Holmes reflects on 'surreal' journey from childhood Reds fan to captain


Adelaide United midfielder Dylan Holmes opened up on TWG Live about becoming captain and an integral part of the side 14 years after she attended a fan day that set off her love for the Reds and the city.

The Brazilian-born 23-year-old is in the midst of her third straight W-League season with the Reds and first as captain, notching three goals in the seven games so far as her side sit third on the ladder.

And Holmes has since revealed her deep connection with the club after Adelaide posted a photo on social media pitting Holmes side by side with the memory of her fan day experience back in 2007.

"I remember that fan day," Holmes told Lucy Zelic and Nick Stoll on SBS' TWG Live show"My family had just moved to Australia and it was the first time we had been anywhere we could support a professional team."

"So my dad took me and my brother to the fans' day and we got all the signatures.

"That was the start of me being a fan and growing up watching the A-League and the W-League teams play.

"I'd forgotten about that photo, and it somehow got to the club's media department!"

With such a long relationship as a fan, Holmes was naturally overjoyed to become a player for the team over a decade after that first fans' day.

"It was really special," Holmes said. "When I was announced, it was a surreal moment for me.


"I really love this club and I'm lucky enough to play with a bunch of my friends and represent Adelaide, which is a city that I love. It was a really cool moment."

The midfielder also spoke to the homegrown culture at United, as the W-League side fields many players who sharpened their talents in the City of Churches as youngsters and whom Holmes has played with since her childhood.

"I've been playing with these girls since I was 10, 11 years old," Holmes said.

"When you play in a W-League team that's brought in a lot of internationals and you're winning games, it's not necessarily as reflective of Adelaide football as it has been this year.

"I think when we win games and are playing well it just means a lot more to the Adelaide girls, we've seen this program struggle for a lot of years and a lot of us have been part of those tough times as well, so it means a lot.

"And it's special to play with girls you've grown up playing with, I think that makes a huge difference." 

Holmes and Adelaide next take the field this Sunday as they face league leaders Sydney FC.

Source SBS The World Game