European Championship

0 Half Time 0
Donbass Arena
Attendance 48,000


    • KICK OFF
    • 90'
      Veloso receives a yellow for his sliding tackle on Alba. The referee blows for full time and we are headed for extra time here in Donetsk!
    • 45'
      The free kick delivered into the box by Xavi is collected by the Portuguese goal keeper and the referee blows for half time.
    • 90'
      Navas wins a corner fro Spain on the left flank as Fábio Coentrão blocked his cross. The corner from Alonso is over everyone's head and the danger is over for Portugal.
    • 105'
      The referee blows for the first half if extra time. 15 minutes to go before penalties!
    • 45'
      Alves is given the penalty for coming over Negredo's back to win a header.
    • 90'
      There are 3 minutes to be added on here in regulation time.
    • 105'
      Ramos' shot from the free kick curls just over the Portuguese goal!
    • 0'
      The Anthems have been sung and after the coin toss the first semi final match of EURO 2012 will kick off!
    • 0'
      The teams have left the pitch after warming up and have returned to their dressing rooms. Soon, the teams will be out on the field to start this semi final match.
    • 0'
      Your line-ups for this match are as follows: For Spain; Casillas(GK) (C), Piqué, Sergio Ramos, Arbeloa, Jordi Alba - Xavi Hernández, Xabi Alonso, Busquets – Silva, Negredo, Iniesta. For Portugal; Rui Patrício(GK), Bruno Alves, Pepe, Fábio Coentrão, João Pereira - Miguel Veloso, João Moutinho, Raul M
    • 0'
      Welcome to Donabass Arena in Donetsk, Ukraine for this semi final match which features two neighbours, Spain and Portugal. The winner of tonight’s match earns a spot in the EURO 2012 final to face either Italy or Germany. Your official for this fixture is Cüneyt Çakır of Turkey.
    • 1'
      Spain kick off and the match is underway!
    • 2'
      Veloso has a go from well out that takes a deflection off Alonso for a Portugal corner. Veloso's corner is touched out by Casillas for another corner.
    • 3'
      Meireles' corner is caught by Casillas and the danger is over for Spain.
    • 4'
      Spain passes through the Portugal defense until a pass to Negredo is cut out by Alves.
    • 5'
      Spain and Portugal first met in Madrid in December 1921, Spain were victorious 3-1. They have largely held the upper hand ever since, with a record against Portugal of 15 wins 12 draws and 7 losses.
    • 6'
      Alba broke forward down the left side and delivers a cross that is blocked for a Spanish throw in.
    • 7'
      Spain are passing around the midfield, playing the possession game they have been accustomed to in recent years.
    • 9'
      Negredo plays a ball to Arbeloa at the top of the area who lifts his shot over the Portuguese goal.
    • 10'
      Iniesta drives a shot from 20 yards out that sails over the Portuguese goal.
    • 12'
      Cristiano Ronaldo needs just one more goal to equal the record for UEFA European Championship goals of 22, qualifying included. The record is currently shared by Hakan Şükür (Turkey) and Jon Dahl Tomasson (Denmark).
    • 13'
      Ronaldo breaks down the left flank and delivers a cross that Casillas cuts out before the Portuguese attack could connect with the dangerous cross.
    • 15'
      Arbeloa attacks down the right flank before fouling Fábio Coentrão for a Portugal free kick.
    • 16'
      Ronaldo was breaking through the defense, between Arbeloa and Piqué, before being fouled for a free kick just outside the area to the left of the Spanish goal.
    • 17'
      Ronaldo's free kick is blocked by the two-man wall of Spain. Moutinho takes the corner for Portugal that is headed clear by Ramos.
    • 19'
      Spain have featured in 3 semi final matches at the European Championship, winning all 3. Portugal have also featured in 3 European Championship semi finals, winning 1 and losing 2.
    • 20'
      Portugal were breaking on the counter attack before Ramos dispossessed Nani on the right flank.
    • 22'
      Spain have had the bulk of the possession in this game, with 57%.
    • 23'
      Negredo, Spain's striker for this match, has played only 1 minute at this tournament before tonight.
    • 25'
      Pereira is called for pulling Iniesta down, who was juggling the ball on Spain's left flank.
    • 26'
      Fábio Coentrão delivers a cross from the left side that is over the attackers heads, but not cleared convincingly by the defense.
    • 27'
      Pereira swings in a high lofty cross that is caught easily by Casillas.
    • 29'
      A long ball from Alonso finds Negredo in the box who controls. Negredo plays the ball to the top of the area. Iniesta shoots! Iniesta's shot is just over the cross bar!
    • 31'
      Ronaldo shoots from the top of the area! Ronaldo's left footed shot is just wide of the right post!
    • 33'
      Spain have lost only 3 of their last 47 competitive UEFA European Championship and World Cup fixtures and won 41 of them.
    • 34'
      Iniesta works his way around Pereira, but Iniesta can;t keep the ball in the field of play and Portugal are awarded a goal kick.
    • 35'
      Play stops as Nani receives treatment on the field, following a clash with Alba.
    • 36'
      Play resumes, and Nani is back on his feet and fit to play.
    • 38'
      Silva finds space in the middle of the field and darts towards the Portuguese area! Silva's through ball to Iniesta is collected by Rui Patrício.
    • 40'
      A long ball towards the back post of Portugal's goal is cut out by the defense. Negredo has a volley from the top of the area! Negredo's volley is blocked. Ramos is given the yellow for obstructing Ronaldo on Portugal's counter attack.
    • 41'
      Portugal have hit the post six times at UEFA EURO 2012, which is one more than any other team in UEFA European Championship history. Ronaldo alone has struck it four times.
    • 42'
      Spain has completed 244 passes to Portugal's 149.
    • 43'
      Spain have out passed all of their opponents in this tournament with 672 completed passes to Italy's 341, 810 to Ireland's 198, 639 to Croatia's 231 and 638 to France's 429.
    • 45'
      1 minute to be added on here in the first half.
    • 46'
      Portugal kick of and the second half is underway!
    • 47'
      The second half struggling to get a rhythm as the teams trade free kick.
    • 48'
      After a long build up play, Alonso's through ball to Xavi is off target and the Portuguese keeper collects.
    • 50'
      Spain have maintained over 50% possession in 20 of their last 21 games at major final tournaments, the exception being their UEFA EURO 2008 final win against Germany (46%).
    • 51'
      Arbeloa plays a dangerous cross after a creative give-and-go down the right flank. The cross is headed out for a Spanish corner. Xavi takes the corner short, and Spain maintain possession.
    • 52'
      Pereira's cross is blocked by Ramos for a corner kick.
    • 53'
      Moutinho's delivery from the corner is defended well by Spain.
    • 54'
      SI Fàbregas SO Negredo
    • 54'
      Cesc Fàbregas, who just came into the game, has made 7 substitute appearances in the UEFA European Championship, and is now even with the Netherlands' Aron Winter's record of 7.
    • 56'
      Fábio Coentrão wins a corner on the left flank after combining with Ronaldo.
    • 57'
      Nani takes the corner low, and Spain clear at the near post. Almeida takes a strike from 25 yards out that goes over the goal.
    • 59'
      Ronaldo plays a through ball to Almeida on the left side of the area and Almeida's shot is off target from a tight angle.
    • 60'
      SI Jesús Navas SO Negredo
    • 60'
      Ronaldo sprinted down the right flank and Ramos blocks the Portuguese attacker and wins a goal kick. Busquets is given the yellow for imitating a card.
    • 61'
      Pepe is given the yellow for kneeing Alonso in the back as they compete for a header.
    • 63'
      Portugal have had the lion's share of attacking opportunities in this second half.
    • 64'
      Pereira is given the yellow for pulling Fàbregas down just outside the box before the Spanish striker could get a through ball played to him.
    • 65'
      The delivery from the free kick is headed over the goal line for a corner to Spain. Xavi takes the corner for Spain and Portugal defend successfully.
    • 66'
      Spain have only allowed one goal at EURO 2012, fewer than any other side.
    • 67'
      Xavi takes a driving shot from 30 yards out that is right at Rui Patrício who collects without a problem.
    • 68'
      Almeida is played in by Ronaldo. Almeida shoots! Almeida's shot is off target for a goal kick.
    • 70'
      Fábio Coentrão's cross is headed clear by Piqué before it could find Ronaldo in the box.
    • 71'
      Ronaldo is fouled by Arbeloa at the top of the area, 35 yards out from Casillas' goal. This free kick is dangerous for Spain, well within Ronaldo's range.
    • 73'
      Ronaldo shoots! The ball dips in front of Casillas' goal! Ronaldo's effort is just over the Spanish goal.
    • 75'
      Portugal have taken 6 shots, compared to Spain's 4. Though Spain still have the upper hand in possession with 57%.
    • 76'
      Portugal's corner is cleared by the Spanish defense.
    • 78'
      Fàbregas blasts a shot over the Portugal goal from 35 yards out.
    • 79'
      Spain have not been held goalless in their last 18 matches (17-0-1).
    • 80'
      Ramos concedes a free kick on the right side of the Spanish goal. The free kick is curled into the Spanish box and Casillas collects easily.
    • 81'
      SI Nélson Oliveira SO Negredo
    • 82'
      Ronaldo cuts inside and is fouled by Alonso as Alonso slid in to stop Ronaldo's incisive run.
    • 83'
      Ronaldo's free kick hits the wall and Arbeloa is called for hand ball. Ronaldo will get another shot from even closer the second time around.
    • 84'
      Ronaldo blasts his shot over the Spanish goal!
    • 86'
      Alves is cautioned by the referee for a foul on Fàbregas at midfield.
    • 87'
      SI Pedro SO Negredo
    • 87'
      Should results hold, there will be two 15 minute periods added. There is no golden goal. If the teams are still level, the game will be decided on penalties.
    • 89'
      Veloso is called for a foul for coming over Alonso's back to win a header.
    • 90'
      Alonso curls the delivery into the Portuguese box and Alves heads it clear. Portugal are on the counter attack! Ronaldo receives the through ball into the area. Ronaldo shoots! Ronaldo's shot is well over the Spanish goal from 18 yards out.
    • 91'
      Spain kick off and the first half of extra time is underway. Game on! Navas delivers a low cross in to Fàbregas that is cut out by Portugal.
    • 92'
      The winner of tonight's match will face either Italy or Germany in the final on Sunday.
    • 93'
      Iker Casillas had gone 389 minutes without conceding, since Antonio Di Natale's effort for Italy on 10/06. Casillas will be looking to add another 30 minutes to his total by the end of tonight’s game. Spain have kept eight successive clean sheets in major tournament knockout games.
    • 95'
      Moutinho is called for a foul on Iniesta in the middle of the pitch, as he slide in to dispossess the Spanish midfielder.
    • 96'
      Alonso's delivery from the free kick is cleared by the defense.
    • 98'
      Ronaldo breaks down the left side and Piqué slides in to stop Ronaldo with a fair challenge.
    • 99'
      Play stops as Pedro Rodriguez is down inside the Portuguese penalty area following a challenge by Pepe.
    • 100'
      Rodriguez is back to his feet and play resumes. Spain have already used their 3 substitutions, Portugal have only used 1.
    • 101'
      Meireles blocks a cross from Navas and Spain are awarded the corner.
    • 102'
      Fàbregas plays the ball short to Navas, who's cross is blocked for another corner. The corner is taken short and the Portuguese defense chokes out the Spanish attack.
    • 104'
      Alba cuts a cross back in to Iniesta! Iniesta shoots from six yards out! Rui Patrício saves!
    • 105'
      Veloso concedes a free kick to Spain for a tackle on Rodriguez from 35 yards out.
    • 106'
      SI Custodio SO Negredo
    • 106'
      Portugal kick off and the second half of extra time is underway!
    • 107'
      Fábio Coentrão wins possession off Fàbregas and breaks down the left flank! The cross is cut out by Ramos before it reaches Ronaldo.
    • 109'
      Ronaldo has scored six UEFA European Championship finals goals, matching Nuno Gomes' national record.
    • 110'
      Fàbregas blasts a shot that takes a deflection off Alves and the Portuguese keeper collects easily.
    • 111'
      Navas takes a driving shot from a tight angle! Rui Patrício dives to save the low driving shot and collects the rebound as well!
    • 113'
      SI Silvestre Varela SO Negredo
    • 113'
      Alonso is given the yellow for a sliding tackle on Ronaldo at center field.
    • 114'
      Pedro Rodríguez was in behind the Portuguese defense, but Fábio Coentrão tracks back to end the danger for a Spain corner.
    • 115'
      Fàbregas takes the corner for Spain and the delivery is headed clear by the defense.
    • 117'
      Iniesta is flagged for off side on the left flank. Spain looking the more dangerous side in extra time.
    • 118'
      Alba delivers a driving cross that is cleared by Pepe at the front post for a Spanish throw in.
    • 119'
      Pedro cuts through the Portuguese defense inside the area! Pedro losses possession eventually, but tense moments for Portugal.
    • 120'
      The referee blows for the final period of extra time and we are headed to penalties to decide who will advance to the final!

    Line Up

    Rui Patrício
    João Moutinho
    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Sergio Ramos
    Jordi Alba



    Fernando Santos
    Robert Moreno



    Possession 0% 0%
    Effective Chances 0 0
    Shots on Target 0 0
    Turnovers 0 0


    Passes 0 0
    Passing Accuracy 0% 0%
    Passing Accuracy in opponent’s half 0% 0%
    Crosses 0 0
    Crossing accuracy 0% 0%


    Shots 0 0
    Shots outside the box 0 0
    Shots inside the box 0 0
    Shooting accuracy 0% 0%


    Tackles 0 0
    Effective Tackles 0% 0%
    Blocked Shots 0 0
    Clearances 0 0
    Saves 0 0


    Fouls Conceded 31 21
    Yellow Cards 0 0
    Red Cards 0 0
    Offsides 0 0

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