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LISTEN: Lucy Zelic in conversation with Dr Bridie O’Donnell

(Left) Lucy Zelic, (right) Bridie O’Donnell. Source: Getty Images/Twitter

Hello dear listener and welcome to our inaugural In Conversation series podcast!

When we first embarked on this journey in October, 2019 it started off in written form and with the view to share the treasure trove of untold tales buried deep within the world of football.   

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some of the greatest icons in our game including Martin Tyler and John Aloisi but the truth is, all of them have been truly fascinating in their own right.  

Whether it was Sydney FC star Kosta Barbarouses retelling his horrifying account of witnessing a woman get kidnapped or legendary goalkeeper Clint Bolton opening up about his battle with depression - my admiration for each of these individuals is what inspired us to want to do more with the way we told their stories. 

While the concept of podcasts is nothing new, our readers wanted these delivered in audio format and it’s also allowed me to fulfil my greatest passion as a journalist which is interviewing people.  

The world is full of impressive athletes, coaches and administrators that extend well beyond the confines of the beautiful game. By opening ourselves up to other sports, it allows us to invite you on this journey of great discovery too.   

It’s why I am really proud to share our very first episode with you and what better time to do it than on International Women’s Day with one of the most accomplished and inspirational figures in Australian sport - Dr Bridie O’Donnell. 

Lucy Zelic in conversation with… Dr Bridie O’Donnell
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But it doesn’t stop there. Our guest wish list is beyond thrilling and my ambition is to deliver uncensored and gripping interviews with some of sports greatest heroes and even villains.  

I hope you enjoy this first listen as much as I did and I look forward to sharing this experience with you every week.  

All my love, 

Lucy x