Jamieson questions why AFL players were allowed to leave Victoria while A-League players were left stranded


Melbourne City captain Scott Jamieson has questioned why AFL players who lived in coronavirus hotspot suburbs were allowed to leave Victoria but he and other A-League players were not.

Melbourne-based A-League sides still remain in Victoria, awaiting an exemption to cross the now-closed border with New South Wales. 

All three clubs have tried to leave the state twice only to have had to abandon plans both times due to a combination of weather and poor planning. 

However, all 10 AFL teams based in Victoria have managed to re-deploy themselves to other states. 

Jamieson, who lives in Ascot Vale - one of the early COVID hotspots, questioned why AFL players who lived in his area were able to fly out of Victoria but he and other A-League players were not.  

"I got kicked out of my house last Wednesday, because it was in a hotspot. We were told if we left the hotspot we could fly to New South Wales, but on Monday night I was told I was not allowed to fly because I live in a hotspot," Jamieson told RSN radio's Breakfast Club.

"I've got AFL players who live in my area, but they got to fly and I didn't. Nor did 10 Western United players. There are so many cat-and-mouse games here that I don't understand."

Jamieson said he spoke to Greg O'Rourke on Tuesday night to 'clear the air', but denied reports that the players no longer have confidence in those that run the game. 

"Greg was fully understanding of the emotions that were felt by all the players.

"I truly understand that it's not just a sporting thing but the politics of it all are quite intriguing.  

Jamieson's situation is further complicated by the fact his partner is 8 months pregnant, Jamieson says his desire is to be at the birth of his son.

When asked about why the AFL clubs were able to get out in time, O'Rourke said he didn't know. 

"I don’t know what heads up the AFL gets or if they just decided to move before we did. All the conversations we had were that the NSW and VIC borders wouldn’t close and we all know what happened," O'Rourke told SEN on Thursday morning.

"If we get an exemption we will move (to NSW) within 24 hours."