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How to watch Australian Indigenous Football Championships LIVE on SBS

Australian Indigenous Koalas Source: Supplied

Tune in this Saturday to watch the national Indigenous women's and men's teams compete in the Indigenous Football Festival.

WATCH the Australian Indigenous Football Championships from 5.50pm - 10:15pm AEDT this Saturday 27 February on The World Game website/app and SBS On Demand.

Peninsula Power captains Ali Schaefer and Jake McLean, players in the tournament, discussed this opportunity to see a different side of football - and take on the Australian Indigenousroos and Koalas - on the TWGLIVE show with Lucy Zelic today.

"We're very, very excited for this event," Schaefer said. "We've been preparing for a very long time."

"To be able to bring the Indigenous community in and celebrate them and all of their elite players in this big rally - it's going to be truly amazing."

McLean echoed this sentiment when asked what to expect from the festival.

"Getting the Indigenous community involved in football has been long overdue," he said.

"I think it's going to be a great opportunity for everyone to see the talent that they have and how far they can go in the sport.

"Everyone at Peninsula's very excited about the opportunity to play against [the Australian Indigenousroos] - to showcase the talent they have and bring the two communities together.