'I've been saying it for 32 years' - The $24 million loss troubling FFA


Former Socceroos goalkeeper Jack Reilly has revealed Football Federation Australia could save up to $24 million if they remove the governing body for each state and territory.

Reilly joined Lucy Zelic, Craig Foster and Dominic Bossi for a special round-table discussion on the state of Australian football on Thursday and provided the panel with plenty to ponder.

Of particular note was the nine state member federations, who, according to the former FFA board member, continue to cloud the game's balance of power - and at an incredible cost.

"There is no doubt in the world we need one governing body," Reilly told The World Game.

"There's about a $24 million bonus for doing it in cost alone.

"I don't just say it now, I've been saying it for 32 years and we just don't get listened to."

Sydney Morning Herald reporter Bossi echoed the 76-year-old's sentiments, calling on those in charge to adhere to the advice offered by the more experienced football minds.


"If that's still true of 2020, in terms of that figure, that's two-and-a-half times the national registration fees that FFA collect annually," Bossi said.

"We look at the cost of the game and fixing it, we know the benefits already and, if that's the case, maybe we don't need external intervention; we just need to listen to some of the stats and advice."

Such a financial loss only adds to the existing problems surrounding the game's current model, and Reilly was quick to outline exactly what the next steps should be.

"Let's be totally positive of where we are right now: the game requires total review," he said.

"Then, it requires the right people to put the result of that total review into operation and to be held accountable for it.

"That's where we've got to get to."