How Evra got revenge on Pique after he burned his shoes


Patrice Evra has told former NBA player Nate Robinson that he defecated on Gerard Pique's shoes after the Spaniard set Evra's shoes on fire while the two were at Manchester United.

In a 2017 interview, Pique admitted that one of the things he missed most about his time in England was the prank culture. 

"I'm a big fan of British humour. It was what I loved about Manchester. They don't get offended when you play tricks on them. They try to get you back, but they don't complain," Pique said.

"Here at Barca, my humour hasn't always been appreciated by everyone. I deflate teammates tires and other things, but this is nothing compared to what happened at United.

"One day Patrice Evra came in with shoes that he'd been asking Nike for months to make. They had the name of his children on them and all these crazy details. 

"He went into the shower and we created a small bonfire and burned them. We recorded it and then sent him the video. 

"In the first few years here (at Barca) I tried similar things but it didn't work. It's not the same culture." 

Now Evra has revealed how he responded at the time in an interview with former New York Knicks star Nate Robinson. 

"I don't like when people mess with my clothes. I had some sneakers and I came back after training and they were smashed. 

"I was mad. I said, 'I need to know who did this. I won't leave this place until I do.' 

"They told me it was Gerard Pique. I go into his locker and saw he had some nice shoes and I took them and I said I would poo on them. 

Evra then went on to confirm that he also urinated on the shoes, much to the delight of Robinson. 

Evra and Pique played at Manchester United together for one season, in which they did the league and Champions League double. 

Source SBS The World Game