Barcelona vs FC Bayern München

Current Score

  • Barcelona 0
  • FC Bayern München 3

Match Profile

Goal Scorers
Goal Scorers
  • A. Robben
    • 48minutes
  • Piqué (OG)
    • 72minutes
  • T. Müller
    • 76minutes
Team Statistics
  • Aggregate 0
  • Goals at Half-time 0
Team Statistics
  • Aggregate 7
  • Goals at Half-time 0

Match Commentary

minute code event
87 SI Substitute in Martín Montoya of Barcelona
87 SO Substitute out Bartra of Barcelona
78 YC Yellow card awarded to Piqué of Barcelona
77 SI Substitute in Rafinha of FC Bayern München
77 SO Substitute out P. Lahm of FC Bayern München
76 AS Assist by F. Ribéry (FC Bayern München)
76 G GOAL (FC Bayern München): Scored by T. Müller
74 SI Substitute in A. Tymoshchuk of FC Bayern München
74 SO Substitute out Javi Martínez of FC Bayern München
72 OG OWN GOAL (Barcelona): Scored by Piqué
67 SI Substitute in Luiz Gustavo of FC Bayern München
67 SO Substitute out B. Schweinsteiger of FC Bayern München
65 SI Substitute in Thiago Alcântara of Barcelona
65 SO Substitute out Iniesta of Barcelona
55 SI Substitute in A. Sánchez of Barcelona
55 SO Substitute out Xavi of Barcelona
48 AS Assist by D. Alaba (FC Bayern München)
48 G GOAL (FC Bayern München): Scored by A. Robben
45 YC Yellow card awarded to Dani Alves of Barcelona
32 YC Yellow card awarded to A. Robben of FC Bayern München

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