Hereford anger at deduction

Hereford manager Jamie Pitman has slammed the timing of the decision to deduct the club three points for fielding an ineligible player.

Thursday's Football League disciplinary hearing in Bristol punished the Bulls, as well as opponents Torquay which was also guilty of the same offence in the same npower League Two clash and docked just one point.

But Pitman is not happy with the fact it has taken so long to come to such a crucial decision at a pivotal stage in the season, with the match in question taking place at Plainmoor on February 1 - a full nine weeks ago.

With Hereford battling relegation and Torquay jostling for a play-off place over the remaining six games, the verdict is set to have big implications at both ends of the table.

The Bulls are appealing the punishment - a process which allows them 28 days to decide - which means the final outcome may not be made until after the season finishes on May 7, possibly with huge implications.

Pitman said: "Why it's taken nine weeks to come to this decision is a bit of a disgrace when they can go and make other decisions much quicker.

"If they had done it after a week we could have just got on with it, now we have to pick everybody back up again and get on with it.

"It`s just a bit of a farce really. It`s something that`s completely out of my control, the incident was nothing to do with me.

"We've done a great job here to get us to a position where we feel we're safe and it`s nothing that the players have done, nothing the (management) staff have done, it's a complete admin job and we're the ones who have to suffer the consequences.

"That's the reality of it and that's the disappointment of it."

Hereford's Rob Purdie and Torquay's Jake Robinson are the two players to the centre of the storm, with both signings not registered by the required deadline the previous day, the final day of the mid-season transfer window on January 31. The Bulls won the match 3-1.

Regarding the severity of Hereford`s punishment, Pitman added: "Why not just both get a one-point deduction and a fine? Why should it be any different because we've won the game and they've lost the game?

"That's something I can't get my head around really."