Premier League

  • S. Caulker 62’
0 Extra Time 0
1 Full Time 0
Premier League
Cardiff City Stadium
Attendance 27,463


    • KICK OFF
    • 90'
      Not that much as it turns out! The referee blows the final whistle and CARDIFF WIN THE DERBY!
    • 90'
      Five minutes of added time were originally signaled by the way, doubtless that count will be increased given the late incident.
    • 90'
      Whittingham makes Rangel work right away, firing the free kick high towards goal, but the defender-turned-keeper TIPS THE BALL OVER! Late drama!
    • 90'
      It's Rangel who will deputize between the posts, and he will have a free-kick to defend straight away!
    • 90'
      RED CARD! No question about that decision, as Campbell would have been clean through on an empty net. Vorm trudges off, but there's trouble now as Swansea have used all three subs! Which outfield player will don the gloves!
    • 90'
      BREAKAWAY! The resulting corner is cleared, and Campbell is put on his bike ahead of the last defender. Vorm runs off his line to meet him, completely misses the ball and flattens the striker in the process! The referee blows, and Vorm is in big trouble...
    • 0'
      That's my cue folks, bye for now.
    • 0'
      In the end, the one goal did it for Cardiff, who move four points clear of the relegation zone and leapfrog Swansea in the table by a point. Caulker struck the decisive effort midway through the second half, but the game really exploded into life right at the death, when Vorm was sent off for a prof
    • 0'
      The match has simmered and sparked, but has yet to fully catch on fire. Swansea have just about shaded matters, putting in stronger spells during the open and close of the first half. Michu has had himself a few half chances during those periods, but like much of the play on the pitch, he really lac
    • 0'
      No singing sections needed here. What a superb, electric atmosphere in the stands as both teams make their way out! This is going to be a wild ride, so strap in folks...
    • 0'
      Swansea have just about shaded the historical battle between these two sides, winning 24 games to Cardiff's 20, as the other 17 games have been drawn. The visitors will jump into the top half of the table with a win, while the hosts can open up a four point gap above the relegation zone if they take
    • 0'
      Make no mistake, this rivalry cuts deep. The biggest football derby in Wales will now take place on the Premier League stage. There is a massive police presence around the Cardiff City Stadium, but I don't think we'll see any stupidity, despite the competitive fires burning high on the pitch and in
    • 0'
      Cardiff meanwhile see Andreas Cornelius miss out with his ankle injury, but Craig Bellamy has returned to the starting XI, and will take his place in midfield.
    • 0'
      Only one swap for Swansea after their stalemate vs West Hamn last time around, with Jonjo Shelvey replacing Alvaro Vasquez.
    • 0'
      SWANSEA SUBS: Tremmel, Tiendalli, Amat, Canas, Pozuelo, Vazquez, Bony.
    • 0'
      SWANSEA XI: Vorm, Rangel, Williams, Chico Flores, Taylor, Britton, Shelvey, de Guzman, Routledge, Dyer, Michu.
    • 0'
      CARDIFF SUBS: Lewis, Hudson, Campbell, Kim, Noone, Gunnarsson, Maynard.
    • 0'
      CARDIFF XI: Marshall, Taylor, Caulker, Turner, Whittingham, Medel, Odemwingie, Mutch, Cowie, Theophile-Catherine, Bellamy.
    • 0'
      First, our teams.
    • 0'
      Greetings all, and welcome to the inaugural South Wales Premier League derby between Cardiff and Swansea! I'm Keeghann Sinanan, your guide for all the action.
    • 1'
      Swansea get us started and are booed lustily by the home fans!
    • 3'
      Both teams still feeling each other out amid this electric atmosphere. Swansea will want to get the ball on the ground and play their football, but if there's a set piece in the house, you'd fancy the hosts to be the ones causing the problems.
    • 5'
      The ball comes in from Dyer on the right and Michu pops it up with a sublime first touch. It's all set up for the Zidane-esque volley on the turn...but the Spaniard absolutely shanks it!
    • 7'
      Williams punts a superb diagonal ball forward to Dyer, who goes running right at Taylor. The left back seems terrified at the prospect, but he needn't have worried because, after a few shimmies, the winger blasts the ball into orbit.
    • 9'
      Cardiff starting to some out of their shell as the match has wore on. They're playing a long ball game, but Odemwingie is having no luck against the Swansea defensive pair of Williams and Chico.
    • 11'
      MARSHALL SAVES! Shelvey plays Michu into space, and he takes advantage of the lax pressure by the opposition to stride to the edge of a box and unleash a left-footed stinger that was pushed away well by the keeper!
    • 13'
      Some real nosebleed pressure from Swansea in and around the Cardiff box. Eventually, Marshall is forced to come off his line and smother a high ball, but we've already seen the danger that Routledge and Dyer will cause on the flanks. The visitors having the better start by far.
    • 15'
      Swansea dominating possession with 63 per cent of the ball, and have already cracked three efforts at Marchall's goal. Cardiff have yet to have an attempt of any sort. Tells you all you need to know about the early patterns of this game.
    • 17'
      Rangel making a real nuisance of himself in more ways than one. He's been rampaging down the line effectively, and has been jawing at the Cardiff players non stop.
    • 19'
      Good towering leap from Caulker on a Cardiff free-kick, but he just cannot plant his header on target.
    • 21'
      Cowie collects a peach of a long ball from his defence, and advances down the right. Spotting Odemwingie in the area, he whips a ball onto his head, but just before he can pull the trigger, back comes Rangel to head away for a corner.
    • 22'
      Vorm better watch himself from these set pieces. The goalkeeper has many strengths, but his aerial ability has never exactly been one of them. He nearly flaps at the resulting corner, but just about manages to tip it away.
    • 23'
      Whittingham had half a chance to take aim at Vorm's goal from 25 yards, but he goes for an all too predictable threaded pass into Odemwingie, which is cut out easily by Chico.
    • 25'
      Cardif improving immeasurably as the game has worn on. They're not the most technically gifted squad, but are beating Swansea to every 50-50 ball, and are getting themselves into a lost of positions to cause danger from set pieces.
    • 27'
      Swansea have actually not had a kick of the ball in the opposition half for the last few minutes. Michael Laudrup is rightfully barking instructions at his troops, as they've become too lackadaisical on the pitch.
    • 29'
      Look at this! Some lovely passing football from Cardiff in the opposition half, orchestrated every step of the way by the experienced Bellamy in the centre of the park. Swansea struggling to get the ball off them!
    • 31'
      Matters remain finely poised, as Michu comes within inches of connecting with a sublime outside-of-the-boot cross from Routledge, with De Guzman scuffing his volleyed attempt from the rebound.
    • 33'
      The home fans howling in disapproval as Swansea go back to where they started in this match, embarking on a patented spell of short passing in the opposition half. Cardiff are digging their heels in though.
    • 35'
      The match devolving into a niggle-fest in midfield, as a series of little fouls have disjointed play. Both sides are still lacking a real final ball to their positive spells.
    • 37'
      Odemwingie is really cutting a lonesome figure as the spearhead of Cardiff's attack. Williams and Chico have marshaled him with distinction so far, and are winning everything in the air against the Nigerian forward.
    • 39'
      The fans are not letting up and remain as boisterous as ever, but the players are really not putting on anything close to a spectacle. The game has become rather tepid and mechanical on the field.
    • 41'
      Michu nearly latches onto a ball striding into the box, but Cowie is one among a host of players that endeavor, and succeed, in blocking the ball. Good defensive work.
    • 43'
      Swansea halfheartedly attempt to launch one last onslaught, but Cardiff are sitting so deep, that I fully expect the half to play out as a stalemate.
    • 45'
      An uneventful additional period is played out as the game is halted for the break.
    • 45'
      One lone minute of added time to end the half.
    • 46'
      Here we go again!
    • 48'
      Cautiously positive start from Swansea to the second period. There's been a few good combinations, but much like the pattern of the first half, no real penetration.
    • 50'
      Dyer squares up on Taylor at the right side of the box, but realizing that the route forward is shut, squares it back to Rangel. The full back whips in a great first time cross to Shelvey, who is deplorably late on his jump and heads it in the wrong direction.
    • 52'
      ODEMWINGIE! Inches, inches away from getting a touch on Bellamy's long free-kick at the far post!
    • 54'
      SI A. Gunnarsson SO J. Mutch
    • 54'
      A. Gunnarsson comes on for J. Mutch.
    • 54'
      Whittingham slices a shot wide of the target after what was a threatening period of Cardiff pressure. First positive signs in the second half from the visitors.
    • 55'
      COWIE! Inches, inches away from getting his head onto a nodded cutback from Bellamy right in the centre of the box! That would have been the opener had he connected to that ball!
    • 57'
      Cardiff are building something here. Not sure what, but they've pinned the visitors back in their own half for quite a spell. Nevertheless, goalmouth action remains very scarce.
    • 59'
      Michu, who has been needing treatment for the last few minutes, is back on the pitch, though moving a tad gingerly.
    • 61'
      How badly could this game use a goal! The fans have not let up the noise for one instant, and they more than anyone deserve to see a breakthrough. But it's hard to tell where it will come from, though Cardiff look them ore likely candidates in the second half!
    • 62'
      G S. Caulker Assist J. Mutch
    • 62'
      The assist came from C. Bellamy.
    • 62'
      From the corner, Caulker makes moves towards the near post. Chico cannot keep up with him, and the defender heads it into the back of the net against his former club! Breakthrough!
    • 62'
    • 63'
      Chicho had been faultless up until that point. Caulker dominated him on that play, and had he been a little more proactive, the goal may never have happened.
    • 64'
      Well I said that the game needed a goal, and I said that Cardiff were favorites to score it. And since my humble prophecy has come through, the onus is squarely on Swansea now! What will be their response!
    • 65'
      SI W. Bony SO J. Mutch
    • 65'
      Michu is done for the day. W. Bony is his replacement.
    • 66'
      The home fans are literally bouncing off the walls after the jubilation of the opener. Cardiff are still looking positive in attack, and Swansea are struggling to make any inroads in the offensive third.
    • 68'
      Bony has come on for Michu by the way, who has rather fluffed his lines this game. Can the powerful striker make a difference?
    • 70'
      First signs of Swansea in attack for what seems like ages. The ball comes into Bony from the right flank, but the striker is faced all wrong and cannot get on it.
    • 71'
      SI Pozuelo SO J. Mutch
    • 71'
      L. Britton is done for the day. Pozuelo is his replacement.
    • 72'
      BONY OFFSIDE! The ball comes in from Shelvey at the top of the box, but the substitute is just a twist ahead of the last defender. Marshall did not know that though, and pushes the ball away well!
    • 74'
      Odemwingie is set to depart after what has been a frustrating game. Campbell will spell the Nigerian for the final stretch.
    • 75'
      SI F. Campbell SO J. Mutch
    • 75'
      P. Odemwingie is done for the day. F. Campbell is his replacement.
    • 76'
      Ashley Williams, who has not put a foot out of place, shepherds the ball away well from Campbell, who cannot get his first touch in what would have been a dangerous area near the byeline.
    • 78'
      Cardiff look good value for the points on the balance of play in the second half. Not the response that you would expect from Swansea.
    • 80'
      Swansea finally launch an offensive in the opposition half, but Cardiff are packing two banks of four behind the ball. There's simply no route through!
    • 81'
      SI Álvaro SO J. Mutch
    • 81'
      Álvaro Vázquez enters play, replacing W. Routledge.
    • 81'
      Routledge flashes a half-chance wide of the far post. Sadly, that was one of Swansea's best openings all game.
    • 83'
      CAMPBELL! Twice in two seconds the substitute has a chance to poke the ball come, but twice in quick succession, the opposition defence block the ball on the line! Marshall eventually smothers!
    • 85'
      What a huge scalp this will be for Cardiff. Apart from the bragging rights and huge moral victory, the three points will take them four points clear of the relegation zone. Even at this early stage, that's a huge consideration.
    • 87'
      P. Whittingham is cautioned by the referee.
    • 87'
      Yellow card for Whittingham who hacks down Chico on the touchline. First booking of the game surprisingly.
    • 88'
      SI Bo-Kyung Kim SO J. Mutch
    • 88'
      G. Medel is done for the day. Bo-Kyung Kim is his replacement.
    • 89'
      Marshall better be careful! De Guzman slices in a daisy-cutter of a free kick, but the moisture on the ball means that the keeper spills the ball. It bobbles out for a corner thankfully for the home side!
    • 90'
      MARSHALL SAVES! Snap shot from the edge of the box by Pozuelo, saved excellently by the keeper! Swansea going for it now!

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    republic of ireland
    Mick McCarthy
    Steve Cooper



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    Effective Chances 0 0
    Shots on Target 0 0
    Turnovers 0 0


    Passes 0 0
    Passing Accuracy 0% 0%
    Passing Accuracy in opponent’s half 0% 0%
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    Fouls Conceded 11 7
    Yellow Cards 1 0
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