LISTEN: History FC - Heather Garriock on evolution of Australian women's football

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Ahead of a potentially historic 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup bid decision on Friday morning (AEST), Matildas legend Heather Garriock speaks to Adrian Arciuli about the evolution of women's football in Australia.

Garriock discusses Matildas players having to fight for basic rights, the start of the W-League, the 2010 AFC Asian Cup success and what hosting a Women's World Cup would mean for football in this country. 

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History FC: Heather Garriock on the evolution of Women's football in Australia
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0:36 – Matildas players fight for basic rights 

1.19 – The W-League begins in 2008 

2.25 – Why players couldn’t solely focus on football 

3.14 – Long flights and sandwiches from 7-Eleven 

4.24 – Why there was little standards for the competition 

5.30 – The 2010 Asian Cup ushers in a new era 

6.39 – Pay struggles continue for W-League players 

8.04 – Melbourne City challenge the status quo 

9.30 – The 2015 Matildas pay dispute 

11.40 – Minimum wages finally introduced in 2017 for the W-League 

12.50 – How hosting the 2023 World Cup would continue the evolution