'I'm extremely worried about the state of the game', Fozz says

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Craig Foster, Mark Rudan and Lucy Zelic discussed the numerous issues surrounding football in Australia, including new national team coach Bert van Marwijk, a stuttering A-League, youth development, coach development and a second tier.

"I'm actually extremely worried about the game at the moment. I'm as worried, if not more worried as I was 18 years ago," Foster said in a special edition of The World Game podcast. 

"Because the other sports have responded in a way that the governors of our sport clearly haven't seen coming.

"We're in a much more competitive sports environment than we were three years ago, let alone five or ten.

"I don't believe we have the strategies to respond to those challenges and I think the game has stagnated in many ways. 

"The Asian Cup in 2015 was squandered, the strategy for the A-League going forward was clearly not in place, it should have been prior to that. 

"The thing that really worries me is the decisions, all of these congress issues, and what's occurring now (with governance reform) really won't manifest itself for another two or three years. 

"In two or three years time I think we're going to be really concerned. 

"We lack strategy, we lack unity ... we are as fractured currently as, potentially, we have ever been. 

"I think Steven Lowy and his board have demonstrated that they have lost all confidence of the major stakeholders.

"I think the treatment of the professional game has been nothing short of a disgrace.

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Source: SBS The World Game