How Les Murray's legacy lives on at Russia 2018


For the first time in over 30 years when Australians turned on their televisions to watch the FIFA World Cup, Les Murray was not there in person, but through the memories of friends and fans, his legacy has reverberated around the tournament he loved so dearly.

"Football is about many things but mostly it is about joy. A medium by which our lives can become more fun, something that makes us smile through our toils. And the World Cup is about having a good time, about having a party, and as parties go this has been the grandest of them all."

This was how Les Murray signed off his final SBS broadcast, sitting in the studio on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janiero as Brazil 2014 drew to a close. 

Although there is a great sadness from the fact that Les is no longer with us in person, his legacy has lived on during what has been an incredible festival of football. 

Numerous friends and fans of Les have taken to social media to share their memories of the great man using the hashtag #MrFootball. 

Four years ago, Les recorded a song with Vaudeville Smash paying tribute to, among many other footballers, Zinedine Zidane. 

Incredibly, that song lives on in Russia.

Plenty of Socceroos fans in Russia have also paid tribute to Les and his dear friend and colleague, Johnny Warren. 

Many fans had fond memories of Les, either from World Cups they attended or had watched on television. 

The fond memories of Les weren't only restricted to World Cups - as a true man of the people, he always had time for anyone who shared his intense passion for football.

His face adorns school walls. 

His name is spread across Socceroos jerseys.

His image sits close to the televisions that he once graced. 

On the pitch ...

And off it ... 

Les Murray enjoyed life, and he brought so much joy to those that met him, and those that watched the World Cup on SBS.  

We miss you. 

Source SBS The World Game