How Messi's new salary compares to other sport's superstars

From L to R: Virat Kohli, Steph Curry, Lionel Messi, Fernando Alonso and Floyd Mayweather Source: Getty Images

Steph Curry, Fernando Alonso and Floyd Mayweather all feature in this list as we look at where Lionel Messi's bumper new Barcelona deal fits into the wage hierarchy.

Messi's latest four-year contract, reportedly worth £263 million (A$447 million) or a net £500,000 (A$850,000) per week, means the Barcelona star will be better paid than his great Real Madrid rival Cristiano Ronaldo.

But how does the Argentine's lucrative deal compare to the eye-watering remuneration on offer elsewhere?

NBA - Steph Curry - $1.1 million per week

Two-time MVP Curry has agreed to a new deal with Golden State Warriors, the point guard inking the NBA's first contract to break the USD $200 million barrier.

A major improvement on the rookie extension an injury-prone Curry signed in 2012, his contract is now worth USD $201,158,790 (A$264.9 million) across five years according to Spotrac, or £648,877 (A$1.1 million) gross per week.

MLB - Clayton Kershaw -$843,500 per week

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Kershaw signed on the dotted line of a seven-year, $215 million (A$283.2 million) contract in 2014.

That's £495,494 ($843,500) per week gross for MLB's best-paid player.

NFL - Derek Carr - $686,600 per week

Quarterback Carr's USD $125 million (A$164.6 million) deal over five years with Oakland Raiders works out at £403,308 (A$686,600) per week gross.

Less than Kershaw, a lot less than Curry and no where near Messi. 

F1 - Fernando Alonso - $1.09 million per week

Surprisingly, three-time world champion Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes is not Formula One's best paid driver.

That accolade goes to Alonso, who is paid USD $40 million per year (A$52.7 million), or £645,294 (A$1.09 million) gross per week of competition, to drive an uncompetitive McLaren. 

IPL - Virat Kohli - $329,700 per match

India cricket captain Kohli is believed to have earned USD $2.5 million (A$3.3 million) from Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 2017 Indian Premier League.

While that's considerably less than most of the athletes on this list, Kohli only made 10 appearances for RCB this season, which works out a handy £193,682 (A$329,700) per match. 

Boxing - Floyd Mayweather Jr - $8.43 million per minute

Living up to his nickname, 'Money' is understood to have banked approximately £230 million (A$391.5 million) for his much-hyped victory over Manny Pacquiao in 2015. 

That's £4,951,839 (A$8.43 million) per minute or, if you prefer, £82,530 (A$140,500) per second during the course of that bout. 

Even with the might of Barcelona and Argentina behind him, there's no way Messi can match that hyper-intensive earning power over such a short spell of action.

Football - Ronaldo, Tevez and Lavezzi

Cristiano Ronaldo is believed to receive £424,000 (A$722,00) per week gross after tax from Real Madrid, while Carlos Tevez of Shanghai Shenhua is said to pocked £634,000 (A$1.08 million) weekly. 

Fellow Chinese Super League side Hebei China Fortune certainly put their money where their mouth is by giving Ezequiel Lavezzi £798,000 (A$1.36 million) per week gross. 

Source Omnisport