half Time 1
La Liga
Camp El Madrigal
Attendance 23,852


    • KICK OFF
    • 45'
      No stoppage time here folks, we're at the break.
    • 90'
      That's all she wrote. Full time after a great game!
    • 90'
      Isco crowded off a shot at the top of the box, and that should just about do it.
    • 90'
      Perez narrowly offside on a Villarreal break, moments before he flings himself to the ground in search of a penalty, having not heard the referee's whistle.
    • 0'
      Bye for now, folks, it's been fun.
    • 0'
      Both sides lose their 100 percent records, and lose pace with Barcelona and Atletico Madrid at the top of the table. Bale got his Madrid career of to a goalscoring, if not dynamic start, before a familiar face in Ronaldo scored their second, to cancel out efforts from Cani and Dos Santos.
    • 0'
      Villarreal took a deserved lead thanks to Cani's rebounded goal, but Bale responded on his debut with the equalizer minutes to go until half time, after a relatively uninspiring individual display. I don't mean to pick on him though, Madrid in general have been off, and though they improved towards
    • 0'
      Let's hope this clash can live up to the ridiculously insane masterpiece just conculded at Camp Nou. It was 2-0 to Barcelona against Sevilla in the 80th minute, 2-2 in the 90th minute and 3-2 to Barca by fulltime. Nuts!
    • 0'
      Illaramendi also makes his debut for los Blancos, lining up in central midfield alongside Modric. A start for Nacho in defence as well, joining regulars Pepe, Ramos and Carvajal. I think we can consider the Arbeloa era on the wane.
    • 0'
      Just kidding folks, plenty more to ponder around this Real Madrid side, but we get a first glimpse of how the world's most expensive player will fit in Florentino Perez's...ahem...Carlo Ancelotti's side. By the looks of it, Bale is on the right, Isco through the middle and Ronaldo on the left, behin
    • 0'
      Bale starts. That is all.
    • 0'
      Villarreal: Asenjo; Mario, Musacchio, Dorado, Jaume Costa; Bruno, Trigueros; Cani, Aquino, Giovani dos Santos; Pereira.
    • 0'
      Real Madrid: Diego Lopez; Carvajal, Ramos, Pepe, Nacho; Illarramendi, Modric; Bale, Isco, Cristiano Ronaldo; Benzema.
    • 0'
      Teams time.
    • 0'
      Hello, and welcome to La Liga once again, for the clash between Villarreal and Real Madrid at El Madrigal. I'm Keeghann Sinanan, keeping you company for the next two hours or so.
    • 1'
      Here we go!
    • 3'
      It will be very interesting to see how Costa and Mario, the full backs for Villarreal, fare against the first and second most expensive players in the world tonight.
    • 6'
      After all that, it's Villarreal who make the first breakthrough on the flanks! Pereira sprints completely past Carvajal, races towards goal, but it denied at the near post by Lopez!
    • 7'
      Pepe with a bad error on that play to let the striker get room in behind, and Madrid nearly pay the price.
    • 8'
      Dos Santos very nearly gets a clean sight on goal, but Carvajal is on hand to nip the ball away just in the nick of time.
    • 10'
      Bale's first touch is to hook a left footed cross over the heads of interested parties at the far post.
    • 12'
      Benzema goes for goal from range, but it's always heading off target. Madrid starting to recover, ever so slightly.
    • 14'
      Diego Lopez with another fine near post save on Pereira, who, in tandem with Costa, fooled the Madrid defence from a short corner!
    • 16'
      Villarreal definitely have dominated the opening exchanges, but Bruno gives up a cheap free kick 20 or so yards out. Now who takes this?
    • 17'
      It's Ronaldo on it, but he needn't have bothered, way off target.
    • 18'
      Bale not looking entirely comfortable on the right, he almost seems like he has too much time when he cuts in onto his left foot. He scoops another cross out of play.
    • 21'
      G Cani Assist Daniel Carvajal
    • 21'
      ITS IN! Pereira and Pruno both come close to poking home the ball from close range, Madrid can't clear their lines, and Cani laps up the scraps!
    • 23'
      Fully deserved opener for the home side. Madrid have it all to do really, because this Villarreal team has goals in them!
    • 25'
      Pereira running at the defence for the umpteenth time, but with Dos Santos pulling into space toward the left, he runs into a defender before he can release the ball.
    • 27'
      Real Madrid's starting lineup tonight has cost them £324million. About half of that on two players. Insane.
    • 29'
      Fantastic football! Pereira,s backheel is splendid, releasing Aquino, who is thwarted by Diego Lopez not once, but twice in quick succession!
    • 31'
      Madrid look like rank amateurs out there. No communication, no cohesion, no plan. Is an upset on the cards?
    • 33'
      Real Madrid nearly squeeze an equalizer out of the empty tube of toothpaste that has been their attack...Isco's corner is met by Ramos' head, but Asenjo makes a point blank save.
    • 34'
      J. Aquino is yellow-carded.
    • 34'
      Nearly there! ramos with an excellent clipped pass over the top, Ronaldo breaks free to latch onto it, but steers his header the wrong side of the post!
    • 36'
      Madrid's players are really reaching with some of these hairstyles on show. There's a vaguely common theme, short on the sides and insanity on top. I hope their barbers only charged them half price in that case. Benzema's trim is the exception, which looks like he did it himself when the power went
    • 37'
      Nacho is cautioned by the referee.
    • 38'
    • 38'
      Getting a bit testy out there, Nacho flattens Mario on the touchline, earning him a yellow card, after he himself won a booking off Aquino minutes earlier.
    • 39'
      G G. Bale Assist Daniel Carvajal
    • 39'
      Daniel Carvajal gave the assist.
    • 39'
      Bale gets his first Madrid goal out of the way relatively quickly, sliding into the six yard box to poke home Carvajal's sweeping cross, after Modric's inch perfect pass set the play in motion.
    • 41'
      Coincidence that Bale scored that one coming in from the left side? He's looked rather meh on the right, the constant tendency to cut onto his left peg has really hurt his play today. Of course, we've seen him cause all sorts of problems with that same move in a Tottenham shirt, so stay tuned.
    • 43'
      Have to say we have not seen much from the visitors in the last quarter of an hour. They seem floored by the goal especially.
    • 45'
      I'm nearly made to eat my words as Costa gets the ball on the overlap down the left, and drills it in towards Pereira, whose finish is blocked at the last!
    • 46'
      Here we go again.
    • 47'
      Villarreal twice come close to breaking free down the right, the second time a not-so-unreasonable handball appeal on Nacho after Dos Santos' shot struck his arm! Play on though, Nacho perhaps a tad lucky.
    • 49'
      Bale unleashes a rocket of a shot from 25 yards that just about clears the crossbar. Asenjo looked to have it covered though.
    • 51'
      Trigueros' crossfield ball just skips ahead of Aquino, halting what looked like a good opening down the right.
    • 53'
      Ronaldo skips past Musacchio on the left but clips the defender in the process. Play is brought back and the Portuguese is furious, he swears that the defender dived!
    • 54'
      Ramos clambering all over Aquino challenging for a high ball, causing some distress to the Villarreal man. He departs to the sidelines for a brief spot of treatment.
    • 56'
      How. Do. Villarreal. Miss. Let's run that one down. Aquino first takes too long to shoot after he was put in the clear. He holds onto the ball, reverse passes it cleverly to Pereira, who is blocked from the shot by Nacho, but quickly squares to Costa, from point blank range, who slots it the wrong s
    • 57'
      Sergio Ramos is cautioned by the referee.
    • 58'
      Poor Aquino is being picked on by Ramos, who barges into him illegally once again. This time, the referee does not hesitate to show him the yellow card.
    • 59'
      Di Maria being readied.
    • 61'
      Bale goes galloping down the right, past two players, but just loses control of the ball, and can only muster a meek cutback at the end of it all.
    • 62'
      SI Á. di María SO Daniel Carvajal
    • 62'
      SI S. Khedira SO Daniel Carvajal
    • 62'
      S. Khedira enters play, replacing Illarramendi.
    • 62'
      G. Bale is done for the day. Á. di María is his replacement.
    • 63'
      Excellent sliding interception from Ramos to prevent Pereira from a surefire tap in. By the way, it's the end of the road for debutantes Bale and Illaramendi, with Di Maria and Khedira coming on.
    • 64'
      G Cristiano Ronaldo Assist Daniel Carvajal
    • 64'
      The Portuguese starts the move with a driving run in from the left to find Benzema, whose pot-shot at goal is parried right back into Ronaldo's path, and with some help from a deflection, he buries the rebound.
    • 64'
    • 65'
      SI I. Uche SO Daniel Carvajal
    • 65'
      Jonathan Pereira is replaced with I. Uche.
    • 66'
      Ronaldo trying to wriggle free on the left again, and only succeeds in winning a corner, which is flapped at by Asenjo but ultimately cleared.
    • 67'
      Di Maria with a low shot from 25 yards that is comfortable for Asenjo.
    • 69'
      Real back on top in this second half. Villarreal haven't showed anything in a while.
    • 70'
      G G. dos Santos Assist Daniel Carvajal
    • 70'
      Villarreal back level thanks to Dos Santos. Cani's driving run and shot is pushed wide by Lopez, who gathers himself in time to attempt to stop the Mexican's rebound, only to give it a helping hand into the back of the net.
    • 70'
      Never mind.
    • 71'
      SI Pina SO Daniel Carvajal
    • 71'
      Pina enters play, replacing Trigueros.
    • 72'
      It's all set up for a grandstand finish!
    • 73'
      SI Álvaro Morata SO Daniel Carvajal
    • 73'
      Álvaro Morata enters the game and replaces K. Benzema.
    • 74'
      Di Maria bends another one in from range, this time just missing the far post with Asenjo at full stretch.
    • 75'
      SI H. Pérez SO Daniel Carvajal
    • 75'
      G. dos Santos is replaced with H. Pérez.
    • 76'
      Yellow card for new sub Morata, a bit harsh that one. He won the ball against his opponent but clipped him with his trailing leg.
    • 77'
      Álvaro Morata goes into the referee's book.
    • 78'
      Pina is yellow-carded.
    • 78'
      I would wager to say that 2-2 has just about been a fair score in this game, given how the second half has gone.
    • 80'
      Di Maria leaves Mario sliding on the wrong direction with a quick cut, but is quickly blocked by Musacchio, and throws himself to the turf for a penalty. No dice, and rightfully so.
    • 82'
      Excellent diving save from Lopez, at full stretch, to deny Villarreal!
    • 85'
      Final five minutes folks and this one is as finely poised as ever...
    • 87'
      RONALDO TWICE! His first shot, teed up by Morata, is palmed by Asenjo, and his follow up goes over! Was that the chance?
    • 89'
      Uche is crowded out of a decent shooting opportunity after good work by Cani to set him up.
    • 90'
      Three minutes of stoppage time signaled.

    Line Up

    Sergio Asenjo
    Daniel Carvajal
    Sergio Ramos



    Javier Calleja
    Zinedine Zidane



    Possession 0% 0%
    Effective Chances 0 0
    Shots on Target 0 0
    Turnovers 0 0


    Passes 0 0
    Passing Accuracy 0% 0%
    Passing Accuracy in opponent’s half 0% 0%
    Crosses 0 0
    Crossing accuracy 0% 0%


    Shots 0 0
    Shots outside the box 0 0
    Shots inside the box 0 0
    Shooting accuracy 0% 0%


    Tackles 0 0
    Effective Tackles 0% 0%
    Blocked Shots 0 0
    Clearances 0 0
    Saves 0 0


    Fouls Conceded 14 14
    Yellow Cards 2 3
    Red Cards 0 0
    Offsides 0 0

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